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Are you a publisher looking for an enticing partnership program in the music gear niche?

Well, try the Reverb affiliate program!

Are you a content creator looking for a lucrative program in the music instrument sales niche?

Then try the affiliate program!

Thousands of people are looking for musical equipment made with precision craftsmanship.

Look at the Asia Pacific musical instrument market size:

Asia Pacific musical instrument market size

Reverb offers one of the best musician-centric products.

The company offers a rewarding affiliate scheme.

This post will show you how to become a successful Reverb affiliate – it will also highlight the pros, cons, potential earnings, and more.

So, you will do well to read this entire article to grasp the full scope of the partnership.


Well, let’s get started now!

Does Reverb Have an Affiliate Program?

Reverb affiliate program on Awin

Yes, Reverb has an affiliate scheme in the music equipment marketplace niche.

This program is run through the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network.

Company profile

David Kalt founded Reverb in 2013.

Reverb website home page

Its headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois. Reverb is a company that sells musical instruments and gear.

The company offers premium and authentic items. It sells guitars, drums, keyboards, studio gear, and more.

These are high-quality instruments.

Reverb gear listings offer detailed overviews to enrich a musician’s toolkit. This company offers almost all music gear and sound equipment.

The company sells items that elevate your reader’s musical journey.

Reviews show that customers are satisfied with the company’s products.

What is the Reverb Affiliate Program?

This is a partnership program that pays affiliates who promote the brand’s musical instruments and gear.

Affiliates promote guitars, drum kits, and other sound equipment through affiliate links or banners in exchange for commissions.

Thus, they are paid a commission rate for each sale made through their referral link or banner.

Secrets to Success!

Recommend their sound equipment to the right audience.

Make your musical instrument content engaging by including images.

Remember to place affiliate links in your musician content.

How Does the Reverb Affiliate Program Work?

As I said earlier, the Awin network manages the Reverb partnership program.

So, affiliates first sign up for the Awin affiliate network. Then they apply for the program.

When approved, log in to your dashboard to access your referral links and banners for promoting musical instruments and sound equipment products.

Copy the referral links and paste them into your musical gear and sound equipment articles.

When readers click on the links, they will be directed to the product page on the Reverb website.

You will get paid a commission rate each time a customer buys through your affiliate link.

How To Sign Up Step By Step

Step #1: Visit Awin affiliate network

Once you visit the home page, click the “Sign Up” button.

Awin sign up page

When you click the sign-up button, you will be taken to the following page:

  • Submit your name, and email, and create a password.
AWIN account creation page

Step #2: Create your account

Provide your company information.

awin account creation page - company information

State the promotion type.

Awin account creation page - State the promotion type.

Provide the URL of your website and describe how you are going to promote it.

Provide your contact information:

Awin account creation

Pay the registration fee:

Awin account creation

Alternatives to the Reverb Affiliate Program

I researched dozens of music partner programs to find which ones offer competitive commission rates.

Therefore, keep reading for more music-oriented referral programs:


Learn about the Sweetwater affiliate program by clicking.

Commission: $0.07 per click

Cookie duration: Not disclosed

Guitar Center

Commission: 6%

Cookie duration: 14 days

Access Guitar Center affiliate program information.


Commission: 60%

Cookie duration: 90 days

Access Pianoforall affiliate program information.

Guitar Tricks 

Commission: $25 – $30 per sale

Cookie duration: 5 years

Visit the Guitar Tricks affiliate program page.


Commission: $20

Cookie duration: 120 days

Explore the JamPlay affiliate program by clicking this link.

Fender Play

Commission: Unknown

Cookie duration: Unkown

Learn about the Fender Play affiliate program by clicking.

Sam Ash 

Commission: 3% – 8% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Learn about the Sam Ash affiliate program by clicking.


Commission: 6%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Gain insights into the Zzounds affiliate program.


Commission: $7 – $20 

Cookie duration: 30 days

See what the Tidal affiliate program offers.


Commission: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Access Sonos affiliate program information.

Is the Affiliate Program Free to Join?

Yes, the Reverb referral program is free to join.

As such, affiliates normally join and endorse quality musical gear free of charge.

Are you looking to market guitars, pedals, and audio interfaces?

Then give the Reverb referral program a try.

What Products Can You Promote?

Reverb offers different products that affiliates can promote:

Instrument sales.

These are products like strings, picks, amplifiers, and effect pedals.

They equip musicians with the required gear for on-stage performances and recording sessions. 

Recording equipment. 

These items feature microphones and interface controllers.

The equipment is used to capture high-quality sound in studios and home setups.

DJ and electronic music gear.

They cater to the needs of DJs and electronic music producers.

This category includes mixers, controllers, and synthesizers among others.

Audio production software.

These tools enhance music creation workflows and offer a wide variety of sounds and effects.

Live sound equipment.

These products are crucial for live performances, including PA systems and monitors.

How Much Do Reverb Affiliates Make?

Well, this is a tricky question.

From personal experience, there is no single answer to this question.

Do you know why this is the case?

The music equipment sales affiliates make different amounts of commission.

Commissions are determined by your audience size, engagement, and marketing skills.

That said, I will provide you with a rough estimate.

One study indicates that some affiliates make zero income.

Yet, others earn $1,000 or more in a month.

What are the commission rates?

This affiliate scheme pays affiliates a competitive commission of 1% per sale.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie window typically lasts for up to 7 days.

This means the affiliate links remain active for 7 days after a potential customer clicks on the affiliate link.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid from Reverb?

As previously mentioned, Awin affiliate network handles the Reverb affiliate program.

Awin pays affiliates through various methods, including direct deposits and PayPal.

The minimum payout threshold is $20.

So affiliates can request their payment as soon as they meet the minimum required amount.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

The marketing tools provided for pushing music gear are text links and banners.

Text links are known to yield positive outcomes when utilized within music and audio gear-focused content.

Banners are also useful tools.

Nevertheless, it’s strategic to place the banners where they are most visible on your site.

Who Should Join the Reverb Affiliate Program?

If you have a platform that discusses music, audio production, or musical equipment, Reverb is a perfect match for you:

Music bloggers and reviewers

I believe music gear bloggers and audio tech influencers stand as the prime candidates for this program.

They craft content about music equipment and gear on their platforms. You will earn a commission every time a customer purchases a product via their affiliate links.

Producer and DJ bloggers

You can leverage this music gear affiliate opportunity.

Highlight the benefits of using controllers, mixers, and synthesizers to your audience in return for a commission.

Tech and gear blogs

Sites that feature music technology and audio gear innovations can incorporate the company in their reviews and guides.

You can engage your readers with the company’s tech and gain financial incentives in the process.

Educators and music tutors

Offer insights into equipment beneficial for learning and mastering music.

Suggest Reverb’s inventory to your students to assist them in acquiring quality musical tools.

Thus, you will earn commissions for any resulting sales through your affiliate link.

Comparison and review websites

Operate a comparison or review site?

Showcase the advantages, user experiences, and cost-benefits of Reverb’s products for a commission gain.

Is the Reverb Affiliate Program Worth It?

This is the inquiry many aspiring Reverb affiliates ponder over.

And rightly so.

The answer to this question is dependent on several factors.

What exactly are these factors?

Indeed, they include the commission rate and the cookie duration.

This program rewards affiliates with a commission rate and a cookie duration that span 30 days.

Is it a profitable program?

As a well-established brand in the musician community, it’s an unmistakable yes.

Frankly speaking, with a strategic approach, music gear affiliates make a substantial income.


High demand: Musicians constantly seek out the latest innovations in music gear. Hence, there is a strong market for musical equipment and accessories.

This makes it convenient for you to market instruments, sound systems, and recording gear.


Stiff competition: The music gear sales market is saturated.

Therefore, making sales and standing out while promoting Reverb’s offerings can be challenging.

Requirements to join the affiliate program

  • Accept Reverb’s terms and conditions.
  • Own a music-themed website with substantial reach.
  • Produce blog content that is aligned with music and audio gear.

Does Reverb Support Affiliates?

Yes, Reverb indeed supports its affiliates.

Their support is manifested in various ways:

Dedicated affiliate team

The affiliate staff addresses inquiries from music-focused affiliates and resolves any issues they may encounter.

Affiliate education

The company is keen on seeing its music niche affiliates thrive.

As such, they provide guidelines on how to market cutting-edge music products effectively and with integrity.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

For those aiming for success as a music niche advocate, consider the following advice:

Create engaging content

Design content that spotlights Reverb’s diverse range of instruments and sound gear, captivating your audience.

In doing so, the content should assist them in exploring the best music products available.

Establish trust with your community

How, you might ask?

Cultivating trust is straightforward.

Deliver authentic Reverb product evaluations.

This could be accomplished by assessing items you have personal experience with or those you’re well-versed in.

Expand your reach

It is not advisable to be overly dependent on a single traffic source.

Music and audio gear bloggers should diversify their traffic channels.

In addition to organic search, consider utilizing social platforms, email marketing campaigns, and other avenues.

Optimize your conversion

Impactful calls to action are vital in Reverb affiliate efforts.

They contribute to enhancing the conversion rate.

Hence, create compelling call-to-actions.

Final Thoughts

The Reverb music gear partnership program is a highly beneficial venture for affiliates in the music commerce sector.

It boasts an impressive conversion rate.

As a result, affiliates find ease in promoting the brand’s offerings.

The program disburses commissions at a specified rate.

It also provides affiliates with a 7-day cookie to monitor their results.

Thus, I recommend this program to bloggers and influencers in the music and audio equipment field.

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