Banking Affiliate Programs: Get Tips & Tricks For Success

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Searching for a means to get extra cash? Banking affiliate programs can be a big money-maker! 

These programs let you monetize your website and give helpful services to your customers. 

Let’s dig into banking affiliate programs and learn how you can make money from them.

13 Best Banking Affiliate Programs

I have compiled a list of the best affiliate programs in the niche. 

These are my top picks.

Chime Affiliate Program

Start cashing in by becoming a Chime banking affiliate! 

You can gain commissions by promoting Chime’s banking products. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Receive commissions for referring new checking accounts
  • Score commissions for referring new savings and high-yield savings account sign-ups
  • Use affiliate tracking links, creative content & reporting tools to monitor your progress
  • Enjoy a solid payout structure with the potential for recurring income
  • Chime offers fee-free banking services, plus a credit card and a debit card with no hidden charges & cash-back rewards
  • Chime boasts over one million bank accounts opened to date

Get exclusive deals, insights, and materials from Chime. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn extra income – join the Chime banking affiliate program now!

Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Be part of the Investment Management affiliate program from personal capital! 

Earn commissions by promoting their services such as investment management, financial planning, and retirement planning.

Use customizable links and banners on your website or social media. 

Earn up to $100 per lead that registers with PC – and the commission percentage increases with more leads. 

Plus, they offer a 60-day cookie duration, so you still get commissions even if the user doesn’t sign up right away.

Boost your chances of success:

  • Write high-quality content and reviews about PC.
  • Leverage your audience’s interest in finance and investing.
  • Discuss how PC has helped you manage your personal finances.
  • Utilize social media to promote PC with organic or paid ads.

Follow these strategies and actively promote the investment management affiliate program. 

You can make substantial revenues while helping your audience with valuable financial services.

Credit Karma Affiliate Program

The Credit Karma affiliate program is top-ranked! Enjoy free credit reports, scores, and protection from identity theft. 

Plus, get commissions for new user referrals. It’s user-friendly and you’ll get daily reports on clicks and payments.

And you can promote with text links, banners, and email campaigns. 

Plus, receive help from their specialized affiliate team. And enjoy competitive commission rates!

This program stands out for its exceptional commission rates and promotion tools. 

Get seamless tracking, real-time reports, and consistent payments, while offering valuable services. 

Maximize your earnings: use creative marketing. Focus on those who need credit help or identity protection. 

Use newsletters and blogs about credit scores, and social media posts that link to your website. Get promoted with your unique affiliate link!

Coinbase Affiliate Program

Coinbase has a premier affiliate program for banking with cryptocurrency. 

Make up to $50 in commissions per referral – for individuals and businesses! 

Cookies last for 30 days, and there are lots of creatives available, such as banners, widgets, and social media pages. 

Plus, you can cash out with multiple payment methods. Earn on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash!

You won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. 

Get incredible benefits with exclusive promotional material to market your links. Start now and maximize your crypto earnings!

Capital One Affiliate Program

The Capital One affiliate program provides an opportunity to promote banking products. 

Banners, text links & dynamic ads are available to market financial products. 

Affiliates earn commissions for qualified accounts & products opened through their referral link.

Real-time reporting & tracking features are included. These include clicks, impressions, conversions & earnings. 

A dedicated affiliate team provides support & updates on new product offerings & promotions.

Signet Financial Corp., established in 1994, got its new name Capital One in 1995. It focuses on lending products & commercial banking. 

Its venture debt financing portfolios are created for top-notch tech firms.

CIT Bank Affiliate Program

The CIT Bank affiliate program provides a great chance for affiliates into banking programs. 

It helps them promote CIT banking goods and earn comms on each lead they refer.


  • Affiliates get to offer high-yield savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs to their viewers.
  • They can earn up to $150 per referral to CIT bank.
  • The program gives affiliates a wide range of marketing materials such as banners, links, and promotional texts.
  • No fees or restrictions to join the program. Also, get access to tracking tools.
  • The affiliate dashboard provides real-time reporting and stats about clicks, conversions, and earnings.
  • Professional support from experienced account managers to help enhance performance.

The CIT Bank affiliate program stands out with commission rates and marketing resources. 

Plus, a 20% APY savings builder account lures potential customers. 

No minimum requirement for referrals or payouts, so even small businesses or individuals with low traffic can monetize content.

To maximize earnings, start with creating informative content. Target niches like young professionals or couples. 

Competing with banner ads may not help; add value with market trends reports or data-driven insights. 

Optimize campaigns using SEO strategies such as long-tail keywords or geo-location advertising to increase organic traffic.

BBVA (USA) Affiliate Program

BBVA offers affiliates in the USA a program to promote their products. 

These include checking, savings, credit, and debit cards. 

Every referral that results in a new customer earns a commission. Joining is easy and there are resources for marketing.

You can track referrals and customize marketing materials. 

With relevant content, it’s an opportunity to monetize your website or blog.

All affiliates must comply with the guidelines. Payments are per-action, making it simpler to earn payouts from customers.

One affiliate member shared his experience. He had attracted 50+ customers and earned commissions. 

The support team was available for help or questions.

Douugh Affiliate Program

Discover Douugh’s exclusive banking associate program! It provides budgeting and financial planning solutions. 

Clients get a high-yield savings account, a checking account with free ATM use, and tools for tracking spending and achieving savings goals.

Join the Douugh affiliate program and earn commissions for each new customer referral.

Douugh’s banking program is distinct. It’s one of the best banking affiliate programs.

It utilizes AI-driven chatbots to evaluate spending data and automates transfers from checking accounts to savings accounts. 

Plus, it gives detailed expense breakdowns, allowing users to modify their habits and gain financial literacy.

Since 2018, Douugh’s affiliate program has grown through partnerships with Payment Rails and DriveWealth LLC. 

Content creators can make considerable commissions while helping people find dependable digital banking solutions that suit their needs. 

Join the Douugh affiliate program today to help others access powerful financial tools that can support various lifestyles and goals.

Trim Affiliate Program

Trim, founded in 2015, has a mission to help people automate their financial planning. 

It has blossomed into a banking affiliate program with various services. 

Here be three key points:

  • Free bill pay and budgeting.
  • Personalized recommendations to save money.
  • Debt management services.

Plus, there are lucrative earning opportunities for bloggers and creators. 

They can promote Trim’s services via websites or social media channels.

Tiller Money Affiliate Program

Earn up to 20% lifetime recurring commission when your referrals join Tiller Money! 

Tiller offers a personalized budgeting experience, with financial planning tools and services.

Affiliates receive exclusive benefits, like partner pages, newsletters, commission tracking, and marketing materials. 

Tiller’s web-based solution helps customers with complex decisions, without needing expert advice.

The affiliate program is perfect for those who want to help their audience with finance and budgeting. 

Plus, Tiller has been endorsed by The Wall Street Journal and other popular media outlets!

Acorns Affiliate Program

Acorns banking affiliate program? Yes, it’s true! Affiliates can draw in some extra cash by promoting Acorns’ micro-investing and retirement services.

ShareASale provides resources to help you promote these services – like banners, text links, and social media content.

Plus, get support from a dedicated affiliate manager. This makes Acorn one of the best banking affiliate programs.

You’ll earn a commission when someone signs up for an Acorns account via your unique referral link. 

And, you can make even more when they upgrade their accounts or sign up for IRA services.

Ready to get started? You could make up to $5 per successful referral!

For the best results, partner with personal finance bloggers and influencers – they’ll help you reach a bigger audience.

Peer Street Affiliate Program

The Peer Street affiliate program offers a commission for referring new investors to the online platform where they can invest in real estate loans. 

The commission rate is competitive. Sign up and approval process is quick. An affiliate dashboard provides tracking and reporting tools. 

Peer Street has a strong reputation with positive reviews. Affiliates have access to promotional materials. 

This program caters to those from different backgrounds and expertise levels.

Join the Peer Street affiliate program to leverage web traffic or network. It’s a great opportunity to promote investments without accredited investor requirements. 

To maximize earnings, target individuals interested in peer-to-peer lending, financial investments, or scams affecting such groups. 

Utilize various marketing channels such as social media platforms, blogs, web pages, and webinars.

Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Investing in the Ally Invest affiliate program unlocks endless possibilities for banking and investing promoters. 

Earnings await – affiliates gain generous commissions from promoting Ally Invest’s brokerage account, IRA, and other investment services.

Rewards come in the form of a 90-day referral period, where referrals just need to open an account within this period for the affiliate to get commissions. 

To help out, Ally Invest provides a dashboard with banner ads, text links, and other promotional tools. 

Plus, there’s a dedicated support team to ensure all info regarding referrals is in hand.

Payment is made monthly through PayPal or bank transfer when the minimum payout threshold of $50 is reached.

It’s worth noting that Ally Invest stands out for its exceptional customer service, top-notch trading tools, and educational resources.

If you’re eager to create serious wealth through affiliate marketing, Ally Invest is your go-to. Tips? 

Optimize landing pages, leverage social media platforms, and create newsletters to drive traffic to the site.

Key Takeaways

Banking affiliate programs are on the rise in the finance world! 

Get tips, best practices, and ideas when starting up an affiliate program for banking products and services. 

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Niche it – pick a specific audience to get more conversions.
  • Track progress – check how your affiliate program is doing often.
  • Choose the right products – pick banking services that fit your target audience.
  • Offer competitive rates – set up commission models to draw top affiliates.
  • Make creative marketing assets – make promotional materials attractive to affiliates and their audiences.
  • Maintain communication – keep affiliates updated on programs, policies, promotions, and payments.

To make your Banking affiliate program successful, you need to be devoted and focused. 

To get more participation, follow compliance standards and prioritize quality over quantity.

Offer performance-based reward packages to motivate affiliates. 

Promote programs through social media – this will get you free organic marketing and help you save money.

By setting up an affiliate banking program that focuses on quality user experience, you’ll get higher profits from more sales of banking products.

Final Thoughts On Banking Affiliate Programs

Banking affiliate programs have become popular recently. They help banks and affiliates make money. 

This success shows that they’re valuable for banking’s future. Digitalization trends will lead to growth and innovation.

Predictions say that these programs will become more sophisticated. 

They’ll feature personalized offers based on analytics and data insights. 

Banks may collaborate with non-financial companies, creating new opportunities for affiliates.

Banking affiliate programs have been successful in various industries beyond finance. 

Through partnerships with retailers and other non-financial companies, banks have diversified their affiliate network and appealed to a wider audience. 

These programs have been profitable for businesses of all sizes.

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