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Looking for the top keto

affiliate programs?

Keto is short for ketogenic. 

It is famous in the wellness and nutrition industry. 

Statistics show that the keto diet market was valued at $10.22 billion in 2019.

However, it is expected to grow 5.3% annually, hitting a value of $15.27 billion by 2027.

Its a huge growth indeed!

I think it is popular because of its health values—it reduces weight. 

So Keto affiliate programs are lucrative.

In this article, we will talk about the best Keto affiliate programs you can partner with in 2024.

Understanding Keto And Its Affiliate Programs

Let me try to explain how Keto works. Keto has low carbohydrates but has high fats. 

The high fats place the body into ketosis – a metabolic state.

When in Ketosis, the body burns fats for fuel. 

The burning of fats leads to weight loss and other health benefits.

Bloggers, influencers, and other lovers of keto can promote keto products in exchange for commission.

They can promote keto products and services – snacks and supplements. 

They can also promote their digital products like ebooks or online courses.

Top 18 Keto Affiliate Programs For 2024

We are going to look at the best 20 Keto affiliate programs you can partner with in 2024. 

They were picked basically based on commission rates, cookie duration, and other important features.

1. Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto Affiliate Program - Homee page

Perfect Keto is a health and nutrition company. It sells different products for health and nutrition – snacks and supplements.

Honestly speaking, perfect keto is a famous brand. It has over 5, 000,000 followers on its social media accounts.

Perfect Keto has an affiliate program. I was really shocked when I looked at the requirements. 

Do you know the requirements? 

Well, you should have a minimum of 5000 subscribers on email, social media, or monthly website page views. 

But what I like about the affiliate program is that it offers a generous commission. 

So for every sale made through your URL link within 30 days, you will get credit for that.

What is the mission of perfect keto? 

Its focus is to encourage people to consume healthy fats and high-quality proteins but reduce carbohydrates. 

Perfect keto helps people to lose weight, improve sugar levels, and reduce inflammation. 

What are its benefits?

They encourage people to eat healthy fats. 

Perfect keto revolves around healthy fats. 

Good and recommended sources of healthy of healthy fats are avocados, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

High-quality proteins are also on top of the perfect keto list. 

The proteins build and repair tissues. 

The recommended sources of high-quality protein are meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

However, perfect keto does not encourage the consumption of carbohydrates. 

Do you know?

Well, the reason is very simple.

Carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels. 

So they recommend the consumption of low carbohydrate foods – leafy green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, and nuts.

Talking about benefits, you can achieve a lot.

Its benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved blood sugar control
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved cognitive function

Program Summary

URL: Perfect Keto affiliate program

Network / Software: Refersion   

Commission: 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Markets: Global

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2. Lakanto

Lakanto Affiliate Program

Lakanto is a special brand of sugar. What makes it special? 

It is a sugar that is free of sweeteners – it is simply a mixture of monk fruit and erythritol.

Let’s talk about the monk fruit a little bit. 

Monk fruit is a unique natural sweetener. Scientists say it is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Interestingly, it has no calories and no impact on blood sugar levels.

So when you hear the  Lakanto, just remember that they are talking about a monk fruit sweetener and other products that are free of sugar.

I was happy when I learned that Lakanto has an affiliate program. 

It is managed by the Refersion network. 

I would say the commission rate offered is generous. 

The commission rate is 15% and the cookie duration is 30 days.

There’s a billion-dollar question we should answer. 

Who can promote Lakanto products?

Lankanto seems to have stricter requirements. 

I found the requirements a big hindrance. 

Prospective affiliates are expected to have 10,000 followers on their social media platforms. 

And their content must be related to lifestyle and wellness.

Is Lakanto beneficial in any way?

Yes, it is extremely beneficial.

I have highlighted some of the benefits below. 


  • No calories
  • Natural 
  • No impact on blood sugar
  • Taste 

Program Summary

URL: Lakanto affiliate program

Network / Software: Refersion   

Commission: 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Markets: Global

3. Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon Affiliate Program

Just like the other brands, Magic Spoon contains low levels of carbohydrates. 

But it has high-protein cereal. It is usually recommended as a healthier alternative to traditional cereals.

It has excellent ingredients. 

Magic Spoon contains pea protein, milk protein, and whey protein. 

It also has a sweetener. 

Its sweetener is made with allulose – a natural sweetener that has a low glycemic index. 

In my research, I also discovered that it is free of gluten and grain.

Honestly speaking, I like Magic Spoon more than other brands. 

Do you know why? 

Because it has several flavors. 

It comes in four different flavors namely Fruity, Frosted, Cocoa, and Peanut Butter. 

Magic Spoon is a great keto diet. 

It really meets the requirements of a keto diet. 

Its cereals are gluten, grain, and free of sugar.

Magic Spoon offers a lucrative affiliate program. 

It pays affiliates a commission rate of 20% on sales.

But there is something I don’t like about this affiliate partnership. 

You are required to meet a minimum sales volume of 10 cases of cereal a month to continue as an affiliate.

Honestly speaking, this may not be favorable for beginners. 

Program Summary

URL: Magic Spoon affiliate program

Network / Software: Impact, ShareASale   

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 7 days (Impact), 1 day (ShareASale)

Markets: CA, US (Impact), Global (ShareASale)

4. Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch Affiliate Program

Catalina Crunch is a low-carb that is rich in fiber cereal. 

When marketing it, they say it is a healthier alternative to traditional cereals. 

I like the ingredients of Catalina Crunch. 

They are good for healthy living. Catalina Crunch is a mixture of pea protein, oat fiber, and monk fruit.

I was extremely happy to learn it is free of gluten and grain. 

Remember, Catalina Crunch comes in three flavors – Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast, and Maple Waffle.

If you like milk, you can eat it with milk. Alternatively, you just eat dry.

Catalina Crunch is available in three flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast, and Maple Waffle. 

It can be eaten with milk or eaten dry.

Catalina Crunch runs an affiliate program. 

Affiliates earn commissions ranging between 2% and 20% per sale within a standard 30-day cookie window.

It is an interesting affiliate program, right?

Program Summary

URL: Catalina Crunch affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale , Yazing

Commission: 20% (ShareASale), 2% (Yazing)

Cookie duration: 30 days (ShareASale), Not listed (Yazing)

Markets: Global

5. Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Kiss My Keto is another low-carb keto. 

Just like the other brand we have discussed so far, Kiss My Keto is a free-sugar food product. 

Kiss My Keto is a well-established company. 

It has been in the business for many years. 

Kiss My Keto was founded in 2017. 

It was founded by people who were looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite foods.

I like Kiss My Keto products. 

They are genuine. 

They are made with high-quality ingredients – free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other additives that are unhealthy.

I’m extremely glad to inform you that Kiss My Keto has a great affiliate program. 

I would say the commission rate is generous, not bad. You will earn a 15% commission per sale. 

The affiliate partner program offers a long cookie duration. 

Its cookie duration window is 90 days.

Honestly speaking, this is one of the longest cookie lives I have seen so far in this niche.

There are lots of products for affiliates to promote. 

Affiliates can promote snacks and supplements.

I must confess I like Kiss My Keto affiliate program, it has one of the longest cookie lives in the industry.

Program Summary

URL: Kiss my Keto affiliate program

Network / Software: Refersion, ShareASale, Yazing, Sovrn 

Commission: 10% (Refersion), 10-15% (ShareASale), 10% (Yazing), (Sovrn)

Cookie duration: 30 days (Refersion, ShareASale), Not listed (Yazing, Sovrn)

Markets: US

6. Built Bar

Built Bar Affiliate Program

I think you have seen that so far everything we have discussed concerning keto affiliate programs is emphasizing that keto has low calories.

The same principle applies to Built Bars. 

Built Bars are proteins that are low in calories, carbs, and sugar. 

Who should eat these proteins?

Remember, the proteins are low in calories, carbs, and sugar. 

So they are good for people who are trying to lose weight, and build muscle, or those who just want to eat healthier.

What is worth noting is that the Built Bars are made with high-quality ingredients – whey protein, collagen, and fiber. 

I think you will be happy to learn that these ingredients are free of gluten. 

Above all, they are non-GMO and free of soy.

Built Bar’s desire is to make protein bars that have a great taste. 

The bars are usually sold in boxes of 12 at $30 per box.

Built Bar has an affiliate program. 

The program pays affiliates a commission of 7% per sale.

Program Summary

URL: Built Bar affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale, Skimlinks , Yazing, Sovrn, FlexOffers  

Commission: 7% per sale (ShareASale), 7% per sale (Skimlinks), 7% (Yazing), 1.49% network commission rate (Sovrn), (FlexOffers)

Cookie duration: 7 days (ShareASale, FlexOffers), Not listed (Skimlinks, Yazing, Sovrn)

Markets: CA, US (ShareASale), US, CA (Skimlinks), Global (Yazing), Global (Sovrn), Global (FlexOffers)

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7. Miracle Noodle

Miracle Noodle Affiliate Program

Just like the other brands Miracle Noodle is also a low-carb and calorie. 

I learned that Miracle Noodle is made from a native Japanese plant called Konjac.

What is unique about the plant is that it is high in fiber.

Talking about its composition, it is 97% water and 3% fiber. 

What a special plant it is!

Clearly, the plant is really low in calories and carbohydrates.

And it is a great plant for people that want to eat healthier. 

It is one of the succulent plants needed by the human body.

It is good that the brand runs an affiliate program. 

So you can promote it to your audience that needs succulent plants.

It offers one of the best keto affiliate programs.

Honestly speaking, their affiliate program is lucrative. 

The affiliate partner program pays 10% to 20% commission rates. 

Do you know what that translates into?

It means that for every pack through your affiliate link, you are likely to earn $5 to $23 per pack.

Program Summary

URL: Miracle Noodle affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale, Skimlinks, Sovrn, Yazing, FlexOffers

Commission: 20% (ShareASale), 20% Sale Commission(Skimlinks), 10% (Sovrn), 10% (Yazing), (FlexOffers)

Cookie duration: 30 days (ShareASale, FlexOffers), Not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn, Yazing)

Markets: Global

8. Nuts.com

Nuts.com Affiliate Program

Nuts.com also offers one of the best keto affiliate programs. 

But let’s first briefly discuss what it is and what it does.

Nuts.com was founded in 1929. Its headquarters are in Newark, New Jersey.

Nuts.com is an online retailer. The company sells nuts, dried fruit, snacks, and gifts.

It sells bulk trail mixes, powders, sweets, chocolates, and other products. 

Nuts.com runs an affiliate program. 

The affiliate program offers commission rates of 5%-9.5%. Well, the commission rates are reasonable.

Program Summary

URL: Nuts.com affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale, Skimlinks, Sovrn, FlexOffers   

Commission: 5% (ShareASale), 5% (Skimlinks), 9.54% (Sovrn), 4% (FlexOffers)

Cookie duration: 30 days (ShareASale, FlexOffers), Not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn)

Markets: the US, CA (ShareASale), US, CA (Skimlinks), Global (Sovrn), US (FlexOffers)

9. High Key

High Key Affiliate Program

High Key is yet brand another brand of keto. 

The company was founded in 2019. 

It is specialized in selling snacks and food products.

I like High Key Keto products. 

They are made with high-quality ingredients that are low in carbs, sugar, and net carbs.

They sell different products. 

The common products are snacks, baking mixes, sauces dressings, and breakfast.

I came to learn that it is also free of gluten. In addition, its snacks have low sugars.

I don’t know the exact terms of the affiliate program. 

The company has not publicly disclosed the terms. 

But I think it is a good affiliate program. 

I think you will enjoy participating in this affiliate arrangement.

Program Summary

10. Diet to Go

Diet to go Affiliate Program

Diet to Go is a famous name in the keto industry. 

It is a meal delivery service. 

It delivers healthy and convenient meals to customers.

Diet to Go offers different meal plans low-calorie and low-carb. 

I think Diet to Go has experienced chefs. Their meals are delicious. 

They deliver fresh meals to the customers’ doorsteps.

What meal plans can you order?

Customers can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

They can choose protein, vegetable, and side dish options. 

Interestingly, Diet to Go offers snacks and desserts.

Diet to Go is made using high-quality ingredients that are fresh. 

I know you are eager to know whether it is natural or artificial.

Well, the company sells products that are free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and trans fats.

They are also free of gluten.

I’m glad to inform you that Diet-to-Go has an affiliate program.

Honestly speaking, it is one of the best keto affiliate programs I have seen so far. 

Its commission rate is high. Affiliates earn $40 to $70 per sale.

Its cookie life lasts for 45 days.

Program Summary

URL: Diet to Go affiliate program

Network / Software: Impact, Lemonads, FlexOffers 

Commission: $40.00 (Impact), $70.00 (Lemonads), (FlexOffers)

Cookie duration: 45 days (Impact, Lemonads), Not listed (FlexOffers)

Markets: US

11. Netrition

Netrition Affiliate Program

Netrition was founded in 1999. 

Its headquarters is in Irvine, California. 

It is an online retailer. 

It specializes in sports nutrition and health supplements. 

I must emphasize that Netrition is extremely important for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness lovers.

The products are also used by people who want to improve their health and well-being.

It is a popular choice for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. 

I think you will be pleased to learn that Netrition runs an affiliate program.

It is an in-house affiliate program. 

Affiliates get paid a 5% commission rate with a maximum of $20 per transaction.

The downside of this affiliate program is that the affiliate program is not very pleasing.

Honestly speaking, 5% is not a good rate. 

They can do better.

Program Summary

URL: Netrition affiliate program

Network / Software: Direct

Commission: 5% of the sale, maximum $20 per transaction

Cookie duration: Not listed

Markets: Global

12. Sukrin

Sukrin Affiliate Program

Sukrin is another great brand in the keto industry. 

It is a brand sweetener that is extracted from erythritol. 

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables.

And natural foods are just good for a healthy body.

I was impressed to learn that the sweetener is free of calories. 

In addition, it has low carbs and sugar.

Who should use the sweetener?

The sweetener is good for people who want to reduce their sugar intake or a low-carb diet. 

In other words, it is great for people suffering from diabetes. 

The sweetener has an impact on blood sugar levels.

Urkrin sells natural sugar alternatives – snacks, and baking mixes.

This Norwegian brand has an affiliate program. 

It offers a 5% commission on sales. 

The minimum payout threshold is $50.

Program Summary

URL: Sukrin affiliate program

Network / Software: Affiliatly  

Commission: 5% 

Cookie duration: Not listed

Markets: AU, NZ

13. Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire Affiliate Program

What is this Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth? 

Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth is a bone broth that is designed for those who are following a keto diet.

What makes it special? 

It is made with organic, grass-fed bones. 

Kettle & Fire is slow-simmered for 20-24 hours to extract the maximum nutrients.

One thing that caught my attention was the fact the Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth can be stored without refrigeration.

What can you get from Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth?

It is a good source of protein, collagen, and other nutrients. 

It is also usually low in calories and carbohydrates. 

Normally, a cup of Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth contains only 3 grams of net carbohydrates.

 Kettle & Fire Keto Bone Broth has an affiliate program. 

I like this affiliate partnership. It offers a high commission rate.

I think it is better than the other affiliate programs we have looked at so far. 

What is the commission rate and cookie duration? 

The commission rate is 20% per sale and the cookie duration is 30 days.

Program Summary

URL: Kettle & Fire affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale, Everflow   

Commission: 20%

Cookie duration: 30 days (ShareASale), Not listed (Everflow)

Markets: US

14. Wholesome Yum

Wholesome Yum Affiliate Program

What a name! 

What really is this Wholesome Yum?

Wholesome Yum is a famous food blog. 

It is specialized in healthy and delicious recipes. 

The blog was founded in 2011 by Maya Feller. 

Who is this individual? 

Well, I learned that Maya Feller is a self-taught cook and a certified nutritionist.

Sounds interesting, right?

Many people like Wholesome Yum recipes. 

Do you know why? 

Because they are easy to make, family-friendly, and packed with nutrition.

It is worth noting that many of the recipes on Wholesome Yum have low-carb. 

They are also free of gluten.

In other words, Wholesome Yum is a keto food company that specializes in selling sweeteners, flour, syrups, and baking mixes. 

If you enjoy Wholesome Yum products, the brand offers an affiliate program.

So you can promote one of the products keto.

Program Summary

URL: Wholesome Yum affiliate program

Network / Software: Affiliate WP  

Commission: Not listed

Cookie duration: Not listed

Markets: Global

15. Real Plans

Real Plans Affiliate Program

Real plans! What does Real plans do? 

Real Plans is simply a meal planning and grocery delivery service.

It is based on the fact that people need to eat healthier and save time.

They offer several meal plans. So there is a pool for you to choose from. 

For example, you can choose paleo, keto, and family-friendly plans. 

Real plans sells special meals. What makes them special? 

Well, the meal plans are usually made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

I don’t like artificial foods. 

So I was glad to learn that the meal plans are free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and trans fats.

What is more interesting about Real plans is that make meals according to people’s requests.

So just tell them your dietary needs and preferences.

Real plans will make your desired plan for the meal.

I must confess, this is lovely. 

Real Plans runs an in-house affiliate program. 

It offers an opportunity for bloggers and other content creators in the health and wellness niches to monetize their content.

Program Summary

URL: Real Plans affiliate program

Network / Software: UltraCart

Commission: Not listed

Cookie duration: Not listed

Markets: Global

16. KetoKrate

Keto Krate Affiliate Program

Have you ever heard of KetoKrate? 

It is one of the best keto affiliate programs. 

But before we talk about its affiliate program, let’s discuss what it is briefly.

If you have never heard about KetoKrate, it is simply a monthly subscription box service for keto dieters. 

That’s it. 

But there is a lot you need to know about KetoKrate.

We just said it is a monthly subscription. 

So each month, members usually receive snacks and treats.

They also receive exclusive discounts on keto products and services. 

As you can see membership comes with a number of benefits.

These are not just ordinary products. 

We are talking about high-quality products and delicious snacks.

Keto Krate is really a keto diet.

You are free to choose a subscription plan of your choice.

There are also add-ons – keto coffee and keto bread.

It is a fit if your audience likes monthly subscriptions. 

You can promote the products to your audience.

Fortunately, KetoKrate runs a lucrative affiliate program. 

Do you know the commission rates? 

The program pays up to 15% to 18% commission on sales. 

The commission rates are generous, right?

Program Summary

Program name: KetoKrate affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale, Skimlinks, Yazing, FlexOffers, Grin, Sovrn  Commission: 15% per sale(ShareASale), 17-18% (Skimlinks), 15% (Yazing), $8.00(FlexOffers), (Grin), (Sovrn)

Cookie duration: 30 days (ShareASale, FlexOffers, Grin), Not listed (Skimlinks, Yazing, Sovrn)

Markets: Global

17. iHerb

iherb affiliate program

Do you like natural health and beauty products? 

If yes, read more about iHerb.

What is iHerb? 

iHerb is a global online retailer. 

It is specialized in natural health and beauty products. 

iHerb is a well-established company. 

The company was established in 1996 and the headquarters is in Irvine, California. 

The company offers a lot for affiliates to promote. 

The information I stumbled upon in my research showed that it sells over 30,000 products from over 1,200 brands.

We can’t list all the items that are sold by the company. 

But we can mention some of its famous products – vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbs.

The company sells its products in over 185 countries worldwide. 

iHerb offers a number of incentives. For example, it offers free shipping on orders over $40.

If you are really looking for supplements and health products, visit iHerb. 

It is an online marketplace for supplements and health products.

You can also join its affiliate program to promote its products in exchange for a commission.

iHerb’s affiliate program pays affiliates a 5% commission. 

Its cookie lasts for 7 days.

Program Summary

Program name: iHerb affiliate program

Network / Software: Partnerize  

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration: 7 days

Markets: Global

18. ButcherBox

butcherbox affiliate program

Have you ever heard of ButcherBox? 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ButcherBox?

If you are associating it with meat, then you are right.

Just as the name suggests, ButcherBox is a meat subscription service. 

It offers different types of boxes with a variety of meats. 

ButcherBox is simply a meat delivery service. 

The meat delivered is unique. 

It is special in the sense that it is 100% grass-fed beef.

So you don’t have to worry about GMOs. 

There is absolutely no reason to worry, the meat is safe for human consumption.

They also sell free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork

Once a customer places an order, they are delivered to their doorstep.  

There are also add-ons like wild-caught seafood and organic vegetables.

Butchebox has an affiliate program. 

It is hosted on the ShareASale affiliate network.

Shareasale hosts other affiliate programs. 

If you are not a publisher on Shareasale, here is the link you can use to apply to become a publisher.

The affiliate program pays a flat $20 per sale.

Program Summary

Program name: ButcherBox affiliate program

Network / Software: ShareASale  

Commission: $20.00 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Markets: US

Final Thoughts

Keto affiliate programs give content creators an opportunity to monetize their content in the health and wellness niche.

If you are accepted into high-paying affiliate programs, you can make substantial amounts of money.

Therefore, consider joining keto affiliate programs, especially the lucrative ones.

There are different types of keto. 

But choose the one that best suits your content and audience.

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