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You will not regret joining the Tunnelbear affiliate program.

Because its future looks promising.

I like looking at statistics.

The VPN industry has huge market potential; it is projected to reach about $77 billion by 2026.

It is really a lucrative industry, right?

Tunnelbear is part of this promising industry.

The high market potential is evident when you look at its commission rate.

You will get 50% of the money for each product sold.

If you want your own share of the money spent on VPN, then let’s look at the scheme in depth.

Program Overview

A Synopsis Of The Program

tunnelbear logo

You will learn more about how the TunnelBear scheme works—qualifications, payments, and much more.

Commission Rate: 50%

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Minimum Payout Threshold: No minimums

Payment Options: Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer

Platform: Commission Junction

Market: Global

Want to join now? Well, here is the link.

Does TunnelBear Have an Affiliate Program?

tunnelbear home page

Yes, TunnelBear does have an affiliate program in the VPN niche.

It is available on the CJ affiliate network.

Apply to become a publisher on the CJ affiliate network.

You will be paid up to a 50% commission on sales generated through your affiliate links.

It offers one of the longest cookie durations in the industry.

The cookie lasts for 45 days.

What Is the Tunnelbear Affiliate Program?

The TunnelBear affiliate program is a partnership that pays affiliates who promote the brand through affiliate links.

This scheme is open to everyone who has a blog, website, or social media followers and loves VPNs.

Secrets To Success!

Craft unique articles – blog posts that solve the problems of your readers.

Use appropriate keywords and phrases related to VPN and Tunnelbear in your content to attract organic traffic.

Make sure to optimize your content for search engines to increase visibility—place keywords in the title, alt, and more.

How does the Tunnelbear affiliate program work?

It is simple. You just need to take a few steps.

Visit the CJ affiliate network and apply to become a publisher.

Then sign up for the affiliate program.

Once approved, you will have access to different marketing resources in the affiliate dashboard.

Grab the affiliate links and incorporate them into your content.

When readers click on the affiliate links, they are directed to the products on the Tunnelbear website.

If they make a purchase, you are paid a 50% commission on the sale.

The cookie lasts for 45 days.

So you will still earn a commission on any sale that is made within 45 days, even if the customer does not make the purchase immediately.

Is the affiliate program free to join?

Yes, it is free to join.

It does not require any initial investment.

Signing up is 100% free of charge.

This program is open to all bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers who love talking about online security and privacy.

Of course, traffic is needed to make money in this business.

When you start making money, you will get paid your commission every month through the CJ affiliate network.

There is no minimum payout.

So you will get paid your commission even if you earn only $10 in that particular month.

What Products Can You Promote?

VPN software and apps: Affiliates can promote the software and its apps.

The apps operate on different platforms.

Take, for example, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Privacy and security products: Privacy and security products are tools that protect your personal information and online activities from hackers.

Users have access to different tools.

For example, a password manager stores users’ passwords for online accounts.

Safe Public Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi networks are not secure.

Hackers can easily access users’ information.

This VPN protects users when using public Wi-Fi networks.

The VPN protects user’s online security and privacy.

It encrypts your data.

So hackers can’t steal it.

Stress the importance of using VPNs to your readers.

Access to blocked areas: This VPN service allows users to access services that are blocked in their regions.

It hides the user’s IP address and makes them appear as though they are browsing from the region.

These are some of the products and services that you can promote to your readers.

How Much Do Tunnelbear Affiliates Make?

This is a performance-based scheme.

Affiliates will make different amounts depending on their marketing efforts.

Some affiliates earn between $100 and $500 a month, while top-performing affiliates earn as much as $10,000 in one month.

Well, this scheme has a commission structure.

What are the commission rates?

The scheme has a commission structure of 50%.

So you will earn 50% of the revenue generated from each sale that you refer.

This is an attractive commission rate.

Thus you can earn a lot of money if promote the brand’s products and services over time.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie duration is 45 days.

It is one of the longest cookie lives in the niche. 

So if a reader clicks on your link and makes a purchase within this period, you will earn a commission.

This long cookie window gives you a chance to earn money on the sales you generate.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid From Tunnelbear?

Affiliates are paid every month, on the 20th of the month.

They get paid through check, direct deposit, and Payoneer.

These earnings are usually for the previous month.

Check: They receive a check in their mail every month. 

Direct deposit: Earnings are deposited directly into their accounts every month.

Payoneer: Money is deposited into their Payoneer accounts every month.

No minimum payout: There is no minimum payout threshold.

You can withdraw even $10.

Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools

Banners: The banners are usually eye-catching.

They are in different sizes.

They are usually placed in strategic areas of a blog, like a sidebar.

Text links: Text links are great when it comes to promoting products.

They are hyperlinks that contain the URL of the page where the affiliate products are.

When clicked, they direct the reader to the product page.

Coupons and discounts: Coupons and discounts are used as incentives in affiliate marketing.

They encourage readers to make a purchase.

When the brand offers discounts, encourage your readers to purchase the product.

With coupons and discounts, affiliates can increase their sales.

Who Should Join the Tunnelbear Affiliate Program?

Tech bloggers: Tech bloggers already have an audience.

So they can join the scheme to start promoting the products of the brand.

Simply write informational posts and reviews of this VPN service provider and publish them on your blog.

Social media influencers: Social media influencers can take advantage of their followers to make money with the program.

If your followers are interested in online security and privacy, show them how this VPN can improve their online experience.

Digital marketers: Digital marketers already know how to promote affiliate products.

If you are a digital marketer, use your skills to promote the brand to your clients.

Travel bloggers: This VPN offers online security and privacy to travelers who use public Wi-Fi networks.

So promote it to your readers to ensure that their personal information is secure online.

Tech reviewers: Tech reviewers can also join this scheme.

Write a comprehensive review of the VPN service.

Highlight its features, pros, and cons for your readers.

Youtubers: If you are a YouTuber who writes content about software or VPNs, then this is the program for you.

Create videos about the brand and share them with your viewers on your channel.

Is Tunnelbear Affiliate Program Worth It?

This affiliate program is great.

It offers a high commission rate of 50% with a long cookie duration of 45 days.

Affiliates have the potential to make a lot of money on each sale they generate, even if the customer does not purchase immediately after clicking your affiliate link.

However, it has its own pros and cons.


High commission rate: The brand offers a commission rate of 50%.

This is one of the highest commission rates in this niche.

So you have the potential to earn a lot of money on each sale you generate.

Long cookie life: The brand cookie life is 45 days.

This is longer than the cookie life of most VPN affiliate programs.

Thus, you have a higher chance of earning commission even if the customer does not buy the products immediately after clicking on your affiliate links.

Dedicated affiliate support: Both new and old affiliates need technical help.

The dedicated support team addresses the concerns and questions of affiliates.

No minimums: This scheme does not have a minimum payout threshold.

So you can get paid even if you only make a few dollars.

For example, $10

High conversions: Tunnelbear has a high conversion rate.

Hence, many people who click on your links are likely to make a purchase.

Therefore, you have the potential to make a lot of money.


Competitive niche: There are many VPN companies that offer affiliate programs, and some of them offer higher commission rates.

So it is difficult to stand out from others.

Conclusion: Is Tunnelbear affiliate program worth it?

Yes, it is worth it.

The program offers a high commission rate of 50% and a long cookie life of 45 days.

You can make a lot of money even in this competitive niche.

Just promote the brand’s products and services consistently.

How To Join the Program

  • Visit the site affiliate program page
  • Click on the “Become an affiliate bear” button
  • Fill out the application
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Submit your application
  • Wait for review by the affiliate team

Requirements to join the affiliate scheme

This program does not state the specific requirements for the type of platform you must have.

However, you must have traffic that is interested in VPNs, online privacy, or security.

If you have traffic that is interested in one of these categories, then you can join the affiliate program right away.

Does Tunnelbear Support Affiliates?

Yes, Tunnelbear does support affiliates.

There is a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

They help affiliates develop a marketing strategy, create promotional content, and troubleshoot any problems they may face.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

Create good content. Content is the lifeblood of affiliate marketing.

So it should be informative and solve the problems of your readers.

You would do well to optimize the content for search engines.

This increases its likelihood of appearing in search results.

Use SEO. SEO gets more organic traffic to your website.

So you are likely to generate more sales.

Email marketing. Email marketing is another great way to promote links.

You can send out newsletters, product reviews, and other promotional content to subscribers in your email list.

Social media promotion. Promote your affiliate links in your social media posts.

Disclose that you are an affiliate to your followers.

Disclosure. Disclose your relationship with the company whose products you are promoting to your readers.

It simply involves stating that you earn a commission if they click on your affiliate link and make a purchase.

Consistency. Success does not come overnight.

It takes time.

It is a gradual process.

So you need to exercise patience.

After a reasonable period of hard work, you will surely see results.

Alternatives To the Tunnelbear Affiliate Program

Some top alternatives you can consider are:

Nordvpn affiliate program 

Nordvpn offers great features: strong encryption, a no-logging policy, and more.

The Nordvpn affiliate program pays affiliates a commission of up to 100% on monthly sales and 40% on the other plans.

Plus, there is a 30-day cookie duration, while the recurring commission is 30%.

Surfshark affiliate program 

Surfshark has features like wire guard support, multihop, and more.

With the Surfshark affiliate program, you will earn a 40% commission and a cookie duration of 30 days.

ProtonVPN affiliate program

ProtonVPN offers a high-speed internet connection.

Its speed is unbeatable.

The ProtonVPN affiliate program offers commissions ranging from 40% to 100% on every sale and a cookie life of 30 days.

PrivateVPN affiliate program 

PrivateVPN makes it possible for users to access content that is blocked.

The PrivateVPN affiliate program offers a commission rate of 30% and a cookie duration of 60 days.

The minimum payout threshold is $100 in commissions.

PureVPN affiliate program 

PureVPN can be used on Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, Chrome, Firefox, Linux, and more.

It gives you access to features like multi-login and multi-tunneling.

The PureVPN affiliate program pays affiliates up to 100% commission on monthly plans and 40% on other plans.

The cookie’s life is 90 days.

CyberGhost affiliate program 

If you are looking for a lucrative VPN affiliate program to join, then CyberGhost is the best option.

With the CyberGhost affiliate program, you will earn 100% commission on all first sales.

The scheme has a long cookie duration.

Its cookie life lasts for 45 days.

IPVanish affiliate program

IPVanish offers a lucrative affiliate scheme.

So the IPVanish affiliate program is also great, just like the other VPN affiliate programs I have written about.

The scheme offers a high commission rate.

Talking about the cookie duration, it is really long.

The commission rate is 50% per sale, while the cookie life lasts for 45 days.

Final Thoughts

The Tunnelbear affiliate scheme is a lucrative scheme.

The commission rate is high—100% on first sales.

Its cookie duration is 45 days, which is really long.

It is easy to understand why it is highly profitable.

Statistics show that the industry is projected to hit $77 billion by 2026.

Honestly speaking, there is high-profit potential in the industry.

So get your own share by joining this affiliate scheme.

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