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13 SEO Affiliate Programs

I have compiled a list of the best affiliate programs in the niche to help you get started.

Here’s the list:

SEMRush (BeRush) Affiliate Program

Now’s your chance to cash in on SEMRush’s (BeRush) Partner Program

With top-notch commissions and a selection of marketing materials, you can easily promote their products. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Earn up to 40% recurring commissions on SEMRush sales.
  • Access banners, text links, and landing pages.
  • Cookies last 10 years – so you get paid for all sales within that time.
  • Robust tracking and reporting tools to monitor performance.

Plus, SEMRush is one of the best SEO tools around, so it’s easier to market and get noticed. 

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to promote one of the best SEO affiliate programs- join the Partner program now!

KWFinder By Mangools Affiliate Program

The KWFinder affiliate program is offered by Mangools. 

It provides bloggers and influencers with a chance to earn a commission when advertising this tool’s features. 

KWFinder has a simple interface for keyword research and competitor analysis.

When you become a part of the KWFinder affiliate program, you get access to promotional materials such as banners, text links, and more. 

With this program, affiliates can get a 30% recurring commission per referral.

It’s important to note that those who sign up for the Mangools affiliate program can use all their tools, not just KWFinder. 

This could be a great option if you’re looking for a bundle deal with extra tools.

Success stories from affiliate marketers are amazing. 

For example, one person earned over $1k per month by referring people from his Facebook group to KWFinder. 

He promotes KWFinder, one of the best SEO affiliate programs on social media platforms.

AccuRanker Affiliate Program

AccuRanker is an incredible SEO affiliate program for marketers. It pays a commission for each sale you refer to them. 

It’s easy to understand and implement, plus conversion rates are high with lucrative commissions.

Promote their award-winning SEO tool for real-time updates and accurate ranking data. 

Plus, the demand for trustworthy and comprehensive SEO solutions is on the rise.

One bonus of this program is the 90-day cookie duration. 

If someone clicks your referral link and buys the product in 90 days, you’ll get a commission.

Maximize your earnings potential. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to earn more by promoting a quality SEO solution like AccuRanker! 

Join the AccuRanker affiliate program today!

Surfer SEO Affiliate Program

Surfer’s affiliate program lets marketers get paid for promoting their services. 

They have access to custom links, banners, and more. This, it stands out from other SEO affiliate programs.

Plus, they get monthly payments and real-time tracking for conversions.

This program is special. 

It gives lifetime commissions for customers referred, which means affiliates get recurring money as long as the customer keeps using Surfer SEO!

Did you know? Surfer SEO won the Best SEO Tool of 2021 at the European Search Awards.

SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program offered by SEO PowerSuite is a great money-making opportunity. 

Earn up to 33% commission on every purchase made via your unique referral link.

Promote award-winning SEO software and attract potential customers. 

Access a range of marketing materials–banners, text links, customizable templates–all ready to use.

Real-time tracking of customer purchases and earnings allows you to monitor progress and optimize promotions.

Maximize affiliate earnings. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Create content on your website–write articles related to SEO or other relevant topics.

The SEO PowerSuite affiliate program is a great way to earn passive income. 

Maximize revenue by utilizing marketing resources and optimizing promotional strategies.

Hunter.io Affiliate Program

Hunter, a tool for finding emails, offers an enticing affiliate program for marketers looking to make money from their website or blog. 

They give a recurring 30% commission for each sale from the referral link. Banners and text links are provided to promote the product.

Affiliates can track their earnings in real-time using the dashboard. This makes it stand out from other SEO affiliate programs.

The minimum payout is only $50, so even small publishers can get paid easily. Hunter’s support team helps affiliates with any queries or difficulties. 

Plus, customers acquired through the program have a high lifetime value.

No sign-up fees or charges are required to join the program, so marketers can start right away! 

It’s noteworthy that Hunter.io was rebranded in 2018, having been initially launched as ‘Email Hunter’.

Link Whisper Affiliate Program

Link Whisper offers an amazing affiliate program! 

It enables affiliates to earn 20% commissions when they promote the Link Whisper application on their website or social media platforms.

They provide trackable links, banners, and marketing materials to affiliates. 

Plus, their dashboard gives all the necessary data and tracking details of referred customers.

Affiliates get paid via PayPal after attaining the minimum threshold. This affiliate program has a 30-day cookie duration. 

Furthermore, timely support service is offered to solve queries related to the program.

Link Whisper’s automation of internal link building saves time and simplifies content optimization for better search engine ranks. 

To maximize earnings, it’s suggested to highlight the product’s value proposition in promotions.

Personal experiences and case studies showing the positive outcomes of using the SEO tool can encourage prospective clients to purchase the software through the affiliate’s referral link.

Join the Link Whisper affiliate program to supplement income and benefit from improved website performance!

NitroPack Affiliate Program

NitroPack affiliate program offers cutting-edge solutions with competitive commission rates. 

Their payout model is based on lifetime recurring commissions. There’s no cap on earning possibilities and high-converting landing pages. 

Plus, they have a unique 45-day cookie tracking period. If someone clicks an affiliate link and buys within 45 days, the publisher gets a commission.

NitroPack has been in the market for over 10 years. They have a well-known brand and great reviews from professionals. 

Amazingly, Statista reports that there are 4.6 billion active internet users globally. 

Also, there are more than 2 billion websites tackling competition in SEO rankings.

Serpstat Affiliate Program

Serpstat’s affiliate program presents a great prospect to make money while advertising its SEO platform! 

It offers high commissions and easy-to-use tools to max out your earnings. This makes it stand out from other SEO affiliate programs.

Up to 30% commission, a range of promotional materials, and real-time tracking and reporting!

Are you passionate about SEO? Serpstat’s affiliate program is your golden ticket to making big money! 

The intuitive dashboard gives fast access to all the info you need, letting you maximize your income.

Pro tip: Emphasize the advantages of Serpstat, like their in-depth keyword analysis and competitor research tools, to bring in more customers and boost your commissions.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways affiliate program is a great choice for marketers. 

It offers different payouts – pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, and hybrid commission structures. 

It’s easy to track performance with personalized links and a detailed dashboard. 

Plus, there are lots of helpful materials and resources. Earnings can be substantial. One standout feature is the unlimited cookie period. 

Sales from a customer who clicked on an affiliate’s link will result in a commission, no matter when the sale was made. 

This offers the potential for a continuous income stream from referrals.

John is a successful e-commerce entrepreneur who credits much of his success to Cloudways. 

He integrated his website with Cloudways hosting services using the API and one-click hosting solution. 

This made it easy for him to grow his business and also earn commissions through referrals.

GeneratePress Affiliate Program

GeneratePress offers an SEO affiliate program. Earn commissions by promoting the GeneratePress premium WordPress theme! 

Access a range of marketing materials, including banners, links, and text-based creatives. 

Plus, a dedicated affiliate support team to help you out.

Earn up to 35% commission on each sale. Plus, a 30-day cookie policy and timely payouts via PayPal

Advanced tracking capabilities to monitor your performance. Sign up for the program and get instant access to clicks, leads, and sales statistics.

Pro Tip: Use your network of followers to promote the product. 

It’s fast, lightweight, and customizable – put those features front and center in your promotions. 

Increase your earnings from the GeneratePress affiliate program!

RankMath Affiliate Program

RankMath is an SEO plugin that has a solution to optimize websites. Affiliates have the chance to make money by promoting the tool. 

It’s user-friendly and cost-effective, making it a great choice for webmasters and marketers.

Affiliates get materials like banners, links, and graphics to customize their website. Plus, they can track their referrals and earnings in real time.

Unique features make RankMath stand out from its competitors. Such as Google Schema Markup Integration, Keyword Ranking Checker, & Content Analysis Tool.

Its program has no minimum payout and pays a 30% commission on each sale made from the link.

600k websites trust RankMath and it’s growing quickly. 

Affiliating with such a popular brand can be profitable for marketers in the SEO niche.

Authority Hacker Affiliate Program

This renowned program offers a chance to get revenue by promoting its services. 

The Authority site system provides users with training on building profitable websites. 

Commission rates are competitive and the cookie duration is long for affiliates to get commissions from referrals.

The program puts emphasis on education and giving online entrepreneurs actionable strategies instead of just selling software or tools. 

Their support team assists those in digital marketing to expand their online business. 

Through the flagship courses and diversified product portfolio, this platform is known as one of the best SEO affiliate programs.

It has a two-tiered commission structure that lets affiliates gain income by referring other affiliates. 

5000 students and reviews on Trustpilot and Reddit make this program stand out.

Forbes states Affiliate marketing expenses will go beyond $8 billion by 2022. 

Budding entrepreneurs should select reliable programs like Authority Hacker Affiliate Program with assured returns.

Final Thoughts

Time to review the main points of the affiliate programs. Number one, pick a program based on your business and the people you want to reach.

Two, promote products that fit your brand. And three, use the web plus great strategies to get visitors and bring in money. Consider these things when deciding if an Affiliate Program is for you.

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