How To Make Money Online In Belgium: 14 Legitimate Ways

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Contemplating how to make money online in Belgium from home?

Working from home is a liberating experience. You don’t have to worry about commuting; you can dress how you like and choose when to work. 

It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. Working from home is challenging. 

That means it’s more difficult to avoid distractions and maintain productivity levels. 

If you’re looking for ways to make money as an ex-pat living in Belgium, read on for some great suggestions. 

Work-from-home opportunities are abundant thanks to the internet.

There are many online jobs that let you stay in your pajamas while making money—ideally, enough cash to offset the cost of living as an ex-pat.

Here are the sources of online income in Belgium:

1.  Write and Sell eBooks

Smashwords home page

If you have specialized knowledge in a particular subject, like gardening or cooking, you can write an ebook and sell it online. 

Publishing an ebook takes hours and is simple. It’s also relatively inexpensive to produce compared to printed books. 

Selling ebooks online presents you with an opportunity to earn money as an expat in Belgium, as the industry is vast and there is always demand for new books. 

You can sell your ebook on Amazon or Smashwords.

Ebooks are profitable because they cost nothing, and nobody will know you wrote them!

2. Become an online tester

Usertesting home page: make money online in Belgium
User Testing

Testers are needed by companies worldwide.

If you can get on the list for these types of companies, you can make money online as an ex-pat in Belgium by trying out various products. 

There are websites that encourage you to sign up for product testing opportunities. Many of them are free. 

You should thoroughly check the terms and conditions of each site before joining to make sure you understand the process and know what you’re getting into. 

Product testing is a great opportunity to make money as an expat in Belgium; you can work flexible hours, from home, and on your own schedule. 

Products vary, you may be asked to test food, household cleaners, makeup, clothing, and more.

3. Earn money as a tasker or side hustler

Freelance services website: make money online in Belgium

Companies around the world hire individuals to perform small tasks and complete online work. 

This is referred to as task-based work or micro-tasking and is an excellent way to earn money online as an ex-pat in Belgium. 

Examples of companies that offer these types of jobs include Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker, Upwork, and iFreelance

Websites like these source work from people all over the world, and you can sign up and complete work at your own convenience. 

You can make money as an expat in Belgium by completing tasks such as web research, data entry, virtual assistant work, surveys, and more. 

You can earn hundreds of dollars per month or thousands—it all depends on the amount of work you put in.

4. Earn income from Blogging

Wix homepage

Writing can help expats in Belgium make money online.

Blogging platforms are plentiful online, and some are free. 

Writing about your interests on WordPress, Blogger, or a similar platform can earn you money.

Depending on blog traffic and content, you can earn $100–$3000 per month.

Blogging can be profitable in several ways:

Affiliate marketing: Promoting a product or service you like for a commission.

Display ads: You can display ads on your website. The ads you are seeing on this site earn me money.

5. Make money from consulting and coaching

Upwork - Site for selling services

If you have a particular skill, use it to make money as an ex-pat in Belgium.

People are looking to improve themselves. You can offer your services as an online coach on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork

You can also create your own website and offer coaching services there. 

Through coaching and consulting, you can make money online as an ex-pat in Belgium. You can set your own hours and be hands-on or hands-off. It’s great, right?

And you can specialize in just about anything. You can make money coaching and consulting in different ways:

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is when you make a commission by promoting a product or service that you like. 

Advertising – Some coaching and consulting platforms allow you to advertise on your site.

6. Become a YouTube partner and make money publishing videos

Start a Youtube channel
Youtube Channels

Another excellent way to make money online as an ex-pat in Belgium is by publishing videos on YouTube. 

You can create a YouTube channel and monetize it. You can make money by joining the YouTube partner program. 

This is free to join.

You can make more money by joining the YouTube revenue-sharing program. 

A channel with 10,000 views or more qualifies for revenue sharing.

You also need to have an account in good standing with no strikes or complaints.

7. Dropshipping

Oberlo home page

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can make money online as an expat in Belgium by participating in dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a type of retail that lets you sell physical products without holding inventory. 

Set up an online store, pick the products you want to sell, and let the seller ship them to customers.

You don’t have to pay for inventory upfront, and you don’t have to worry about shipping the products. Your role is just to promote the products.

Find wholesale suppliers and then link your store to their website. When a product is bought using your referral link, you earn a commission. Interesting, or not so?

This is a profitable business because it doesn’t require a large upfront investment.

Set up an online store on Shopify and link it to your wholesale suppliers. It’s that simple.

8. Become a paid survey maker

Toluna influencers homepage

If you want to make money as an expat in Belgium, you can become a paid survey maker. 

It is the best way to make money online for free.

There are many survey sites online, and most of them are free to join. You can make money from surveys by joining these sites and answering a few questions here and there. 

The best thing about making money from paid surveys is that you can do them whenever you have time. 

You don’t have to set aside a few hours each day to make a decent living. You don’t have to spend money on courses or training to get started, either.

9. Sell photos

Istock home page

Selling photos is the simplest way to make money online.

 There are different websites that allow people to upload their photos and sell them to others. For example, Shutterstock.

Buyers use the photos on their websites and articles. 

You can also sell photos directly to clients on other online platforms, such as websites, or social media. 

Before you start selling any photos, it’s important that you read the small print on the sites you plan to use. 

Some sites say the photos are yours to use. But don’t let this be your only source of information on the matter. 

Make sure you know exactly what you can and can’t do with the photos you sell.

10. Start a podcast

Buzzsprout home page

Podcasting is one of the most popular online activities, and it’s an avenue for making money online. 

Podcasting has many revenue streams. For example, They can pay you for advertising companies, selling your own merchandise, or getting sponsored by advertisers. 

If you want to start a podcast, you’ll need a good microphone and recording software, which you can purchase for around $100. 

You’ll also need to create an account with a podcast hosting site like Anchor or SoundCloud and create a podcast feed. If you need more information, there are tutorials online that can help you get started.

11. Narrate audiobooks home page

If you’re a good reader, you can make money online by narrating audiobooks. 

Start by signing up for one of the many online platforms that connect you with authors looking for narrators.

You’ll likely have to audition to prove that you’re good enough reader to narrate a book, but once you get started, you can earn as much as $100 per audiobook. 

If you’re an experienced narrator, you might even be able to negotiate a higher rate, but it’s important to read the small print on each site first to familiarize yourself with the terms. 

Some sites will claim you can earn thousands of dollars for each book, but then only pay out a tiny fraction on each book that is sold. 

Before you get started, find out how much you’re likely to earn.

12. Buy and sell domain names

Flippa home page: make money online in Belgium

Domain names are the addresses that people use to visit websites. 

Domain names like Google, Amazon, and Facebook have already been purchased. But there are still plenty of domain names left that can earn you money. 

You can buy and sell domain names on a number of different websites, such as Sedo, Flippa, and Domainr. 

There are also different websites where you can earn money by writing reviews of domain names you own. 

Domain names are reliable ways to make money online. But they’re the riskiest. Many people lose money due to scams and fraud.

13. Do Translation

Gotranslation home page: make money online in Belgium
Go Translation

If you’re bilingual, you can make money online by doing translation work. 

There are a number of different websites where you can apply for translation work, such as Upwork and People Per Hour. 

You can also apply for translation work through various specialist websites, such as GoTranslates, Babel Fish, and Translators Without Borders. 

Some websites allow you to set your own rates for translation work, whereas others will offer you a fixed amount per translation, so it’s important to read the small print on each site before you get started. 

It’s also important to make sure that you get paid fairly and that the website has a good reputation.

14. Create online courses

Udemy website homepage:make money online in Belgium

Creating an online course can help you generate income.

Coursera and Udemy are the two largest online platforms where you can create a course and charge students.

 You must work hard to create the best course to attract the many students.

You can also make money online by promoting other peoples’ online courses, such as on course review websites like CourseFind, CourseHunters, and CourseBakers.

Wrapping Up

Finding a profitable online business is key to making money online.

People make money online differently. But not all are right for you.

Before starting, read each site’s terms and conditions to understand what you can earn.

It’s also important to remember that building an online business takes time, so make sure you set yourself realistic goals and timelines.

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