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Outdoor-lover? Now’s your chance! Earn money for what you love. With outdoor affiliate programs, make cash while you share your passion with the world.

Adventure guides, hikers, climbers, and kayakers – learn how to get rewarded for promoting gear related to the outdoors.

13 Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs

I have compiled a list of the best affiliate programs in the niche. My top picks are:


Sarah, a hiker, discovered REI’s affiliate program when looking for hiking gear on the internet. 

She applied and was accepted. She shared the links to REI’s gear on her website and Instagram page.

The program offered by REI, a well-known outdoor gear and clothing company, is a great way for affiliates to make commissions. 

They get links and banners to share with their audience and earn up to 5% commission on every sale.

To join, one must apply through the AvantLink network. 

After approval, access to tools and resources is granted – product feeds, text links, banners, and promotional content.

What’s special about REI is its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. 

Affiliates can feel good about promoting products that align with these values.

Sarah saw increased traffic on her website and sales from the promoted products. 

This allowed her to make a steady income without sacrificing quality content. 

What mattered to her more than the $$ was being able to suggest a reliable outdoor brand to thousands of nature lovers.


The Backcountry affiliate program gives individuals the chance to get commissions by promoting outdoor gear and clothing. 

It rewards affiliates with attractive commission rates, exclusive promotions, and a 30-day cookie duration for maximum earnings. 

As a leader in outdoor retail, Backcountry offers a trustworthy brand to back affiliates and promotes fearlessly.

Affiliates can enjoy a wide range of products from Backcountry, including premium brands like Patagonia and The North Face. 

Plus, the program provides helpful tools such as custom linking options and product feeds to streamline promotion efforts. 

With regular sales and new product launches, affiliates have ample opportunities to boost their earnings.

Pro Tip: Use social media and outdoor blogs to target people interested in outdoor activities and products.


If you love the outdoors, an affiliate program focused on outdoor activities is an excellent option. 

It provides platforms to promote things like camping, fishing, or hiking. Plus, it supplies useful marketing tools and support services.

Partnering with this program gives you access to the massive potential of the outdoor market. 

You can make commissions on sales from your promotions. Some programs even offer bonuses based on sales.

You will also be able to get customer data and insights from other affiliates. 

These tools help you create ads tailored to target audiences. Plus, you have many payment methods for commissions.

To maximize earnings, focus on social media platforms used by outdoor enthusiasts. 

Research the interests and favorite products of your target audience before deciding what product categories to promote.

Joining an Outdoorsy affiliate program is a great way to make money while enjoying nature. 

With creative advertising and digital platforms tailored to niche demographics, you can turn a profitable income into a business venture.


Patagonia affiliate program presents partners with an opportunity to promote their sustainable and eco-friendly products with commission-based incentives. 

It offers various marketing materials, such as banners and links, to boost the partner’s visibility and engagement. 

Plus, monthly newsletters and personalized product recommendations are provided to enhance the partner’s experience.

To join the Patagonia affiliate program, partners must complete an online application form. 

It requests information about its website and promotional strategies. 

The program is open to outdoor enthusiasts with websites related to lifestyle, adventure sports, travel or environmental advocacy.

 As long as they meet Patagonia’s standards of ethical business practices. It is one of the best outdoor affiliate programs.

A major benefit of joining the Patagonia affiliate program is that it fits with affiliates’ company values and encourages responsible consumerism. 

With unique products made from ethically sourced materials, affiliates can easily draw in their audience who prioritize sustainability in their shopping behaviors.

Pro Tip: Including personal stories about using Patagonia products in creative outdoor scenarios can significantly up engagement levels.


Promote the renowned outdoor brand, Yeti, and earn up to 5% commission on sales! 

They provide exclusive deals and promotions, plus their high-quality and durable products guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Plus, they have a vast array of outdoor equipment like coolers, drinkware, bags, and more.

As an affiliate, you’ll get access to banners, text links, and product feeds

Don’t miss your chance to make money by promoting an exceptional brand like Yeti. 

Get started today!


Wanna make money? This affiliate program provides a perfect chance for outdoor fans. 

Promote Fjallraven and get commissions! There are loads of outdoor gear and clothing, including backpacks, jackets, and tents. 

The commissions are competitive. Participate in exclusive promotions and events too! 

Plus, get excellent support resources to make it big.

Tip: Maximize earnings by creating content that shows off Fjallraven goods. 

Add personal experiences and opinions to engage people.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer’s associate program provides commission-based revenue for promoting their outdoor gear and apparel. 

Affiliates can join the program and access many creatives plus get exclusive discounts. 

They even offer a dedicated affiliate manager to help out.

It’s a great choice for those wanting to make money from their website, with Eddie Bauer’s high-quality products and generous commission rates. 

Plus, they have a great reputation in the outdoor industry. That’s something to use when promoting Eddie Bauer products!

To make the most of Eddie Bauer’s affiliate program, create content about popular outdoor activities like camping or hiking. 

Also, use social media and email campaigns to reach more people. 

Highlight the features and benefits of Eddie Bauer products while targeting niche audiences. 

This increases your chances of success within the program. Eddie Bauer is one of the incredible outdoor affiliate programs.

Camping World

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Camping World offers an affiliate program just for you! 

Commission rates of up to 6%, a payout threshold of $50, and a wide selection of camping gear and RV products. 

Plus, easy-to-use tracking tools, marketing materials, and expert support.

Customize promotions based on customer preferences with seasonal discounts, product bundling, and other exciting deals.

Camping World has been around since 1966, when David Garvin opened a small campground in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

Now they continue to provide top-notch outdoor equipment through their affiliate program.


Evo’s affiliate program is all about outdoor gear and equipment! 

Here’s what it offers:

  • Earn commission when you promote Evo products
  • Wide selection of top-notch outdoor gear brands
  • Content creators, influencers, and websites get extra income opportunities
  • Dedicated team to give you help and guidance
  • Cookies last for 30 days – plenty of time for you to get a commission from your referrals.

Plus, the Evo affiliate program has special deals and promotions just for you.

Fun fact: Outdoor Industry Association says that outdoor recreation brings in $887 billion every year!

Bass Pro Shop

The Bass Pro Shop affiliate program is one of the most rewarding outdoor programs around. 

They offer high commissions and great support. Plus, you get access to marketing materials like text links, banners, and videos. 

And exclusive deals! Also, their cookie duration is long – up to seven days. Plus, no commission cap. 

Plus, they have a huge product range for outdoor activities.

If you want to join an outdoor affiliate program, Bass Pro Shop should be your first choice. 

They have a great reputation in the industry plus great commission rates and a supportive team. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to make high commissions while promoting a trusted brand. 

Join the Bass Pro Shop affiliate program today and reap the rewards!


Cabela’s, a renowned retail firm, offers an affiliate program for outdoor lovers. 

With this program, affiliates gain commissions by advertising Cabela’s items on their pages or social media accounts. 

Accessible to affiliates are product feeds, ads, and other marketing materials to push traffic to Cabela’s website. 

This program has competitive commission rates on a variety of outdoor equipment and accessories.

Above the normal commission structure, Cabela’s delivers performance-based incentives such as bonuses for top-performing affiliates. 

The company provides real-time analytics and reporting tools to help you observe your performance and boost your campaigns. 

To join the program, you must apply through the affiliate network partner that oversees the program.

To succeed in this program, it is essential to target an audience interested in hunting, fishing, camping, or other outdoor activities. 

Think about creating content, such as gear reviews or guides related to these topics featuring Cabela’s products with your affiliate link included. 

Utilize social media platforms favored by outdoor fans to promote your content further.

Cabela’s affiliate program is an incredible opportunity for those passionate about outdoor activities to make money from their content.

Promote superior equipment and accessories cherished by the community.

North Face

North Face’s affiliate program is one-of-a-kind. Earn commission by promoting their outdoor products. 

Generous commission and exclusive deals. Plus, benefit from their great selection of clothing, footwear, gear, and accessories.

Plus, get excellent support. Account managers and tracking software make sure commissions are paid out accurately and on time. 

North Face also updates its product range with fresh releases and seasonal collections.

To maximize earnings: Promote their latest products and seasonal gear during peak times. 

Try targeting niche audiences like hikers or skiers for more conversions.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

The Hyperlite Mountain Gear affiliate program is a great way to make money! 

It’s easy to join and offers commissions on sales of their products; a win-win! 

Their outdoor gear is renowned for its high-quality and ultralight weight, so customers get great value from their purchases. 

Plus, affiliates get exclusive access to new product releases and promotions.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear was founded in 2008 by Mike St. Pierre and has since become an industry leader. 

They use heavy gauge threads that are more durable than other leading manufacturers. 

All this is rooted in Mike’s adventurous spirit in Maine’s great outdoors!

Key Takeaways

Ready to join outdoor affiliate programs? 

Here are key points to consider:

  • Benefits include: expanding your customer base, more sales through network connections, and higher conversion rates.
  • Get the best commissions with combined commission structures. This includes a percentage of the sale plus a fixed amount for referring new customers. Plus, check how long cookies stay on referral links.
  • Differentiate from your competitors. Promote products with credible reviews and partner with outdoor lifestyle websites for credibility.

Don’t miss out on these benefits! Research and invest in good content promotion. 

Get strong referral support from a reliable company to skyrocket your sales.

Final Thoughts On Outdoor Affiliate Programs

The above points demonstrate the advantages of joining outdoor affiliate programs

From sports stuff to outdoor items, these plans offer a wide range of options for specific groups, drawing in plenty of customers and making money. 

Furthermore, affiliates can benefit from exclusive discounts by partnering with trusted companies in the industry. 

With outdoor activities becoming more and more popular globally, now is a great chance to make use of this trend through affiliate marketing.

It’s worth mentioning that even though affiliate marketing can be profitable, it takes effort and commitment for it to pay off. 

A study by Affiliate Summit Corp shows that only 5% of affiliates make over $50,000 per year in commissions. 

This emphasizes the significance of selecting the right niche and investing time into constructing solid bonds with partners.

A unique benefit of outdoor affiliate programs is the ability to collaborate with other related fields like travel and tourism. 

By taking advantage of these collaborations, affiliates can grow their reach and target new customers into trying outdoor activities around the world.

Recent research by The Outdoor Foundation found that outdoor recreation took part by 1.4 million people from 2017-2018. 

This growth provides great prospects for affiliates looking to create a secure business in this niche.

What is your opinion on these affiliate programs? Please, share!

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