Like animals? Want more cash? Pet affiliate programs can help! 

Many people have pets and they’re looking for information on how to take good care of their pets.

So promoting a pet affiliate program is a great way to help them and the same time help them while you make money.

Not sure how to start? Read on for the info!

Launch your pet affiliate business now!

13 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

I understand that it is difficult to choose a great pet affiliate program. This is the reason we did the research on your behalf.

Choose what you think is the best pet affiliate program for you. Ready?

Here’s the list:

Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy’s partner program-bring joy to pet lovers’ lives.

The Chewy affiliate program is the perfect way for pet bloggers or influencers to earn commissions. 

It stands out from other pet affiliate programs, due to its diverse and niche features.

  • High commission rates
  • A wide selection of pet products
  • Tools and links to promote products effectively
  • 24/7 support team to answer queries
  • Dashboard with detailed reports
  • Bonus opportunities like exclusive offers.

Plus, the Chewy affiliate program gives members the freedom to work at their own pace, without any contracts or quotas.

Chewy’s Beginnings- A Journey to Revolutionize the Pet Industry

Do you know Chewy’s backstory? In 2011, Ryan Cohen, who had to move away from home for work, realized how difficult it was to find quality pet products online. 

The only reliable e-commerce store at that time was Big Apple Pet Supply. 

So, he decided to set up an online platform where everyone could buy premium pet products. 

Fast forward to 2018, PetSmart acquired Chewy for $3.35 billion!

Petco Supplies Affiliate Program

Join Petco’s affiliate program and get access to a wide range of pet products, including food, toys, grooming essentials, and more. 

Earn a commission of up to 8% on every sale made through your unique tracking link or coupon code. 

Plus, there are exclusive deals and promotions!

Utilize easy-to-use tools and resources, such as links, banners, and product feeds, to promote Petco’s products on your website or blog. 

Pro Tip: Promote specific products to increase the chances of making more sales.

Ollie Affiliate Program

Ollie’s Pet Affiliate offering is a prime program in the market, providing experienced guidance on pet nutrition. 

With its dependable service and quality items, it lets affiliates gain high commissions by recommending its food supplies.

Choose from diverse commission structures to pick your preferred setup. Get weekly newsletters for promotions and sale events. 

Plus, you get personalized affiliate dashboards for ease of navigation and data analysis.

Not only is Ollie a health-conscious brand that cares about pets’ well-being, but it also provides high-grade support to its affiliates – making the experience effortless and profitable.

If you’re looking to expand your reach and promote a conscious brand devoted to healthy pet food options, then the Ollie affiliate program could be ideal. 

To make the most out of it, try creating worthwhile content around its products or posting about them on social media accounts.

These tactics work well since more and more people today are aware of their pets’ health and wellness. 

So join forces with Ollie – the vendor of ethical & healthy pet food meals!

Pet Plate Affiliate Program

Pet Plate offers an affiliate program for pet lovers. They can get rewards like a 60-day cookie duration and special deals for followers. 

This program gives pet bloggers and influencers a way to make extra money and suggest a great product to their audience.

Members get support from the Pet Plate team. This means they can get advice about promotion tactics and strategies to raise conversion rates. 

They can focus on creating content while having expert help when needed.

Affiliates can increase their Pet Plate promotion by partnering with other pet brands or writing reviews. 

This can show the compatibility between brands or the features and benefits of Pet Plate meals. 

This can help engage potential customers and make conversions more likely.

Holista Pet Affiliate Program

Holista offers an amazing affiliate program for pet owners. It focuses on natural ingredients in its products, providing pets with a healthy life. 

It offers great commission rates and provides affiliates with resources and assistance.

To make sure the products meet quality standards, Holista provides COAs (Certifications of Analysis). 

They also give customers coupon codes for discounts to increase sales.

If you want to make money from your pet website or blog, Holista Pet Affiliate Program is the way to go!

Pro Tip: Tell your story about how you use Holista products on your website and social media. That way, people will trust you and your products.

Petsmart Affiliate Program

The Petsmart affiliate program lets pet bloggers earn commissions. 

Through banners, text links, and product feeds, they can get up to 5% commission. Plus, access exclusive offers and deals.

The program also offers detailed reports to track performance, sales, and traffic, so affiliates can customize campaigns. 

It provides training and networking to help affiliates grow their businesses.

An awesome bonus: PetSmart e-gift cards have your furry friend’s face for the perfect present!

Pet Care Supplies Affiliate Program

Pet lovers can now make money by joining the affiliate program of a well-known online store that sells pet-care products. 

Here’s what you should know:

  • As an affiliate, you get a commission when somebody buys through your referral link.
  • The website has a wide range of pet-care items for cats, dogs, birds, and small animals.
  • A user-friendly dashboard is given to track your earnings and performance, making it simpler to adjust your marketing strategy.

It’s noteworthy that this program offers great earning potential while providing quality pet care items at competitive prices. 

Don’t miss out on this chance!

Pro Tip: To boost engagement with potential customers, share honest product reviews on social media, forums, and blogs.

Pet Pro Supply Co. Affiliate Program

Pet Pro Supply Co. offers affiliates the chance to make commissions by promoting their products. 

With a wide range of pet supplies, this program guarantees more money and website traffic. 

Plus, exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions help affiliates grow their customer base.

The online market for pet supplies is highly competitive. However, Pet Pro Supply Co. stands out, due to its top-notch quality control.

No matter the platform, Pet Pro Supply Co.’s affiliate program accepts them all – websites, social media pages, and blogs. 

No minimum traffic or follower requirement. Everyone gets a fair chance at earning. It’s among the best pet affiliate programs.

Last year, one affiliate, Brenda Johnson, made over $500 just by selling five kennels on her website. 

She was so pleased that she even recommended the products to her friends who owned pets.

Pet Pro Supply Co. offers income-generating options for marketers, with high-quality pet essentials and bonuses. 

Plus, they get to promote great products that every pet owner should have.

Whistle Affiliate Program

The Whistle is a trusty and creative pet tech firm that offers advanced GPS trackers for pets. 

Their Affiliate Program has immense possibilities to get commissions through referrals. 

As an affiliate, you can advertise their items on your website or social media platforms and receive a 10% commission on every sale made with your link or code. 

This program provides lots of advantages such as real-time tracking, activity monitoring, and custom safe zones. 

Join Whistle’s affiliate program now and become part of the booming pet tech industry!

Moreover, Whistle gives affiliates all kinds of marketing materials such as banners, text links, and creative assets to precisely promote the product. 

They have a committed team to assist with queries and offer support. 

Whistle guarantees to provide tailored commission rates with high conversion rates for affiliates to be successful in their marketing attempts.

Besides that, Whistle also offers recurring commissions up to 90 days of initial customers’ purchases.

This enables affiliates to generate a steady stream of passive income from referrals. 

With their cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service, they have positioned themselves as a top brand among the pet community.

As stated by a user: “I was dubious at first about using GPS trackers on my dog until I stumbled upon Whistle’s products. 

They have given me peace of mind knowing I can track my dog in real-time from anywhere.”

Taking part in the Whistle affiliate program can be a great chance for anyone looking to make money from their website.

Advertise top-notch pet tech products while giving aid to enhance pet owners’ lives.

Live Pee Free Affiliate Program

Do you want to make money with pet affiliate programs? Then, check out the Live Pee Free affiliate program

It provides pet owners a quick solution to odors and stains caused by pets. 

Here are 4 important points to know:

  • You get a 20% commission on each sale via your referral link
  • The program has a 45-day cookie duration
  • Live Pee Free provides pet-friendly products for cats and dogs
  • They give high-converting marketing materials to make sales easier

Plus, Live Pee Free offers outstanding customer service. They answer customer inquiries quickly and post informative tips in their blog section.

Did you know? According to Forbes magazine, more than half of all American households have at least one pet.

Embark Affiliate Program

Embark brings an awesome affiliate program for pet owners. 

Budding affiliates can use the platform’s innovative dog DNA kits, health screenings, and breed knowledge to get a commission by advertising it. 

The program offers a 20% commission alongside customized promo codes and features, helping affiliates to make sales and generate income.

The Embark affiliate program is special. It provides “breed identification” and “health screening” tools at a reasonable cost. 

Plus, it has features to keep customers, like newsletters with discount coupons and exclusive pet product launches.

Be a part of this program and make money ethically while providing pet owners with info on their furry friends’ genetic backgrounds and healthcare needs. 

People who use this program see their pups’ medical needs improve and understand their behavior better.

Embark’s commitment to top-quality dog DNA testing makes customers loyal. 

Partners with Embark get honest feedback and content ideas to benefit pet owners.

BarkBox Affiliate Program

The BarkBox affiliate program presents a great opportunity for pet influencers. It’s free and simple to join! 

Plus, you get a commission for each subscription you refer to. Also, they give you loads of marketing materials to choose from. 

Payment is made every month via PayPal or direct deposit. Additionally, a 30-day cookie duration ensures you get credit for purchases made after the initial referral. 

Plus, they offer exclusive promotions and giveaways for affiliates to give to their followers!

On top of that, the BarkBox affiliate program has a special feature. 

They have an in-house team that only helps partners succeed. 

They provide individualized support to help affiliates understand the best practices for promoting BarkBox. 

It can also optimize their earnings potential.

Pro Tip: To make the most of the BarkBox affiliate program, customize your marketing strategy. 

Showcase their unique products and benefits. 

Try different types of content like review videos or social media posts with customers enjoying their BarkBoxes.

Petplan Affiliate Program

Petplan offers an affiliate program for pet-centric enterprises. It provides access to tracking links and creative materials. 

This helps businesses promote quality pet insurance and gain commissions from sales. 

Petplan’s coverage includes no-limit meds and tests. This enables pet owners to get the care they need with a profitable partnership.

Other pet programs, such as, require bloggers to create content about the products or brands. 

They get paid based on clicks or purchases from their URLs. It’s one of the best pet affiliate programs.

A blogger shared that joining a pet-focused affiliate network gave them many monetization options and helped to boost their earnings.

Key Takeaways

Pet affiliate programs are amazing for those passionate about the pet industry. 

Here’s what you should know:

  • Affiliates can make commissions when they refer people to buy pet products online.
  • Work with a program to promote your pet products and brands. Get a commission in return!
  • Creative assets like banners, links, and codes will help you to market your campaigns.
  • The pet industry is booming – there are huge opportunities for affiliates!

Although it’s important to read the fine print before selecting a program. 

Think about product quality, commission rate, and customer support. 

Do your research to find a program that fits your interests. Don’t miss out on the incredible chance to join an affiliate program. 

Join now and take advantage of the great rewards!

Final Thoughts On Pet Affiliate Program

Pet affiliate programs can be a great way to make money for bloggers and influencers in the pet industry. 

By sharing product links, affiliates can earn a commission for each sale they are responsible for. 

This also helps build strong connections with readers by giving them reliable information about products. 

It is vital to choose companies and items that match your values and style.

For a successful partnership, effective marketing strategies should be used. 

Content should be interesting, social media should be utilized, and an engaged following should be built. 

Additionally, performance metrics should be checked regularly, to see what works best for the audience and then adjust accordingly.

The best thing about pet affiliate programs is the variety of products that can be promoted, like food, toys, bedding, grooming supplies, and veterinary services. 

This gives affiliates the opportunity to tailor their content to specific niches.

Many bloggers/influencers have had success with pet affiliate programs, such as,, and Amazon Associates

Ann Staub’s blog about dog ownership has over 16K Twitter followers as an example of success.

By partnering with a reliable company, you can make a sustainable income and help pets in America.

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