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What do you know about the Posh affiliate program?

Poshmark is a popular ecommerce platform. The platform offers different high-quality products. 

They range from fashion and beauty items to home decor and electronics. 

So it is an attractive option for affiliates who are looking to promote quality products to their audience.

Poshmark offers an affiliate program.  

This program allows individuals and businesses to earn commission by promoting Posh products on their website or social media platforms. 

This  program provides affiliates with different marketing materials like banners, product links, and widgets. 

So it is easier to promote Posh products than you can imagine..

What Is a Posh Affiliate Program?

The Posh affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program offered by Poshmark.  

Poshmark is a famous online marketplace for buying and selling secondhand clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

The program allows affiliates to earn commission by promoting Poshmark to their audience. 

They use different platforms like social media, blog posts, or YouTube videos.

You will be given a unique referral link. 

When someone clicks on your link and signs up for Poshmark, or makes a purchase on the website, you will earn a commission.

How To Join The Affiliate Program

To join the affiliate program, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  1. Sign up for the program

 Fill out the application form with your personal and contact information. 

You should also provide details about your website or social media channels where you plan to promote Poshmark. 

  1. Get approved

Poshmark will review your application and notify you via email if you have been approved. 

Once you’re approved, you can start promoting Poshmark on your website or social media channels.

  1. Promote Poshmark

Employ your unique affiliate link, banners, and other marketing materials to promote Poshmark to your audience. 

  1. Get paid

Poshmark pays affiliates via PayPal every month. 

What Products Can You Promote For Posh Affiliate Program?

Poshmark offers different products that the audience loves. What products are these? 

Well, take a look at the following list:


Poshmark stocks different kinds of clothing items. 

Therefore, you can promote clothing items that are trendy, unique, or in-demand.


The company stocks different types of footwear like sandals, boots, sneakers, and more. 

Guess what? You can promote shoes that are comfortable, stylish, or ideal for a certain occasion.


The brand stocks different accessories. Accessories ranging from handbags, jewelry, hats, and scarves. 

So you can promote accessories that are fashionable, functional or complement an outfit.

Beauty products

Poshmark has a beauty section that features cosmetics, skincare, hair care, and fragrances. 

So you can promote beauty products that are popular, high-quality or have positive reviews.

Home goods

The company has a Home section. This section has different products like furniture, bedding, bath accessories, and kitchenware.

Use Poshmark’s search feature to find the most popular products and brands to find products to promote to your audience.

Commission Rate

Generally, the commission rates range from 10% to 20% of the sales amount.

The commission rate for promoting Poshmark’s subscription service, Poshmark Pro Tools, is 20% of the subscription fee.

The brand also offers performance incentives and bonuses for high-performing affiliates.

These incentives may include cash bonuses, exclusive promotions, and increased commission rates.

All these measures are aimed at helping affiliates maximize their commission. 

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration is 30 days. 

How Do You Get Paid From Posh?

It’s obvious that after working, you will expect to be paid. Poshmark offers different payment methods.

Here are the popular methods Poshmark employs to pay affiliates:

Poshmark balance

Earnings of affiliates are added to their Poshmark balance. 

Affiliates use this balance to purchase items on the platform or withdraw the money to your bank account.

Direct deposit

Poshmark will allow you to link your bank account. When your payments are due, request a direct deposit of your earnings. 

Poshmark will send the funds to your bank account within 2-3 working business days.


Poshmark also pays using checks. So you can also request to receive a check for your earnings. 

Poshmark will mail the check to the address on file within 5-7 business days.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available For Promoting Affiliate Program?

Poshmark provides different marketing materials and promotional tools. 

Affiliates can use them to promote the program and attract potential customers. 

Some of these materials and tools include:

Banner ads

The banner ads come in different

 sizes and designs. Affiliates can use them on their websites or social media pages.

Text links

There are also text links. Publishers 

can use text links that direct users to the Poshmark website.

Product feeds

Product feeds are also available. Affiliates can use the feeds to display Posh products on their websites.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool. So employ email marketing campaigns to promote Poshmark products.

Social media

Social media has become a means of marketing products. 

Therefore, affiliates can use their social media pages to promote Poshmark and its products.

Promotional codes

The brand offers affiliate promotional codes. 

As an affiliate, you can provide customers discounts on Posh products as a way of promoting Poshmark products..

Landing pages

There are also stunning landing pages. So you can use them to promote specific products or collections.

Product images

The company provides eye-catching product images. You can use it to promote products on your website or social media pages.


Promotional videos are also available. Employ the videos to promote the program and its products.

Who Should Join the Affiliate Program?

Here’s a synopsis. The program is meant for people who are interested in promoting Poshmark and its services to their audience.

Fashion bloggers or influencers

Fashion or beauty bloggers and people who create content around clothing and accessories can join this program.

Social media marketers

You should have a large following on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


If you have a website or blog related to fashion, beauty, or lifestyle, you could join the program and promote Poshmark to your readers.

Entrepreneurs or resellers

Entrepreneurs who already sell clothing, accessories, or other fashion items can join the program and earn commission on any sales generated through their affiliate links.

Is The Affiliate Program Worth It?

It can be worth it if you have experience in affiliate marketing. 

Pros Of The Affiliate Program

Here are some potential pros of the program:

High commission rates

The company offers a commission rate of 10% for referred sales. This is higher than many other affiliate programs.

Large audience

Poshmark has a large and active community of users. So there is potential for affiliates to reach a wide audience.

Popular products

The brand specializes in fashion items. Fashion are a popular and frequently purchased category of products.

Supportive community

Poshmark has a supportive and engaged community of sellers and affiliates. There are also regular events and training opportunities.

Cons Of  The Program

There are also potential drawbacks or cons to consider. Some of the cons are:

Competitive market

The beauty and personal care market is highly competitive. 

There are many similar products available from other brands. This makes it challenging to stand out and make sales.

Commission structure

The commission structure is not as favorable as other affiliate programs. 

The commission rates are relatively low. 

There are also minimum sales requirements that affiliates must meet to maintain their status in the program.

Required purchases

Affiliates are required to make regular product purchases to remain active in the program.

This is a disadvantage if you do not regularly use or enjoy Posh products yourself.

How To Make $1,000 Per Month With Posh Affiliate Program

Promote Poshmark strategically

Strategically? Yes, you read it correctly.

For example, you could create tutorials on how to use Poshmark to find great deals on fashion items. 

Then use your unique referral link in your promotions to ensure that you earn commissions on any eligible sales.

Leverage social media

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to reach a large audience and promote Poshmark. 

So consider using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media platforms to promote Poshmark with your unique referral link. 

Create engaging content

Craft high-quality engaging content to keep your audience engaged and interested in your Poshmark promotions.

You can create blog posts that provide tips and tricks for using Poshmark to find great deals.

Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to earning money with any program. 

So be consistent in promoting Poshmark to your audience and create new content that showcases the platform with your unique referral link.

How To Maximize Your Posh Affiliate Program Earnings

Here are some tips for maximizing your earnings as a Posh affiliate:

Craft high-quality content

If you have a blog or social media account, craft high-quality content that promotes Poshmark and encourages people to sign up using your referral code. 

These are product reviews, fashion tips, or tutorials on how to use Poshmark.

Focus on building a loyal following

Focus on building a loyal following of people who are interested in your content and trust your recommendations. 

This will help ensure that the people who sign up using your referral code are more likely to be active Poshmark users.

Offer incentives

Offer incentives to people who sign up using your referral code. These include a discount on their first purchase or a free gift. 

This will encourage more people to sign up and start using Poshmark.

Poshmark often runs promotions and events that help increase your earnings as an affiliate. 

Requirements To Join Posh Affiliate Program


The brand requires you to have a platform to promote Poshmark. So you will need a blog that is active and receives reasonable traffic. 

Content Creation Skills

You will be required to craft content that promotes Poshmark on your website or blog. 

Poshmark Account

You must have an active Poshmark account with a good standing history.

Compliance with affiliate program guidelines

To join the affiliate program, you must comply with the program guidelines. 

This includes the terms and conditions, commission structure, and advertising policies.

Tax Information

Affiliates must be in possession of tax information like a social security number or tax identification number to receive payment.


Affiliates should fill out the affiliate program application and submit it for review.

Alternatives To Posh Affiliate Program

There are many different alternatives to the affiliate program that you may want to consider. 

Take a look at the following options:

Amazon Associates 

Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate programs out there. It has different products to promote.


ShareASale has different merchants from different niches. 

Sign up for free and choose the merchants you want to promote and earn commission on sales.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction also has different merchants to promote. 

They offer advanced tracking and reporting tools to help you optimize your campaigns.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten is a unique affiliate network. 

This network offers different tools and resources to help affiliates promote products from their merchants. 

They also offer performance incentives and bonuses for top-performing affiliates.


ClickBank is an affiliate network for digital products like ebooks, online courses, and software. 

They offer high commission rates.  ClickBank offers a user-friendly platform for finding and promoting products.

Final Thoughts

Posh affiliate program is an affiliate program for Poshmark. 

Poshmark is a popular online marketplace for buying and selling secondhand clothing and accessories.

The program offers a commission rate of 10% for each sale referred by affiliates. 

They also provide different promotional materials like banners and links. 

So affiliates promote Poshmark to their audience with ease.

It’s also important to ensure that promoting Poshmark aligns with your brand and values as an affiliate.

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