Ready to go up a notch with email marketing? You can gain profit too! Try email marketing affiliate programs. 

You’ll be able to make money by providing services to help other businesses.

Find out how these fantastic chances can help you use your email marketing skills now!

The Best Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

It’s difficult to an email marketing tool. This is the reason I compiled a list of 13 email marketing tools to help you get started.

ActiveCampaign Affiliate Program

ActiveCampaign’s partner program offers affiliates a great chance to make money. 

You can promote their email marketing and automation services and get paid with competitive commission rates. 

Plus, you get access to useful resources and support. 

Bloggers, marketers, and agency owners can use the program to grow their businesses while helping others succeed with email.

You’ll not only get commissions from referrals but also technical support from the partner team. 

You’ll have API doc, integration guides, and early access to new features.

Don’t miss out! 

Become an ActiveCampaign affiliate and start earning passive income while helping businesses reach their goals with email marketing. 

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Unbounce Affiliate Program

The Unbounce partner program is one of the best players in the email marketing affiliate programs arena. 

It’s a high-converting landing page builder and here’s why you should join:

  • Generous commissions with monthly payouts
  • Wide range of resources and promos
  • Personal support from a dedicated Partner Manager
  • Promote a respected and well-known brand

Plus, you get recurring commissions for each referred user who maintains an active account. 

Vimeo and New Balance are just some of the top brands that trust Unbounce.

Remember, email marketing has an ROI of 4400% – one of the highest and most cost-effective strategies today.

MailerLite Affiliate Program

MailerLite has an amazing affiliate program! Earn up to 30% commission for each referral. 

Get personalized links, images, and banners to promote their services via email, social media, and more. 

Plus, their support team is always there to answer queries. 

There are also regular updates on exclusive campaigns and events to help affiliates increase their earnings. 

Don’t miss your chance to monetize your skills in email marketing and get a lucrative stream of income.

Join the MailerLite affiliate program today!

Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend’s email marketing service can be promoted by individuals with the Moosend affiliate program! 

Get custom tracking links for your website or blog and access promotional materials. 

This provides ease of use and clear analytics to track your referrals and commissions.

Bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs can monetize their audience with this program. 

Plus, tools like drag-and-drop campaign building and automation make things even easier.

Earn 20-30% per sale with Moosend’s commission structure! All the tools and support you need are provided.

Don’t miss out! Join the Moosend Affiliate Program and start earning easy cash with lucrative benefits.

Constant Contact Affiliate Program

This affiliate program gives marketers the chance to make commissions by referring potential customers to the popular email marketing service. 

Marketers can use a range of marketing things like banners and links. The payout is high – up to $125 per referral. 

Constant Contact affiliate program has become a go-to for email marketing pros.

The threshold for payout is low compared to other programs. This means affiliates get their money faster. 

Also, it has tracking capabilities, reporting tools, and quick payments. Sign-up is free, simple, and doesn’t need technical knowledge.

This program has incentives to drive traffic to Constant Contact’s website. 

It is global and has a lot of features, making it great for email marketing experts who have leads.

Constant Contact has been in business since 1995. This shows its success, so partnering with them brings many rewards that have lasted.

GetResponse Affiliate Program

The GetResponse affiliate program offers a range of marketing tools to maximize email campaigns. 

Plus, affiliates can get enticing commissions for promoting and referring to the product. 

Commission structures, and excellent customer satisfaction rates, make this program a great opportunity.

Partners get lots of help and resources to maximize their earning potential. 

This includes detailed reports and 24/7 guidance from their account managers. 

Moreover, affiliates can take part in exclusive promotions and incentives.

The founders began their journey selling educational software. 

Eventually, they launched a successful email marketing platform. 

This inspiring story makes this affiliate program a great choice for marketers looking to earn money online.

ConvertKit Affiliate Program

ConvertKit’s affiliate program is a wonderful way to make passive income. 

It’s easy to join and offers a 30% commission for recurring revenue. 

There’s also a 60-day cookie tracking period. 

Plus, ConvertKit provides free courses to help affiliates market without spending extra money.

Previously, ConvertKit was not widely known by marketers since other platforms had more recognition. 

But, ConvertKit has been able to increase its customer base due to its top-notch services and special value propositions. 

Ontraport Affiliate Program

The Ontraport affiliate program is connected to the popular email marketing platform, Ontraport. 

Affiliates promote Ontraport products and gain commissions depending on sales. 

This program gives affiliates access to resources, tools, and training to increase their earnings. 

They can choose from different commission models such as one-time payouts or recurring payments.

A great advantage of this program is the focus on providing helpful content to its affiliates. 

Ontraport provides webinars and training sessions to help affiliates gain knowledge about email marketing and optimizing sales funnels. 

This helps them create content that connects with their audience, motivating them to purchase Ontraport products.

Ontraport affiliate program could be very profitable for those who love email marketing.

While they make money from their knowledge and skills. 

An article published in in 2021 showed that 79% of successful entrepreneurs view email marketing as essential for their business growth strategy.

Sendinblue Affiliate Program

This email marketing affiliate program offers a great chance for marketers to make money. 

As an affiliate, you can refer customers to Sendinblue and get a share of the money generated from those referrals. 

Partnering with Sendinblue gives you access to a range of marketing tools and resources that can help you sell more and expand your business.

Sendinblue’s email marketing affiliate program is made for marketers who want to build their own brands and make money through referrals. 

Through this program, you can get a commission on each sale made through your personal referral link. 

As well as the financial gains, you’ll also have special marketing materials and support from the Sendinblue team.

Sendinblue has progressed a lot in helping digital marketers reach their goals by giving advanced email automation features. 

It all began when Armand Thiberge launched “MailJet,” which was then changed to “SendinBlue.” 

Now they serve over 180,000 clients globally, sending over 100 million emails each day.

Omnisend Affiliate Program

Omnisend’s affiliate program helps marketers to gain a commission by advertising their email marketing services. 

They pay a 30% commission to affiliates every time a referral finishes their purchase using the provided links or banners.

The service gives affiliates dedicated support and tracking tools, potential extra revenue from recurring commissions, and custom payment plans. 

An optimized dashboard tracks sales, clicks, and referrals. 

Payments are handled electronically, minimizing waiting time for funds release.

Thousands of companies, from tiny startups to Fortune500s, are currently using Omnisend.

Campaign Affiliate Program

The Campaign affiliate program is a great way for businesses to increase their reach and conversions. 

It provides affiliates with commissions for successful referrals and allows them access to marketing materials like banners, emails, and landing pages. 

Plus, the program is optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms and offers multiple payment options, including Paypal.

What makes this program even more unique is its mobile optimization. 

This means customers can engage with promotions on their devices, leading to higher conversion rates.

I once worked with a company that used an email affiliate program to promote its e-commerce business. 

With the help of affiliates sending strategic emails to their networks, website traffic increased and their revenue rose by 20% in a quarter. 

It’s clear that such programs can be hugely beneficial when done right.

Mailchimp Affiliate Program

The email marketing powerhouse, Mailchimp, provides an outstanding affiliate program. 

Partners receive rewards for advertising their services. 

Benefits include:

  • Up to 30% recurring commission on referred account revenues.
  • Tools and resources to help affiliates succeed.
  • Performance tracking, earnings reports, and real-time commissions.
  • Cookie-based tracking for 90 days after the initial click.
  • Exclusive promotions and discounts to pass on to audiences.
  • Free to join with no minimum sales requirement.

Mailchimp’s user base is large, and customer satisfaction ratings are high. 

This makes it a great product for affiliates. 

The company began in 2001 as a web design agency and has since become one of the most popular email marketing services with 12 million users.

Drip Affiliate Program

Drip is a top-notch email marketing platform that offers its users the ‘Drip affiliate program’. 

Here are six awesome features this program has to offer:

  • 30% lifetime recurring commission on each sale made through referral links.
  • High-conversion banners, emails, and other promotional materials.
  • A dashboard that tracks real-time clicks, sales, and commissions.
  • Dedicated email or chat support for affiliates.
  • Payout threshold of $100 with no maximum limit.
  • Affiliates can use Drip’s software for their own marketing.

Drip provides advanced automation tools for eCommerce businesses. 

This is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to combine their skills with Drip’s features for endless revenue potential.

Don’t miss out! Get on board with the Drip affiliate program today!

Key Takeaways

This article highlights the advantages of Email marketing affiliate programs for your business growth.

  • Partnering with well-known companies is a great way to increase profits.
  • Email marketing affiliates can help you widen your customer base and generate website visits.
  • Make sure to read the requirements, conditions, and terms before picking one that suits you.
  • Consider the commission structure alongside other elements such as tracking technology and payment plans.
  • A strategic email marketing plan in line with the chosen affiliate program can maximize income and customer retention.

Also, you must stick to CAN-SPAM Act regulations when running promotions.

To benefit from these insights, do your research on potential partner brands. 

Then, make a wise decision based on certain conditions and devise a clear plan to get the most out of email marketing affiliate programs.

Don’t waste this profitable opportunity – start researching email marketing affiliate programs now!

Final Thoughts

Take advantage of email marketing affiliate programs to make passive income! 

Promote email services and receive a commission when your referrals become customers. 

There are many programs to pick from – Constant Contact, Aweber, ConvertKit – each with unique advantages. 

Check them out to find the one that’s best for you and your niche.

Plus, as an affiliate, you can create strong connections with email marketing companies. 

This gives you access to helpful resources and industry knowledge which can help your own business.

Don’t wait, get started now! 

Research and promote these email marketing affiliate programs and start raking in the income!

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