Do you fancy making more money while lazing at home? The Coursera affiliate program is the answer! 

Why use Coursera? Scores of people the world over want to sharpen their skills. Education is in high demand.

Thus, the affiliate program is the best way to make money online for most people.

With this program, you can use your current online presence to earn extra cash.

To learn more about the amazing advantages of the affiliate program, keep on reading!

What Is Coursera Affiliate Program?

Coursera affiliate program lets people and organizations promote courses and get commissions for each sale made through their special link. 

By joining, affiliates can spread helpful educational content and get a commission. 

Plus, Coursera provides materials and support to help affiliates.

Affiliates can gain commissions from 20-45%, based on the course and the number of sales. 

The platform also offers real-time tracking of clicks, referrals, and earnings, so affiliates can keep track of and improve their strategies.

A special thing about the affiliate program is that it values quality over quantity. 

Affiliates are encouraged to promote courses that their audience likes and needs. 

This helps create a great experience for both affiliates and learners.

In 2018, Forbes reported that Coursera’s affiliate program helped the company grow and draw in learners from all over.

How To Join Coursera Affiliate Program

Become a member of the affiliate program! It’s easy – just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Access your affiliate dashboard.
  3. Browse available promotional materials.
  4. Start promoting!

You could earn a percentage-based commission. Plus, Coursera takes care of transactions, analytics, and support.

Coursera offers over 4,000 courses – from computer science to business to personal development. 

Plus, they partner with over 200 top universities worldwide!

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What Products Can You Promote?

The affiliate program gives participants a wide range of items to promote. 


  • Data science, software engineering, business, and health sciences online courses.
  • Professional Certificates in digital marketing, project management, and graphic design.
  • Degrees from Yale, Michigan State University, and other top-rank universities.
  • Skill-based courses in digital photography or Web Development.
  • Paid programs for enterprises.
  • Lifetime Access programs for individuals.

The program also provides unique chances. 

It enables instructors to team up with experts in a certain field to create new course material for affiliates to publicize. 

The last paragraph explains how someone has gained from using an affiliate program.

Commission Rate

It offers monetary incentives! Depending on the product, commissions range from 10-20%

Up to several hundred dollars can be earned for each sale, without any need to provide customer support or create course material.

Promotional materials are also available, such as banners and links

By referring students and professionals to courses, Coursera reaches new audiences and gains revenue.

Affiliates who are successful in promoting learning can win exclusive rewards

Anyone interested in online education can benefit from this opportunity. 

By becoming an affiliate, businesses and individuals can earn a passive income simply by promoting courses on their websites or blog. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to gain extra income!

Cookie Duration

It has a crucial cookie tracking period. It lasts 30 days

This gives affiliates the chance to get commissions for purchases made by their referrals during that time.

Despite competition having longer cookie durations, the program compensates with high commissions. 

Plus, the platform’s popularity in e-learning. 

It has lots of courses and is highly recognized by institutions. It’s become a top choice amongst learners and affiliates alike.

The Program provides banners of different sizes. Affiliates get creative options to promote the courses. 

Conversion rates are high, plus there are multiple language options. Many people around the world can use it.

Recently, a friend who works as a marketing consultant found out there are benefits to affiliate programs beyond earning commissions. 

She mentioned learning marketing skills outside her scope. This even helped her career!

What Promotional Materials Are Available?

The Coursera affiliate program has a variety of promotional materials to choose from! 

Banners and logos with tracking links, text links, deep links, email templates, and social media posts with captions and graphics. 

Plus, they give detailed reporting and analytics so affiliates can get the most out of their campaigns.

Take advantage of this chance to earn a commission and promote educational content!


Promoting Coursera? It can be profitable for website owners, bloggers, and influencers who love online education. 

Here are some of the advantages of the affiliate program:

  • High commission rates: You can earn up to 20% on eligible purchases made by new learners within 30 days of clicking referral links.
  • Diverse courses: Coursera offers thousands of courses, specializations, and degrees from top universities and companies worldwide, covering topics such as business, tech, arts, and health.
  • Global appeal: With a presence in over 190 countries, Coursera supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Trustworthy: Coursera has been in the industry for over a decade and partners with prestigious institutions and experts, providing high-quality educational resources.
  • Marketing materials: You can access banners, text links, templates, widgets, APIs, and more, which can be customized or integrated into existing platforms to help promote Coursera effectively.
  • Supportive team: Coursera’s team assists affiliates with their needs, from promotional ideas to website optimization and more.

Additionally, regular incentives such as flash sales and feature discounts are usually updated every quarter. 

If you’re passionate about learning opportunities that can benefit others.

The Coursera program is an excellent opportunity to monetize your passion while helping others learn valuable skills. 

Refunds and badges await learners when they finish a course, so why wait? Join now!


The program has certain hindrances. These are:

  • A commission structure that’s restricted and lacks transparency.
  • Limited courses that are eligible.
  • Time-consuming application process.
  • No custom tracking links or deep linking.
  • Compliance regulations that restrict PPC, email marketing, etc.
  • No gifting program.

Moreover, Coursera operates in a highly competitive niche market. This may lead to low earnings for ineffective affiliates.

Don’t miss out on growing your income stream by partnering with a globally trusted brand. Act fast!

Who Should Join Coursera Affiliate Program?

Do you have an online following or network? 

Do you like educational content? If so, the affiliate program is for you! 

You’ll be able to promote over 4,000 courses from top universities and companies

Custom banners, text links, and exclusive promo codes will help boost your conversions.

Plus, you’ll get personalized support from affiliate managers. Plus real-time tracking metrics and a library of marketing collateral.

Pro Tip: To maximize earnings, promote courses that fit your niche or interests. 

Your audience will appreciate valuable recommendations that are authentic.

How To Maximize Your Earnings

If you want to increase income from the affiliate program, try these tactics:

  • Focus on courses with high demand and higher commissions.
  • Create content that is valuable and relevant to your audience, like course reviews or top course lists.
  • Use social media & email marketing to reach more people.

You need to have a website with traffic & meet other Coursera requirements.

To maximize earnings, stay up-to-date on online learning trends. 

For example, if there is a sudden surge in interest for a particular type of course, promote related courses & you could see increased sales.

Requirements To Join Coursera Affiliate Program

Want to join the affiliate program? You need to fulfill certain criteria. 

These include:

  • Having an active website, application, or platform that meets Coursera’s mission and values.
  • Having traffic sources of good relevance and quality.
  • Complying with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as Coursera’s policies, terms, and conditions.

Become an affiliate and you’ll be compensated for each referral that leads to subscription or program enrollment. 

You must be transparent when promoting Coursera and make no false promises or exaggerated claims.

Coursera has earned millions of users’ trust with its commitment to offering top-notch educational opportunities. 

Studies show that the certificates acquired through Coursera have helped many people get job promotions, career advancements, and new skills that benefit their job search.

Why You Should Join Coursera Affiliate Program

Benefits of being a Coursera Affiliate? Countless! Earn commission per successful referral. 

Gain access to a vast course library from universities & institutions across the globe. Recommend courses to your audience – boost their career prospects & skillsets. 

Plus, get customized reporting & personalized support catering to your needs. 

Leverage Coursera’s brand recognition & trust by promoting courses on your platform.

Don’t miss out – join today & become part of a growing community of lifelong learners. 

Grow professionally & earn extra income with the affiliate program!

Key Takeaways

It rewards affiliates for referring people to Coursera’s courses. 

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Access to many online courses.
  • Generous commission rates.
  • Integration of banners, links, and text.
  • User-friendly dashboard and reporting tools.
  • Support from experts to maximize earnings.
  • Multiple payout options, including PayPal and direct deposits.

A unique thing about this program is that it offers courses in many languages, catering to learners worldwide. 

Many of these courses are free or have trial periods.

Final Thoughts

The Coursera affiliate program is an awesome chance for affiliates to earn money by advertising courses from top universities. 

It has great commission rates and provides affiliates with resources and help. 

Becoming a Coursera affiliate can be profitable for those who like online learning.

Affiliates can make money and also support equal access to education.

Tip: To do well as a Coursera affiliate, think about targeting your marketing towards niche groups interested in certain topics or areas. 

This can lead to better conversion rates and more commission.

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