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Looking to make money online from affiliate programs in Kenya? Great! But do you know the best affiliate programs in Kenya?

Today, there are numerous affiliate programs available for bloggers and website owners looking to monetize their traffic in Kenya.

List Of Best Affiliate Programs In Kenya

Here are the two tips to consider when choosing an affiliate program. 

Consider the commission structure and payout schedule. 

1. Best Affiliate Programs In Kenya: eCommerce Businesses

Here are the best affiliate programs for eCommerce businesses:


hopify affiliate program - best affiliate programs in kenya

As a blogger, you can earn money by promoting Shopify products and services on your blogs. 

I’m sure you can find something to promote to loyal your audience. 

Their commission rates are very tempting and they have a reliable tracking system. 

How To Become Shopify Affiliate

Joining the Shopify affiliate program is free.

Then you’ll need to sign up for the affiliate program and grab an affiliate link.

And finally, you’ll need to promote your website or social media profile using the affiliate links.

Finally, start promoting Shopify products and services right away and earn a commission.

Commission Structure

The commission rate is $150.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 30 days cookie policy.

Amazon Associates

liquid-web-homepage - Best affiliate programs in kenya programs in kenya

Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate programs available in Kenya. 

So what is the Amazon Associates program? 

Well …………….

This is an affiliate marketing program that allows bloggers to earn commissions for sending customers to

Once you are approved, you can start adding links to Amazon products on your blog. 

They have a very generous commission structure. 

How To Become Amazon Associate

Once approved, you will be given a unique Amazon Associates ID. Add links to Amazon products on your website. 

Commission Structure

The commission rates can range from 1% to 20%, depending on the product purchased.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 24-hour cookie policy.

eBay Partner Network

Affiliate program eBay - Best affiliate programs in kenya programs in kenya

It is considered to be one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya because it is a famous auction site. 

You can promote eBay products on your blog and earn a commission on every sale.

How To Become eBay Partner Network

Joining the eBay partner program (ePN) is easy. Just create a free account. 

Step #1: Visit Sign up in the upper-right corner.

Step #2: Select language. While there, choose the language you use

Step #3: On the Hello page, click on the option of ‘Sign into eBay to login into an existing eBay account

Ebay sign in form
Ebay create account page form - Best affiliate programs in kenya

You need to create a ‘Personal account’. Supply the information needed for ePN registration. 

Then, click the Create account button at the bottom of the fields. 

Alternatively, you can also use your email address linked to your Google, Facebook, or Apple domain by clicking on the corresponding button.

Ebay personal account application form -Best affiliate programs in kenya

Step #4: Scroll down the Sign-Up page

Supply the information needed – company, and promotional strategies. 

Step #5: You will see two confirmation notes 

One will be on the page and the other one in your email account with the message ‘Application Received’.

application received message notification window - Best affiliate programs in kenya

Step #6:  Then you will receive this  message, “congrats and welcome to the eBay Partner Network!” 

Watch their videos and also contact them where you need help. This is what will help you succeed.

Commission Structure

Their commission structure is based on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) model, meaning you earn a commission on every qualified action your referred traffic completes on eBay.

For all qualifying transactions, you can earn commissions up to 4% of the item sale price.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 24-hour cookie policy. 

2. Best Affiliate Programs In Kenya: High Commission Affiliate Programs

When we talk about high-commission affiliate programs, we are referring to programs that offer high commission rates, typically between 30-70%. 

Of course, they are less common but they offer the opportunity to make more money per sale. 

Some of these are:

Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Ebay personal account application form

They offer a generous commission.

They pay affiliates commissions for referrals to their website.

How To Become a Liquid Web Affiliate 

If you have a website that has traffic, then sign up. 

Once approved, you will be given a unique affiliate link to share with your audience. 

Commission Structure

As an affiliate, you can earn a base commission of up to 150% per sale.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 30 days cookie policy.

Capitalist Exploits Affiliate Program

capitalist exploits affilate - Best affiliate programs in kenya

Capitalist exploits affiliate program is one of the best in Kenya because it is the most lucrative. 

They also offer a wide range of marketing tools to help you promote their product effectively, and provide excellent customer service.

How To Become Capitalist Exploits Affiliate 

Simply visit their website. Fill out the form on the website.

Once you have submitted the form, Capitalist Exploits will review your application.

Once approved, you will be given a link. Then start sharing the unique referral link with your followers. 

Commission Structure

They pay between $788 and $1750 per sale.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 365 days cookie policy.

3. Best Affiliate Programs In Kenya:  Affiliate Network Websites

There are thousands of affiliate network websites. However, I have only  picked the best affiliate network websites and these are:

Shareasale Affiliate Program

Shareasale-Home-Page - Best affiliate programs in kenya

Shareasale is my top-pick affiliate program. 

It has a wide range of products to promote and the commissions are also awesome. 

Moreover, the program provides good support to its affiliates. 

I definitely recommend this program to everyone looking for a good affiliate program..

How To Become a Shareasale Affiliate 

To join the Shareasale affiliate program, you must first sign up for a Shareasale account. 

Then you can apply to be an affiliate by filling out an application form. 

Once your application has been approved, you will have access to the Shareasale affiliate program and start promoting products.

Shareasale has a wide variety of affiliate programs available in a variety of industries, so finding one that fits your niche should be easy. 

Once you find a program that you’re interested in, apply to become an affiliate and start promoting products.

Sign Up Process To Become An Affiliate In Kenya

Step #1. Visit, and click on Affiliate Sign Up.

Their team reviews it and will send you an email notification upon approval. 

Step #2. password and username.

Create a password, and username, and choose the country where you reside.

Step #3. List your website.

 List your main website and then answer some questions about it.

For example, the website you will use for affiliate marketing.

Step #4. Add your main email address.

If you have an email address at the domain. For example,, submit use it for fast track. 

Step #5. Talk about yourself.

Say something about yourself and your site. For example, furnish them with an email address you use often.

Step #6. Choose your payment method

Inform them how you want to be paid. Choose among these options 

Check via Postal Mail, Check via FedEx, or Direct Deposit.  

Step # 9. Click the confirmation link

Click on the confirmation link in the message to verify and complete your application.

Step #10. Read their terms and conditions of service

Check a few more boxes, then click on the final box before being taken to your affiliate account.

Step #11. Merchants > Search for Merchants

Choose your program of choice.

Step # 12. Find Merchants and join the program

What to do: Search for Merchants using products, keywords, or names and join their affiliate programs.

Step #15. Get Links for the program

Once approved,  start getting links to embed on your website.  

To get links, you can go to Links > Get a Link/Banner.

Step #17. Copy the HTML code 

Copy the code in readiness for embedding on your website.

Commission Structure

The ShareASale affiliate program pays you money ranging from $30 to $150 per commission. 

Cookie Duration

They offer a 30 days cookie policy.

Clickbank Affiliate Program

clickbank affiliate - Best affiliate programs in kenya

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya. 

This is an online marketplace that sells digital products such as e-books, software, and membership sites. 

How To Become a Clickbank Affiliate 

Firstly, join the Clickbank affiliate program to sign up for a Clickbank account. 

Once you have an account, you can log in, apply for affiliate programs and start promoting products. 

Clickbank provides you with links and banners that you can use to promote products properly. 

Commission Structure

 Affiliates earn up to $150 per month.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 60 days cookie policy.

Awin Affiliate Program


Awin also offers a number of tools to help you earn more commission. They have effective tracking and reporting system.

They also provide a wide range of promotional support tools ranging from coupons and discounts to help you attract more customers

How To Become an Awin Affiliate 

Visit the Awin website to create an account. 

Once you have been approved, you will be able to start promoting Awin products and earning commission on every sale that you generate.

Commission Structure

You will get paid a 20% commission upfront and 20% on recurring payments.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 30 days cookie policy.

4. Best Affiliate Programs In Kenya: Affiliate Programs For Marketers

The best affiliate programs for marketers provide a commission on sales or leads. 

Convertkit Affiliate Program

Affiliate program ConvertKit

Convertkit has amazing tools and resources to help you succeed. 

They also have a great community of other affiliate marketers to support you. 

How To Become a Convertkit Affiliate 

It’s easy and free. You simply need to create an account and then start sharing your referral link. 

Commission Structure

You can earn up to 30% commission for 24 months for every person who signs up.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 60 days cookie duration.

Semrush Affiliate Program

semrush homepage

Semrush provides a suite of tools that enable marketers to improve their site’s performance.

So, their affiliate program may be a good fit for you.

How To Become a Semrush Affiliate 

Joining the Semrush affiliate program is easy. Just visit the Semrush website to join. 

Once you complete the signup process, you will have access to your affiliate account and start promoting Semrush products.

Commission Structure

As an affiliate, you will earn a $200 commission per new subscription sale.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 30 days cookie policy.

Elementor Affiliate Program

elementor homepage

You need to apply.

Once approved, you’ll receive a personal referral link to share with your audience, and earn a commission on every Elementor sale made through your link.

How To Become Elementor Affiliate 

To become an affiliate, simply create an account on their website and grab your affiliate link. 

Then promote Elementor on your blog or anywhere else you can reach potential customers.

Commission Structure

Affiliates earn a 50% commission on every sale made.

Cookie Duration

They offer a 90 days cookie policy.

Wrapping up

Of course, there are many great affiliate programs out there in Kenya, but the best ones share a few key features. 

Don’t worry!…… I have given you actionable tips to help you as a beginner.

Firstly, look for an affiliate program that offers a good commission rate.

 Secondly, it should have a wide variety of products that you can promote. 

So what are these programs?

Well, ……….

I recommend the following programs for beginners: 

Clickbank Affiliate Program

This is another great affiliate program for beginners. It is a beginner-friendly affiliate program. This program is designed to help beginners succeed.

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