Weight Loss Affiliate Programs: Pros, Cons And More

Written by Beatious Kahale

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Want to promote weight-loss affiliate programs to help your audience lose weight?

The weight-loss industry is lucrative.

This is not an unsubstantiated claim; there is evidence to support the claim.

The weight loss and weight management market is estimated to reach US$ 405.4 billion by 2030.

Report AttributeDetails
Market Size in 2021USD 224.27 Billion
Projected Market Size in 2030USD 405.4 Billion
CAGR Growth Rate6.84% CAGR
Base Year2021
Forecast Years2022-2030
Key Market PlayersEthicon Inc., Nutrisystem Ltd., Covidien plc., Johnson Health Tech, Kellogg Company, Apollo Endosurgery, and others.
Key SegmentBy Diet, Service, and Region
Major Regions CoveredNorth America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East &, Africa
Purchase OptionsRequest customized purchase options to meet your research needs.

Well, this is a massive market!

Overweight is a major problem in our time.

So people are looking for solutions to this problem.

I hope your audience will like and enjoy the solutions offered by the problems.

Promoting weight loss through affiliate programs can lead to significant income.

In this article, you will discover the best weight-loss affiliate programs that offer high commission rates.

Top Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Weight Watchers: An Oldie but a Goodie

Weight Watchers website homepage

Weight Watchers abbreviated WW, was founded in 1963 by Jean Ddetch. 

It was designed because of her predicament.

Jean Nidetch struggled with weight loss throughout her life.

She formed a group with friends to help them reach their weight-loss goals.

This small group became a highly successful Weight Watchers program.

Thus, by the 1970s, Weight Watchers had gained widespread popularity and had become a household name.

Weight Watchers has survived the fads and remained a trusted name in weight loss.

I learned that the program revolves around a point system for meals, aiming for a weekly loss of 1-2 pounds.

The social element of meetings adds value to the program.

Weight Watchers affiliate program is run through the Impact Radius affiliate network.

Affiliates get paid up to $10 for each subscription made through their links.

Its cookie window is 14 days.

URL: Weight Watchers affiliate program 

Commission rate: $10 per sale 

EPC: $71.06 

Cookie duration: 14 days

Network: Impact

Payment methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check

Weight Loss Evolved: Science-based Approach

Weight loss evolved home page

Weight Loss Evolved founders believe that weight loss is not magic but a science.

I think they are right, don’t you think so?

The program was created by renowned physicians and perfected for 10 years in a Colorado clinic.

I discovered that the program involves exercises and meal prep guides.

Do you know how long the program takes to yield results?

This program yields positive results in only 14 weeks.

What is more interesting is the fact that the founders promise that users lose weight quickly, healthily, and sustainably.

Overweight is a global problem today. 

I’m sure your audience will be interested in this program.

The program pays a 30% commission, which is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the weight loss industry.

Interestingly, the Weight Loss Evolved affiliate program gives a lifetime cookie.

URL: Weight Loss Evolved 

Commission: 30% 

Cookie duration: Lifetime

Eat Sleep Burn: Weight Loss While You Sleep

Eat Sleep Burn website homepage

Many people think that people can only lose weight through exercise.

Until now, I also thought the same.

I hope you also think the same, did you think the same?.

However, Eat Sleep Burn shows that poor sleep habits also contribute to weight gain.

With a well-planned strategy, Eat Sleep Burn tells us that we can lose weight while asleep.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, this is true scientifically.

Eat Sleep Burn appeals to those who want to lose weight effortlessly. 

The program promotes fat burning during sleep. 

The Eat Sleep Burn affiliate program pays affiliates an average payout per sale of $50.66.

URL: Eat Sleep Burn 

Commission: $50.66 

Cookie duration: 60 days

Bluefin Fitness: Gym-quality Workouts at Home

Bluefin Fitness website homepage

Bluefin Fitness believes the gym is the ideal place for losing weight.

I think you know how time-consuming it is to have workouts at a gym.

It’s time time-consuming especially if you have many productive ventures to pursue.

It seems that Bluefin Fitness had this challenge in mind when they decided to bring the gym experience into the comfort of your home.

Bluefin Fitness wanted to address the challenges. 

The company sells high-quality gym equipment.

With a gym at home, you will work towards your weight loss goals. 

Honestly speaking, the gym comes with several benefits.

Bluefin Fitness not only offers a solution to the time constraints associated with traditional gyms but also ensures the quality of the equipment.

Promoting this equipment will earn a 10% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link. 

It’s an opportunity for an effective fitness solution while earning a commission for your efforts.

URL: Bluefin Fitness 

Commission rate: 10% 

Cookie duration: 60 days

Mayo Clinic Diet: Trusted Medical Advice

Mayo Clinic website homepage

The Mayo Clinic is an effective weight management program.

This program focuses on changing the lifestyle to build new, healthy habits and replace the unhealthy old ones gradually.

The Mayo Diet clinic is a respected source for healthcare and health education. 

This program is medically proven for safe and consistent weight loss. 

The Mayo Clinic Diet affiliate program offers affiliates up to $50 per subscription while the cookie lasts for 30 days.

The Mayo Diet Clinic is run through the Rakuten Linkshare affiliate network.

URL: Mayo Clinic Diet 

Commission rate: Up to $50 

Cookie duration: 30 days

South Beach Diet: No-fuss Keto-friendly Meals

South Beach Diet website home page

The South Beach Diet delivers Keto-friendly meals to your door, without the hassle of preparing healthy meals. 

The South Beach Diet is designed for people who want to lose weight but are struggling because of their unhealthy eating habits.

South Beach Diet delivers Keto meals to their users’ doors so that there is no excuse for not having time to cook and resorting to takeout. 

It is an interesting program. 

Your audience will choose a plan that suits them, and South Beach takes care of the rest.

Beach claims that followers of this program experience a 7-pound weight loss in the first week. 

As an affiliate, you earn a 5% commission on all sales, with $13 for the ‘Silver Plan’ and $16 for the ‘Platinum Plan.’ 

The program has a 10-day cookie duration, one of the shortest among similar weight loss affiliate programs I have reviewed so far.

URL: South Beach Diet 

Commission rate: 5% 

Cookie duration: 10 days

Medifast: Nutritious Meals Delivered

Medifast website home page

Many people aren’t aware of how unhealthy their eating habits are.

Shockingly, some individuals prepare meals that lack nutritional value and are rich in fat.

Medifast delivers balanced meals directly to followers. 

Medifast delivers portion and calorie-controlled meals to customers. 

They also provide healthy snacks and gluten-free meal options.

The Medifast affiliate program offers a 20% commission on all sales made through affiliate links.

I’m sure this is the most lucrative affiliate program I have reviewed so far.

This program offers a 3% commission for orders from existing customers. 

So you will get paid for your sweat multiple times.

URL: Medifast affiliate program 

Commission rate: Up to 20% 

EPC: $128.59 

Cookie duration: 7 days

Noom: Breaking the Yo-yo Dieting Cycle

Noom website home page

Noom helps users develop better habits to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. 

They focus on weight loss and a healthier lifestyle without giving away too much.

Noom controls lifestyle habits through its app, acting like a constant companion for weight loss and nutrition.

The Noom affiliate program pays affiliates up to $15 per referral.

However, if your performance will stand out, you will get a higher commission.

URL: Noom affiliate program 

Commission rate: $15 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Diet Direct: Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions

Diet Direct website home page

Diet Direct offers high-protein foods, shakes, bars, and weight-loss supplements. 

This company provides tasty weight-loss-inducing snacks and meal plans. 

They even offer supplements for a quick and easy way to shed extra pounds. 

But what caught my attention was their emphasis on meal delivery. 

Subscribers can choose a 4, 8, or 12-week plan, receiving delicious and healthy food at their doorstep every day.

Promote Diet Direct products.

When people subscribe through your links, you earn commissions. 

Diet Direct offers a 10% commission with a 30-day cookie window. 

Additionally, you get 5% off anything returning customers purchase.

It’s an excellent deal, isn’t it?

I’m sure your audience will like and enjoy the program.

URL: Diet Direct 

Commission rate: 10%

EPC: $65.57 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone: Expert-guided Keto Diet

Dr. Colbert's Keto Zone website homepage

Author and physician Dr. Don Colbert offers a range of “Keto Zone” weight loss supplements and products. 

The Doctor offers various “Keto Zone” weight loss supplements and products.

The keto diet emphasizes consuming fewer carbohydrates, essentially a low-carb diet with the common goal of weight loss.

The  “Keto Zone” weight loss supplements and products are very effective – he tested them on himself and his patients.

These products are incorporated into a user’s daily routine to keep them in the Keto zone.

The Keto Zone is the point where your body’s cells shift from using glucose (sugar) as their main fuel source to relying on ketones and fat.

Well, it is an interesting program that the audience will love.

The Keto Zone affiliate program pays affiliates up to 10% commission.

Its cookie window is 60 days.

URL: Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet 

Commission rate: 10% 

EPC: $105.70 

Cookie duration: 60 days

Bistro MD: Delicious Diet Food

Bistro MD website home page

What comes to your mind when you hear of a weight loss program?

Many think that they will be subjected to a tasteless diet.

However, this is not true with Bistro MD.

I’m talking about meals designed by a doctor.

They ensure that the meals have the right balance of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and nutrients.

Bistro MD provides balanced, tasty meals designed by a doctor. 

It is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the industry.

Affiliates earn up to $45 per sale while its cookie window is 45 days.

URL: BistroMD 

Commission rate: $45 per sale 

EPC: $86.91 

Cookie duration: 45 days

ACE Fitness: Empowering Fitness Professionals

ACE Fitness website home page

ACE Fitness offers certifications for aspiring exercise professionals and health coaches. 

ACE Fitness wants to increase the number of professionals who can assist others in losing weight. 

They offer certifications for individuals who want to enter the weight loss industry.

What caught my attention is the fact that they have been able to help 35 million people lose weight.


I think you can learn something from these figures.

The lesson is crystal clear, the program is effective.

The ACE Fitness affiliate program pays affiliates a 7% commission on course sign-ups.

Its cookie window is 90 days.

URL: ACE Fitness 

Commission rate: 7% 

Cookie duration: 90 days

Dirobi: A hub of natural Products

Dirobi website home page

Dirobi offers weight-loss and digestive health supplements. 

These supplements are liked by people looking for natural and practical ways to improve their health.

They offer supplements for weight loss, muscle growth, energy boosts, and stress relief. 

Its Trim and Tone package features three weight-loss capsules.

The Dirob affiliate program offers a 20% commission rate per sale and a 60-day cookie duration.

URL: Dirob affiliate program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie duration: 60 days

Previnex: Elevate Your Wellness, Embrace Your Best Self

Previnex website homepage

Previnex is a weight loss solution. 

The followers say the program is effective.

Participants in the program claim to lose 2-5 pounds per week while guided by a personal health coach.

Their supplements are backed by scientific research and clinical trials.

The Previnex affiliate program is run through the Shareasale affiliate network.

Affiliates in the program earn a generous 20% commission rate and typically earn around $70 for each person who clicks on their affiliate link.

Its cookie duration is 30 days.

URL: Previnex affiliate program

Commission: 20% 

Cookie duration: 30 days

Designer Wellness: Fuels Your Active Lifestyle, Nourishes Your Journey

Designer Wellness website homepage

Designer Wellness has been a big player in sports and active nutrition since 1993.

It offers many protein supplements – collagen powder and egg yolk + white protein powder. 

I was impressed to learn that they are rated 100% plant-based protein powders and 100% whey protein powders.

These proteins are created to help with fitness, performance, and weight control. 

The Designer Wellness affiliate program is managed through the ShareASale affiliate program.

This program offers 10% – 15% commission and its cookie duration is 90 days.

URL: Designer Wellness affiliate program

Commission rate: 10% – 15% commission

Cookie duration: 90 days

Payment methods: PayPal or Check

Products/services: Weight loss and wellness programs, supplements

Network: ShareASale

Final Thoughts

Weight loss affiliate programs are lucrative partnerships.

Therefore, with the right weight loss affiliate programs, you will tap into the enormous weight loss market which can be a game-changer. 

The weight loss industry has plenty of high-performance programs that can generate substantial revenue.

Want to start promoting weight loss programs?

Start promoting weight loss programs and earn money.

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