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In this blog post, we’re going to cover a timely and relevant reward scheme—the CBDPure affiliate program.

What you might not know is that CBD (cannabidiol) products are profitable.

Research shows that more than $4 billion has been spent on CBD, with industry leaders anticipating $25 billion in sales before the year 2026. 

By 2030, if current sales remain steady, CBD could see sales go higher than $35 billion.

Clearly, this is a massive market you need to take part in.

And you can, as long as you have the right information about the scheme.

Learn more about this scheme.

Program Overview


CBDPure product

You will learn more about how the CBDPure scheme works—qualifications, payments, and much more.

Commission Rate: 35%

EPC: $60

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Minimum Payout Threshold: $50

Payment Options: Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer

Platform: Shareasale

Want to join now? Well, here is the link.

Does CBDPure Have an Affiliate Program?

CBDPure homepage

Yes, Cbdpure has an affiliate program in the health, wellness, and CBD niches. 

The affiliate program is managed by the Shareasale affiliate network. 

Before you join the scheme, you need to apply to become a Shareasale publisher. 

Once approved, you can apply for the program.  

Generally, this affiliate program looks lucrative. 

You will get a 35% commission per sale, and the cookie lasts for 90 days. 

What Is the CBDPure Affiliate Program?

The CPDPure affiliate program is a performance-based scheme that pays affiliates who promote the brand’s products. 

Affiliates promote the company and its products to would-be customers. 

The commission is paid to affiliates for every sale attributed to their affiliate links, just to appreciate them and encourage them to continue recommending their products.

I think the commission rate makes sense – it’s a whopping 35% per sale.

However, the most notable aspect that caught my attention was the cookie duration – 90 days.

It is really longer than I imagined.

Secrets To Success!

Write high-quality articles – blog posts that solve the problems of your readers.

Employ relevant keywords and phrases related to CBD and CBDPure in your content to attract organic traffic. 

Optimize your content for search engines to increase visibility – place keywords in the title, alt, and more.

How Does the CBDPure Affiliate Program Work?

Just as I said earlier, the affiliate program is managed by the Shareasale affiliate network.  

So you will join the scheme through the network. 

Thus first sign up on the Shareasale affiliate network. 

When I applied, I used my domain-based email – beatious@anentrepreneurship.com. 

So if you are in the CBD, health, and wellness niches then use your domain-based email to sign up on Shareasale. 

Why is this necessary?

 It increases your chances of being approved. 

Once your application is approved, then you sign up for the affiliate program.

Embed the given affiliate links and banners in your content. 

When readers click on them, they are referred to the product pages on the seller’s website. 

For every sale made, an affiliate gets a 35% commission. 

You will get paid as long as the customer makes a purchase within 90 days of clicking on the affiliate links. 

So don’t worry if the referred reader does not make a purchase immediately. 

Is the CBDPure Affiliate Program Free To Join?

Like other programs in the CBD (cannabidiol), wellness, and health niches, this affiliate program is free to join. 

The program doesn’t charge a dime to join their scheme. 

It is 100% free. However, you need great content. 

Create helpful content that readers will enjoy reading. 

I mean without good content, making money with affiliate marketing is almost impossible. 

What Products Can You Promote?

Cbdpure offers different products. So you have a pool of products to promote to your readers or viewers. 

The products are beneficial, potent, and certified fit for use. 

Thus when creating content, highlight the benefits of the products. 

Guide them on how to choose the right products for their needs. 

In addition, share with them different strengths, flavors, and types of oils.

CBD Oils

CBDPure hemp Oil - cbdpure affiliate program product

CBD Softgels

CBDPure CBD Softgels - cbdpure affiliate program product

Muscle & Joint Cream

CBDPure CBD cream - cbdpure affiliate program product

Pet Products

 CBDpet hemp oil - CBDPure affiliate program product

How Much Do CBDPure Affiliates Make?

Affiliates will always make different amounts of money in commissions. 

There are several factors that cause the variations. But I will only highlight two.  

One of them is the quality of the content. 

Helpful content that has appropriate calls to action is likely to have a higher conversion rate. 

So create good content and include calls to action to encourage your readers to perform the actions you want them to do.

The second aspect is niche profitability. 

Niches that are highly profitable tend to generate more money in commissions. 

So it is always a good idea to choose a niche that is profitable.

However, the affiliate program has its own commission rate.

What are the Commission Rates?

When you refer readers to the website using your affiliate link and they make purchases, you will earn a 35% commission per sale. 

I think the 35% commission rate is one of the highest rates in the industry seen so far.

How Long Does the Cookie Last?

Apart from the commission rate, the other factor I look at is the cookie life. 

The scheme offers one of the longest cookie lives in the CBD, health, and wellness niches. 

The cookie life lasts for 90 days – it’s long indeed. 

So as long as the affiliate purchases a product within 90 days of clicking on your affiliate link, you will earn a commission.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid From CBDPure?

Just as I said initially, the affiliate program is managed by the Shareasale affiliate network. 

So the network pays affiliates.

However, payments are only made once the minimum payout threshold is reached. Do you have an idea what this threshold is? 

Well, the scheme’s minimum payout threshold is $50. So reach $50 in commissions to get paid.

The network pays through direct deposit, check, wire transfer, or Payoneer. 

My preferred method of payment is payoneer. 

With Payoneer, you can get paid even in countries where Shareasale does not offer direct deposits or wire transfers. 

Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Available

There are many resources and tools for promoting the products. I like using affiliate links and banners. 

Do you know why? They are effective.

Affiliate links: I prefer affiliate links to banners. You will find out why later. 

With affiliate links, you can change the anchor texts to meet your goals.  

So you have the power to decide what action the readers should take. 

Thus affiliate links are the most effective tools for promoting products in return for commission.

Banners: You can also use Pre-made banners to promote the products to your loyal readers or viewers. 

But you must use them carefully. Use relevant banners. 

However, banners are not the best way of recommending affiliate products. 


The reason is very simple. They cannot be customized to meet your desires.

Who Should Join the Cbdpure Affiliate Program?

Website owners and bloggers: Bloggers in the health, wellness, or CBD (cannabidiol) niches are the best fit for this affiliate program. 

Have you been writing blog posts around the niches? 

Well, then just update your content to include affiliate links and banners. 

Include calls to action to encourage readers to perform an action.

Social media influencers: Social media influencers who have followers on social media can sign up for the program. 

But don’t misinterpret my statement – I’m not talking about any social media influencer. 

I’m talking about influencers whose followers are interested in reading health and CBD content.

Email marketers: The program is also great for email marketers. An email list of loyal subscribers is a gold mine. 

Promote the products to your subscribers with the right anchor texts. 

Some of them will surely buy the products and you will earn a commission for every sale made through your affiliate links.

YouTubers: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. 

So if you create videos about health, wellness, or CBD and have a platform, then you are the best candidate for this scheme. 

Promote the products to your viewers in exchange for a commission.

Lovers of CBD products: Love CBD products? But merely loving the products is not sufficient to help you make money. 

Share with others your experiences with products. 

So if you like the products, start creating content about health, wellness, and CBD. 

Then sign up for the affiliate program.

Is the Cbdpure Affiliate Program Worth It?

Well, you will find out why very soon. Let’s analyze two aspects – commission rate and cookie duration. 

The commission rate must be generous. 

Does this scheme offer a generous commission rate? 

The commission rate is 35% per sale. 

What is the length of the cookie life? 

Well, the cookie life is amazing. It lasts for 90 days. 

It is one of the longest cookie lives in the industry.  

A high commission rate and long cookie duration mean a lot in affiliate marketing – The potential to make a lot of money.


High commission: The program pays a generous commission rate of 35%. 

So you have the potential to make a lot of money.

Long cookie life: The cookie duration is 90 days. 

It is one of the longest cookie lives in the wellness, health, and CBD industry. 

So there is no need to worry if a reader doesn’t buy the product immediately after clicking on your affiliate links. 

You will still be paid if they make a purchase as long as it is within 90 days.

High conversion rate: People want to lead healthy lives. 

So they do everything within their power to attain good health. 

They are willing to use even drugs to improve their health. 

Thus there is demand for the products. So recommending the drugs will be easy. 


High competition: The health, wellness and CBD niches are very competitive. 

So you need to be methodical for you to stand out from other affiliates. 

Conclusion: Is The CBDPure Affiliate Program Worth It?

Yes, the program is worth joining. Why? Simple – It is lucrative. 

The commission rate is 35% and the cookie duration is 90 days. 

In addition, its conversion rate is high. 

So if you are methodical, you can make a lot of money with the affiliate program in the long run.

How To Join the Program

Just as I said earlier, the program is run by the ShareASale affiliate network.  

First, sign up on Shareasale for a publisher account. 

Visit the website click the Affiliate Sign Up link and begin the signup process

shareasale:  shareasale homepage and where you can sign up for the affiliate network

Create a username and password on the page below and enter your country of residence, then click Move on to Step 2.

shareasale: affiliate account creation

Write information about your website, its URL, and its language. Then click Move On To Step 3.

shareasale:  account creation and where you share information about your website.

Next, confirm your email address. Click Move on to Step 4.

shareasale: next step of account creation

On this page, submit the contact information where your payments will be sent.

Once you complete, click Move on to Step 5.

Shareasale: page to submit contact information where  payments will be sent

Select a payment option to complete the application.

shareasale: complete setting up your account

Then click Complete Sign Up.

The team will review your application and send an email in 2–3 days.

Requirements To Join the CBDPpure Affiliate Program

  • Must agree to Cbdpure’s terms and conditions.
  • Must have decent traffic.
  • Create good content that is relevant to Cbdpure’s products and that your readers like.

Does CBDPure Support Affiliates?

Yes, Cbdpure does support affiliates.

They have specialized account managers who always answer questions from affiliates.

When affiliates encounter trouble, the managers troubleshoot the problem.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

Create good content: You must be tactical.

It is important that you ensure that your content is well-written, informative, and engaging.

The content must be persuasive to entice people to click on your links.

Promote your content: It is important to note that creating good content alone is not enough. 

You need to do more—promote it.

Promote it to your readers or viewers.

Do this on different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Prepare an affiliate disclosure: All affiliate marketers are required to state their relationships with the companies they promote.

An affiliate disclosure is extremely important. Why is it important?

It builds trust with your readers or viewers, and so they are more likely to click on your affiiate links.

Alternatives to the CBDPure Affiliate Program

You may want to diversify income. Here are the alternatives:

Joy Organics affiliate program

The Joy Organics affiliate program offers affiliates up to 25% commission per sale.

Surely, you will agree with me that the 25% commission is really high.

It is better than some of the commission rates seen in this niche.

If you decide to sign up, you can make lots of money in commission.

The scheme offers a long cookie duration.

Truly speaking, this program offers one of the longest cookie lives in the CBD, health, and wellness niches.

Its cookie life lasts for 90 days. 

o if a customer buys a product within 90 days of clicking on your affiliate link, you will earn credit for that.

cbdMD affiliate program

The cbdMD affiliate program offers affiliates up to 20% commission per sale.

Honestly speaking, this is a generous commission.

So you have a higher chance of making a lot of money in commission.

The scheme also offers one of the longest cookie lives in the CBD, health, and wellness niches. 

The cookie duration lasts for 90 days, which is really long.

Diamond CBD affiliate program

The Diamond CBD affiliate program pays up to a 30% commission per sale.

It is one of the highest commission rates I have seen in the industry.

Therefore, you have higher chances of making substantial amounts of money.

The cookie duration is another aspect.

However, I must state that the company has not disclosed the cookie life span for its affiliate program.

We hope to update our blog post to include the cookie duration.

Final Thoughts

The CBDPure affiliate program is a great opportunity to earn money.

Simply promote their high-quality CBD products to your readers or viewers.

There is a high demand for CBD products. So the CBD market is growing rapidly. 

It is an excellent affiliate program.

It presents high commission rates, a wide range of products to promote, and different marketing tools and resources.

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