Do you want to make more money from your blog or website? You can do that by joining education affiliate programs!

People want to learn new skills. They are looking for courses that will improve their horizon.

So, promoting affiliate programs in the education niche is a great idea. You are assured of making money.

These programs reward you for sending visitors to the education website and helping them choose the right school or program. 

So, learn more about how these amazing programs work!

The Best Education Affiliate Programs

There are a host of education affiliate programs. So, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best program.

I have thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the 13 best affiliate programs in the education niche. 

So I have done the work for you, so you don’t have to research. Choose from the top list below.

Babbel Affiliate Program

Unlock your website’s potential and join Babbel’s program as a language learning affiliate partner! 

Get commission with every referral to Babbel – a trusted, innovative language learning platform used by millions. 

Personalized lessons and a wide variety of languages are the perfect solution for anyone learning a new language. 

Take this chance to grow your business and help others discover the joy of speaking different languages.

As an affiliate partner, you’ll get marketing materials and tracking tools to maximize earnings. 

Plus, commissions and bonuses depending on conversions. Integration into your site or app is easy – promoting Babbel is seamless.

Get dedicated help from Babbel’s experienced team. 

Optimize campaigns or ask questions about tracking and reporting – the experts are here to help you succeed.

Earn additional revenue and offer valuable resources to your audience. 

Sign up for Babbel’s affiliate program now and start benefiting!

Bionic Turtle Affiliate Program

Partner with Bionic Turtle to earn a commission on sales generated through your unique referral link. 

Promote their financial training courses through social media, blogs, and email marketing – no geographical location or industry type limits you! 

Plus, enjoy high conversion rates and great customer feedback.

On top of that, Bionic Turtle offers exclusive deals for their top-performing affiliates. 

Use their statistical tools to analyze data trends and optimize your campaigns.

Earn steady commissions and promote valuable educational resources. Join the Bionic Turtle affiliate program today!

Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera affiliate program is an awesome way to make money, and of the best affiliate programs.

It’s powered by Linkshare, and provides members with resources to help them increase sales and commissions. 

International bloggers, websites, and platforms can join to promote courses.

You can get up to 45% commission from new customers and 15% from returning customers. 

Plus, you get access to real-time analytics. This includes visitor demographics and referral sources. 

Why not join this program? You can work from anywhere with a good internet connection.

One user even earned $13,000 in 8 months. So, if you want to learn or earn, this program is for you!

BloomTech Affiliate Program

Need to make some extra cash? Join BloomTech’s affiliate program

Get access to marketing materials and an online dashboard to track performance. 

Receive a competitive commission rate of up to 20%. Get exclusive discounts and promotions. Plus, a dedicated team to support you.

BloomTech is a leader in edtech. They have cutting-edge solutions and a strong focus on innovation. 

Represent a respected brand with a loyal customer base. EdSurge listed them as one of the top edtech companies of 2021. 

They’re committed to improving student outcomes. With personalized learning and data-driven decision making.

Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy, a popular online learning platform, has an affiliate program that can help partners earn commission. 

Partners get up to 50% commission on sales via their unique link. 

Plus, there are marketing materials, such as banners and links, that can be customized. 

The cookie period is 7 days, so if customers purchase within that time, the partner gets the commission. 

Analytics and reporting track performance and optimize campaigns. 

Affiliates can promote any course across all categories, with no fees to join.

Udemy’s team provides support and guidance to affiliates. 

It’s an opportunity to generate income while helping people access high-quality courses. 

To maximize earning potential, focus on trending courses, target specific niches, and stay up-to-date with trends in online learning.

This program has the potential for significant income.

Hooked On Phonics Affiliate Program

Hooked on Phonics has a special affiliate program for those passionate about education. 

With it, you can earn generous commissions via your network and marketing skills. 

Plus, you get real-time performance tracking, exclusive promotions, and support from the team.

This program offers a range of educational resources. 

From ABCs to advanced reading, these tools are tailored to educators, parents, and students. 

Promote individual digital products, full curriculums, and earn money while helping kids learn.

Tip: Use social media to target age groups and interests related to education.

LinkedIn LearningAffiliate Program

Ready to monetize your content and promote relevant courses? 

With LinkedIn learningaffiliate program, you can! 

Get access to innovative tools for customized promotion, referral links with commission earnings, and real-time analytics.

Take advantage of this program’s unique features:

  • Generate revenue quickly by promoting authoritative education products.
  • Create promotional material tailored to your audience’s interests.
  • Easily promote niche-aligned courses via LinkedIn Publishing platform.

Analyze visitor metrics, such as clicks, conversions, and earnings, to track campaign effectiveness.

LinkedIn’s been a leader in education since 2015 when it launched 

When Microsoft Corporation acquired LinkedIn in 2018, it further improved its knowledge-based services.

Masterclass Affiliate Program

Partner with Masterclass now! Get commission for every sale you refer through your unique link. 

Promote courses taught by leading professionals in writing, cooking & music. 

Offer your audience an unparalleled educational experience. Earn income and help people learn lifelong skills. 

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Join the top name in online education today.

Pluralsight Affiliate Program

Pluralsight’s affiliate program offers fantastic commissions for promoting their interactive training courses. 

It’s perfect for individuals and enterprises looking to develop IT and creative skills. 

Special links, graphics, and banners are supplied for embedding onto websites, emails, or social media. 

Commissions depend on the subscription type. This makes the Pluralsight affiliate program stand out from other programs.

The program also provides custom product feeds, API’s, and real-time reporting tools for efficient monetization. 

Quickly join the network and start earning from the online courses.

Pluralsight is a leading cloud-based learning platform with a variety of IT programs. 

They help users gain new skills in software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Fun fact: As of 2021, Pluralsight has over 17,000 business customers worldwide!

Skillshare Affiliate Program

Skillshare’s affiliate program is a great opportunity for those passionate about promoting courses. 

It offers commissions ranging from 10-25% based on the plan a user chooses. Plus, it tracks conversions through cookies! 

This program is gaining more subscribers every day, allowing affiliates to earn recurring revenue. 

Forbes even identifies Skillshare as one of the top sites for learning creative skills online. 

It has over 26,000 classes taught by successful professionals worldwide!

Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable’s partnership program allows affiliates to make money by advertising online courses. 

Sign up for free and start earning – up to 30% commission per sale! Plus, there are exclusive discounts, content, and promotional materials. 

Payments are made via PayPal, and Teachable provides help with dedicated managers and a Facebook page. 

What’s unique? Partners gain recurring commissions if customers keep buying courses from the creator they promoted.

Pro Tip: Aim for top-notch courses that your audience will appreciate. 

Offering discounts and bonuses will boost conversions.

Thinkific Affiliate Program

The Thinkific affiliate program offers individuals an opportunity to earn commissions by promoting the platform’s services. 

Those enrolled can receive a 20% commission on paid course subscriptions for each successful referral. 

Plus, there’s a selection of promotional materials and resources to help affiliates make more money. 

Tracking is precise and payments are timely.

You also get access to a team of dedicated affiliate managers who provide personalized support and training. 

One user reported earning over $10,000 in just four months by promoting courses through their network.

Thinkific has an easy-to-use interface and a range of courses. 

It’s a popular choice amongst affiliates wishing to monetize their educational websites and social media.

Udacity Affiliate Program 

Earn commissions by promoting their courses and gain lifetime value rewards for referred students. 

With the program, you will have access to promotional materials, tracking tools, and a dedicated team.

Partner with a reputable brand that offers top-notch online learning courses in tech-related fields such as AI, machine learning and data science. 

Plus, you can join exclusive events to connect with Udacity educators and industry leaders. 

Learn more about current market trends and gain valuable knowledge while earning commissions. 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Udemy is one of the best affiliate programs.

Key Takeaways

Searching for the advantages of education affiliate programs? Here are some key points to consider:

  • Check the program’s credibility and reputability before joining.
  • Pick an affiliate that caters to your niche or target audience.
  • Market the products/services ethically and honestly.
  • Make quality content that displays the perks and features of the products/services.
  • Examine and analyze your performance regularly for better results.

To gain more success, create product demos, offer incentives and deals, and build a network with other affiliates. 

Don’t lose out on the chance to make passive income through education affiliate programs. 

Get started by investigating, selecting a program, and applying effective techniques. 

The earlier you begin, the bigger the potential for long-term success.

Final Thoughts

Education affiliate programs are a winning deal for both teachers and affiliates. 

They can promote all kinds of educational services and products. Affiliates can make money while helping others get better education. 

Moreover, they can boost visibility and bring more visitors through social media and well-thought-out marketing strategies.

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