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What Is Acorns Affiliate Program?

Ready to monetize your platform? Join the Acorns affiliate program! This program is ideal for bloggers, influencers, and website owners.

You can create personalized links and banners to promote Acorn’s financial management services and earn commissions on any new customers you refer who sign up and use Acorn’s services.

Plus, there are no fees or minimum sales requirements. You’ll also have access to special offers and bonuses to incentivize your audience further. 

Real-time tracking and detailed reporting will help you analyze success metrics over time.

Don’t miss out! Join the affiliate program today!

How To Join Acorns Affiliate Program?

Ready to become an Acorns affiliate? Just follow these five steps!

  1. Visit the Acorns website and click ‘Affiliate Program’ at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click ‘Join Now’ and fill out your info.
  3. Wait for the Acorns team to review and approve your application.
  4. Log in to your new affiliate account and start promoting their products with your unique referral link.
  5. Reap the rewards of your successful referrals and enjoy earning commissions!

Plus, Acorns offers various marketing tools like custom banners, email templates, and text links.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to help others invest in their future and earn money at the same time! 

Join now and start promoting today.

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What Products Can You Promote?

The program offers a range of investment products for affiliates to promote. 

Such as:

  • Acorns Invest – a long-term wealth-building app.
  • Acorns Later – a retirement account.
  • Acorns Spend – a checking account with no extra fees.
  • Acorns Early – a custodial account for young investors.
  • Found Money – a program with cash-back rewards from 300+ brands.

Plus, users get access to financial education and personalized strategies.

Pro Tip: To boost conversions, create content on how Acorns’ products can help achieve financial goals like buying a home or paying off debt.

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Commission Rate

Acorns rewards affiliates with a commission for driving sales through their exclusive referral link. 

Commission rates vary based on the affiliate’s contribution to sales goals. 

The more business you generate, the higher your commission rates get.

No limits on earnings potential give an opportunity to make unlimited earnings that can boost income. 

Besides earning commissions, the affiliate program offers dedicated support and access to data reports and performance-tracking tools.

Join the affiliate program and monetize digital traffic without spending resources or delivering products. 

Get started today and boost financial wealth while helping others. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

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Cookie Duration

This program offers a 90-day cookie duration. This is longer than most programs which typically offer a 30-day window. 

This extended time increases the chances of conversions and more potential earnings.

If someone clears their cookies or clicks another affiliate’s link within 90 days, the commission goes to that new affiliate. 

But, the first referrer still gets clickstream attribution in most cases.

One Acorns affiliate made a lot of money by promoting Acorns. 

They placed links and content across multiple platforms. This strategy created consistent conversions and commissions over time.

What Promotional Materials Are Available?

Acorns affiliate program provides a wealth of promotional materials to help affiliates in their marketing efforts. 

Such materials include:

  • Banners and logos
  • Text links and emails
  • Social media creatives

They come in various sizes, formats, and languages, and can be accessed through the Acorns Affiliate Dashboard. 

Plus, affiliates can track their performance in real time.

Moreover, high-performing affiliates have access to exclusive offers and custom landing pages to incentivize them to earn more commissions.

Interestingly, the program’s most successful affiliate is Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank. 

He is an equity investor and brand ambassador and has attracted a dedicated following of investment enthusiasts on his social media channels. 

Investing alongside such renowned personalities is a unique advantage of the affiliate program.


The affiliate program has lots of benefits! A few of them include:

  • The great commission – Earn $5 to $10 for each successful referral.
  • Attractive offers – Promotions and discounts help increase conversions.
  • Tools & resources – Banners, links, logos, and landing pages make integration easy.

Plus, Acorns has a great rep for prompt payouts, good customer service, and an easy-to-use platform. 

You can even negotiate individual deals for high-performing publishers! To get the most out of this program, promote the brand’s values through original content. 

Pro tip: Try creating product reviews in video format. Videos can drive lots of traffic!


The program has its drawbacks.

  • Pay rates are low compared to other platforms.
  • Terms and conditions are strict, making it hard to promote.
  • Promotion materials are limited.
  • Only available in a few countries.
  • Slow response time from the support team.

Be aware, this unique service may only be appealing to a certain demographic. However, Forbes valued Acorns at $860 million in June 2021.

Who Should Join Acorns Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a great way to make money from your website, social media, or blog. 

It’s designed to reward those who can get people to visit and purchase from their platform.

Reasons to join the program:

  • It’s perfect for those with a finance, investment, or personal development website/blog.
  • For affiliates with an audience interested in investing, saving, and budgeting, there’s a great chance of earning good commissions.
  • They don’t accept affiliates who use a coupon or deal sites, as they have strict rules against this.

Acorns has an attractive commission structure, plus they have useful marketing tools to help promote the platform and make things easier for affiliates.

Pro Tip: To get more clicks on your affiliate links, consider creating content that promotes Acorns’ investment strategies. 

This could boost your conversions and commissions.

How To Maximize Your Earnings

Maximizing earnings with the affiliate program?

Here are 5 ways to do it!

  1. Create content that drives traffic to Acorns.
  2. Utilize social media to reach out to potential customers.
  3. Offer incentives like discounts and cashback.
  4. Write reviews and tutorials about the app.
  5. Track analytics and adjust accordingly.

Understand the program’s commission structure and rules. Take advantage of Acorns resources like the affiliate center for guidance.

Importantly, be authentic and transparent with your audience. Share honest experiences with the app to build trust.

For example, a blogger once shared their experience using Acorns for a year. 

They grew their investments without much effort due to the app’s automated features. 

By sharing this success story, they encouraged readers to try out the program.

Requirements To Join Acorns Affiliate Program

Wanna join the affiliate program? Check out these criteria to be eligible:

  • Have a working website, blog, or YouTube channel.
  • Content must match Acorns’ vision and mission.
  • The audience must be in the finance sector.

If you meet these requirements, apply for the program through its official website. 

Promotional materials like banners and links will be given to successful applicants.

Acorns is a well-known investment platform with over 9 million individual accounts.

Key Takeaways

The affiliate program has many benefits! Here’s what to look out for:

  • Earning potential with high commission rates and no earnings caps.
  • Tools & resources, including marketing materials & tracking analytics.
  • Flexibility to promote Acorns through email, social media, & more.

Plus, you can earn commissions in different tiers depending on who you refer to. 

To maximize earnings, target high net-worth individuals who can use premium features.

Pro Tip: Partner with businesses/website owners whose audiences align with Acorns’ target market for the best results.

8 Best Alternatives To Acorns Affiliate Program

Need an extra affiliate program? We’ve got 8! From high commission rates to unique product offerings, these programs can help you diversify your income.

The Stash affiliate program offers $10 per referral and many investment options. 

Betterment affiliate program has a 30% commission rate and personalized portfolios. 

Stockpile affiliate program has fractional shares of stocks and a 30-cent bonus per trade. 

Personal Capital affiliate program provides financial advisory services and a payout of $100 or more per qualified lead. 

Robinhood affiliate program and TD Ameritrade affiliate program are great for low-cost trading. 

Try them out and find one that’s right for you!

One user said they earned over $5,000 in four years with the Betterment program – proof that the best affiliate programs pay off!

Final Thoughts

The Acorns affiliate program is a great chance for publishers. Earn income through referrals of new users and investments! 

It’s easy to join and there are no fees.

You can customize your referral campaigns with website banners, text links, and email templates. 

The program operates on a revenue-sharing model, with a commission of $5 per referral. 

Plus, the commission increases with more net deposits by the referred user.

Pro Tip: Acorns is a hit with bloggers and financial product reviewers. 

Get familiar with investment strategies and products before signing up, to give your audience something valuable.

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