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Make Money Online

The internet has given individuals new ways to make money online in Nigeria. 

With the advent of digital platforms and technology, many Nigerians may now make money online. 

In this blog article, we’ll discuss Nigeria’s most popular online income sources, including online trading, virtual help, e-commerce, graphic design, app development, and freelancing. 

We’ll also explore how to generate money in each sector and the tools and abilities required to start. 

List 15 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria


Nigeria’s high unemployment rate makes freelancing more relevant. 

Freelancing is a popular technique for Nigerians to make money. 

With an internet connection, freelancers may work from anywhere. 

It also allows you to collaborate with international customers, making it simpler to get employment and earn money online in Nigeria.

How to get started

Start freelancing by identifying your skills. 

This might involve writing, editing, graphic design, web building, or social media management. 

After identifying your abilities, establish a portfolio. 

Join Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr and bid on projects that match your skills.

Equipment needed

Computer: Freelancing requires a computer. 

A great gadget with adequate processing power and a consistent internet connection is needed.

Software: Graphic design, video editing, and project management software may be needed for freelancing.

Communication tools: You’ll need Skype, Zoom, or Slack to interact with customers often.

Payment tools: You’ll need PayPal, Payoneer, or TransferWise to collect client payments.

Skills needed

Communication: Good communication skills are essential for freelancing. 

To grasp customers’ demands and produce great work, you must communicate well.

Time management: Freelancing requires good time management skills. 

You must handle several projects and fulfill deadlines.

Technical skills: Your career may require technical talents like graphic design, programming, or writing.

Marketing: Freelancing requires some level of marketing skills. 

You need to be able to market your services and find clients.

Ways to make money

Project-based work: Freelancers may be paid for short-term projects.

Hourly work: Some freelancers charge an hourly fee depending on project time.

Long-term contracts: Freelancers may sign long-term contracts with customers for steady revenue.

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Blogging has grown in Nigeria because it allows people to express their opinions and experiences. 

It discusses and informs on politics, lifestyle, culture, technology, and more. 

Businesses may also market their products and services through blogging.

How to get started

Choose a niche and platform to start blogging in Nigeria. 

Blogs may be made on WordPress, Blogger, or Wix. 

After selecting a platform, you can start creating useful, entertaining, and audience-relevant content. 

Advertise your blog on social media.

Equipment needed

Computer: Blogging requires a PC or laptop. You’ll need a powerful computer and reliable Internet.

Camera: You may need a camera to take images or videos for your blog, depending on your topic.

Microphone: A decent microphone is essential for podcasts and videos.

Website builder: Choose a blogging platform and utilize its website builder to construct your blog.

Skills needed

Blogging requires good writing. Blog posts should be educational, interesting, and well-structured.

Research: You must investigate your themes to provide readers with accurate and relevant information.

SEO: SEO helps Google rank your blog content higher. 

Optimizing your blog for search engines requires basic SEO knowledge.

Blogging involves promotion: Promote your blog and reach your audience.

Ways to make money

Advertising: You can make money online in Nigeria by displaying ads on your blog through programs like Google AdSense.

Affiliate marketing: Promote products or services on your site to earn a commission.

Sponsored content: You may also generate money by collaborating with sponsors on your site.

Sell products: You can sell products related to your niche on your blog, such as ebooks, courses, or merchandise.

Provide services: If you’re an expert in an area, you may advise or coach.

Donations: Your blog might include a donation button where people can donate to support your work.

Affiliate Marketing

Online purchasing has increased Nigeria’s need for affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing allows clients to earn money by advertising products and services. 

With every transaction completed via their unique affiliate link, the affiliate gets a commission, while the merchant improves exposure and sales.

How to get started

Start affiliate marketing in Nigeria by choosing a niche and an affiliate program. 

Affiliate programs are available on Jumia, Konga, and Amazon. 

After signing up, you may use your affiliate link to promote products and services to your audience. 

Equipment needed

Computer: Affiliate marketing requires a PC or laptop. 

You’ll need a powerful computer and reliable internet.

Website or blog: A website or blog may help you market products or services.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: You may also promote products on social media.

Skills needed

Marketing: Affiliate marketing requires some level of marketing skills. 

You must educate, engage, and persuade your audience to buy your stuff.

Communication: Good communication skills are essential for affiliate marketing. 

You should be able to interact with your audience and answer their product or service inquiries.

Research: To enlighten your audience, you must investigate your products or services.

Ways to make money

Commission: You get a cut of sales made via your affiliate link.

Bonuses: Some affiliate programs reward sales achievement with incentives.

Tiered commissions: Some affiliate networks allow you to earn a larger commission for meeting sales goals.

Recurring commission: Some affiliate networks give recurring commissions for every recurring transaction made via your affiliate link.

Sponsored content: Partnering with advertisers to generate sponsored content for your blog or social media platforms may potentially bring you money online in Nigeria.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has become increasingly important in Nigeria, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It allows students to continue their education at home. 

Online tutoring also allows tutors to reach a wider audience beyond their local community and make money online in Nigeria.

How to get started

To start online tutoring in Nigeria, you need to choose a niche and a platform. 

You may offer your skills on sites like,, and Facebook and Instagram. 

After selecting a platform, you may set your hourly pricing, create a profile, and promote your services.

Equipment needed

Computer: Online tutoring requires a fast computer or laptop.

Webcam: You need a camera for video conferencing with students.

Microphone: For clear student communication, a good microphone is essential.

Steady internet connection: To avoid connectivity concerns, online coaching calls for a strong internet connection.

Skills needed

Teaching: Online tutors must be able to convey complicated subjects clearly and concisely.

Communication: Effective communication with students is vital for online tutoring.

Time management: Online tutoring involves effective time management to meet planned sessions and finish lesson plans.

Technological: You must be familiar with technology like video conferencing software and virtual whiteboards.

Ways to make money

Hourly rate: Charge an hourly charge for your services.

Package deals: Offering multi-session packages may save students money and boost your revenue.

Referrals: To attract new customers, give referral bonuses to your current pupils.

Group lessons: Offering group classes may lower student costs and boost your earnings.

Tutoring materials: Creating and selling instructional resources like eBooks, video courses, and study guides may also make you money.

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the best methods to promote companies, organizations, and people in Nigeria. 

Around 200 million Nigerians use social media. 

There are various phases to social media management in Nigeria. 

So the target audience’s most relevant social media outlets must be identified first. 

Second, a content strategy that supports company or personal objectives is essential. 

This may entail writing and sharing compelling posts, stories, movies, and photographs. 

To plan postings, check interaction metrics, and monitor follower response, social media tools are essential.

Equipment needed

  • Smartphone or computer
  • High-quality camera
  • Microphone
  • Video editing software
  • Social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer

Skills needed

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creativity and content creation abilities
  • Knowledge of social media platforms and tools
  • Flexibility and adaptability

Ways to make money

There are several ways to make money online social media management in Nigeria, including:

  • Charging companies and organizations for social media management.
  • Developing and marketing social media management-related digital items like e-books and courses
  • Sponsored posts and influencer marketing for firms seeking a bigger audience
  • Social media coaching and consultancy for people and corporations.

Online Survey Sites

Nigerians need online survey sites to make additional money by doing surveys and giving companies and organizations feedback. 

Businesses may leverage customer preferences, behavior, and views from these surveys to drive product and service choices. 

Online survey sites allow people to make money from home in Nigeria, where unemployment is widespread.

To get started with online survey sites in Nigeria, individuals need to identify legitimate survey sites that offer paid surveys. 

It is crucial to research and read reviews about the survey sites before signing up to ensure that they are not scams. 

Once you have identified reputable survey sites, create a profile and start participating in surveys. 

To be chosen for future polls, you must answer survey questions truthfully.

Equipment needed

  • Computer or smartphone with internet access
  • A quiet and distraction-free workspace
  • Headphones for audio surveys
  • A PayPal or bank account for payment

Skills needed

  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Basic computer and internet skills
  • Time management skills

Ways to make money

There are several ways to make money from online survey sites in Nigeria, including:

  • Participating in surveys and receiving payment per completed survey
  • Referring friends and family to the survey sites and earning referral bonuses
  • Completing additional tasks such as watching videos and downloading apps
  • Participating in focus groups and online studies
  • Completing product reviews and providing feedback to businesses and organizations.
  • You can make money by taking surveys on platforms like Swagbucks, Toluna, and Survey Junkie.

Content Writing

Content writing is crucial in Nigeria. 

It plays a significant role in helping businesses to engage with their target audience and promote their products and services effectively. 

Well-written content that is optimized for search engines can improve website traffic and generate leads, leading to increased revenue and business growth. 

In addition, content writing is essential for educating and informing the public on various topics, including news, education, and lifestyle.

To get started with content writing in Nigeria, individuals need to possess excellent writing skills and a passion for writing. 

They should also be capable of looking into issues and adapt to the changing digital scene.

Equipment needed

  • Computer or laptop with internet access
  • Word processing software. For example, Microsoft Word, Google Docs
  • Grammar and spelling checker. For example, Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checker. For example, Turnitin
  • A reliable internet connection

Skills needed

Excellent writing skills

Research skills

SEO basics (Search Engine Optimization)

Ways to make money

There are several ways to make money from content writing in Nigeria.

  • Freelancing on content writing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer
  • Writing content for a firm or organization full-time or part-time
  • Starting a blog or website and monetizing it through advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content
  • Offering content writing services to individuals or businesses on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Writing and selling e-books or courses on various topics
  • Many websites and blogs need high-quality content.
  • You can offer your services as a content writer on platforms like iWriter and Textbroker.

Online Marketplaces

Nigeria’s economy relies on online marketplaces, which allow firms and people to reach more customers. 

Internet marketplaces make it simpler for companies to contact clients nationwide and beyond by offering ease and accessibility to buyers and sellers. 

Without a storefront, they help entrepreneurs establish and develop their enterprises.

Choose a platform that meets your requirements to start using online markets in Nigeria. 

Nigerian internet markets include Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. 

It’s crucial to investigate platforms and choose one that fits your company objectives.

Equipment needed

  • Computer or laptop with internet access
  • A digital camera or smartphone with a good camera for taking pictures of products
  • Access to a reliable internet connection

Skills needed

  • Basic computer skills, including proficiency in using web browsers, email, and online payment platforms
  • Good communication skills to interact with buyers and resolve any issues
  • Marketing skills to promote products and attract potential customers
  • Good time management skills to manage orders and ensure timely delivery
  • Knowledge of the products or services being sold to provide accurate information to customers

Ways to make money

  • Selling physical products on online marketplaces, including fashion items, electronics, and household goods
  • Offering digital services such as graphic design, web development, and content creation
  • Selling handmade or unique items on platforms such as Etsy or Konga handmade
  • Offering freelance services such as writing, translation, and virtual assistance
  • Providing professional services such as legal or accounting services

Online Trading

Online trading has become increasingly important in Nigeria due to the rise of technology and the internet. 

It eliminates the need for actual transactions by letting users buy and sell stocks, commodities, and currencies from home. 

As internet trading offers a greater selection of assets and investment options, Nigeria’s stock market and other financial markets have seen a considerable growth in participation.

How to get started

Pick a dependable online trading platform: Nigeria has several online trading platforms, but you need one that is reliable and has the features and tools you need to trade efficiently.

Open a trading account: After selecting a platform, create a trading account. 

A registration form and personal details are usually required.

Fund your account: Deposit money into your trading account to start trading. 

Bank transfers and credit/debit cards are accepted by most Nigerian internet trading sites.

Equipment needed

Computer/laptop: A computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection is necessary for online trading.

Trading platform software: You will need to download the trading platform software provided by your chosen online trading platform.

Skills needed

Understanding of financial markets: It is important to have a basic understanding of financial markets and investment concepts before starting online trading.

Analytical skills: Online trading requires the ability to analyze data and make informed trading decisions.

Ways to make money

Capital gains: Internet trading enables you acquire and sell assets for profit.

Dividends: Some assets pay out dividends, which can provide a regular source of income.

Interest: Some online trading platforms offer interest on deposited funds, allowing you to earn a return on your investment even when you are not actively trading.

Virtual Assistance

Nigerian entrepreneurs and enterprises are increasingly using virtual support to simplify operations and save expenses. 

A virtual assistant (VA) works remotely to offer customers with administrative, creative, and technological help. 

This lets companies hire talented workers without the expense of office space.

How to get started

Identify your talents and services: Virtual assistants may provide administrative help, social media management, and more. 

Determine your abilities and expertise to determine your services.

Build a website and social media presence: A decent website and social media presence may help prospective customers discover you.

Create a portfolio: A portfolio of your work and customer testimonials may boost your reputation and attract new clients.

Equipment needed

Computer/laptop: A computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection is necessary for virtual assistance.

Time tracking software: Many virtual assistants charge clients by the hour, so time tracking software can help ensure accurate billing.

Skills needed

Time management: Virtual assistants must be able to manage their time effectively to meet client deadlines and juggle multiple tasks.

Communication: Effective communication is essential for virtual assistants to understand client needs and provide updates on progress.

Technical skills: Depending on the services offered, virtual assistants may need technical skills such as website design or social media management.

Ways to make money

Hourly rates: Many virtual assistants charge clients by the hour for their services. So you can can make good money online in Nigeria.

Project-based rates: Some virtual assistants may charge a flat rate for a specific project or task.

Retainer fees: Virtual assistants can also charge clients a retainer fee for ongoing support or services on a regular basis.

Online Courses

Online courses are becoming more essential in Nigeria as more individuals want to learn but don’t have the time or money for in-person sessions. 

Everyone with an internet connection may take online courses to learn and improve.

How to get started

Pick a course: Nigeria offers a broad selection of online courses, from business and technology to language and creative arts. 

Pick a course that matches your job objectives and interests.

Select a platform: Nigeria has various online learning platforms including Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. 

Select a platform that delivers the education you want at a price you can afford.

Enroll in the course: After choosing a subject and platform, enroll in the course and start studying.

Equipment needed

Computer/laptop: A computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection is necessary for online courses.

Audio/visual equipment: Some courses may require audio/visual equipment such as a microphone, webcam, or headphones.

Skills needed

Self-discipline: Self-discipline and drive are needed to finish online courses.

Time management: Online courses provide flexible timetables, but you must manage your time well to finish on time.

Technical skills: Online courses need basic computer and internet abilities.

Ways to make money

Freelance work: Completing online courses and gaining new skills can open up opportunities for freelance work in various industries.

Career advancement: Online courses can help individuals advance their careers by gaining new knowledge and skills.

Starting a company: Online courses may give the information and skills needed to start or develop a business.


As more Nigerians watch internet videos for pleasure, information, and education, YouTube has grown in importance. 

YouTube gives content creators a worldwide audience to share their videos and promote their brands.

How to get started

Choose a niche: Choose your topic and audience.

Start a YouTube channel: This is simple and free. Create a Google account and follow the directions to build your channel.

Create content: Develop niche-appropriate video content.

Equipment needed

Camera: A good camera is needed to make professional videos.

Microphone: Excellent audio quality helps people comprehend your material.

Lighting equipment: Visually pleasing videos need good lighting.

Skills needed

Video editing: Professional-looking videos need basic video editing abilities.

Content creation: Building a YouTube following requires creating compelling material.

Marketing: Promote your channel and videos on social media and other channels to expand your following.

Ways to make money

Google AdSense revenue: Get money online in Nigeria with Google AdSense. Content producers get a share of YouTube’s advertising income.

Sponsorships: After building a following, you may collaborate with brands and corporations for sponsorships and product placements in your films.

Merchandise: Sell t-shirts, mugs, and stickers to your viewers.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is becoming more significant in Nigeria as firms and individuals attempt to develop aesthetically attractive and successful marketing materials. 

esigners create brand identities and transmit messages via logos, brochures, websites, and other marketing materials.

How to get started

Get started: Color theory, typography, and layout are good places to start. Graphic design fundamentals may be learned online.

Practice and develop a portfolio: Show prospective clients your work by practicing and creating a portfolio.

Design software: Use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign to produce professional designs.

Equipment needed

Design software: Graphic design requires a computer.

Graphics tablet: A graphics tablet makes elaborate designs easy.

Printer: To print designs and mockups.

Skills needed

Creativity: Graphic designers must be creative.

Communication: Clients’ design demands must be understood via good communication.

Ways to make money

Freelance employment: Many graphic designers work as freelancers, designing for customers.

Employment: Graphic designers might work in-house or for design companies.

Selling designs: Graphic artists may sell their designs online as prints, goods, or digital assets.


As more Nigerians purchase online for convenience, e-commerce is growing. 

Entrepreneurs and small company owners benefit from e-commerce enterprises’ online sales.

How to get started

Decide what to sell: Find something to sell online. This might be a book or online course.

Create an e-commerce website: Let people shop on your site. Create your online shop using Shopify or WooCommerce.

Payment and delivery: Set up credit card and mobile payment methods and a shipping partner to deliver your merchandise.

Equipment needed

Computer: Your e-commerce firm and website need a computer.

Camera: Your website needs high-quality product images.

Packing materials: Boxes and envelopes are needed to convey physical objects.

Skills needed

Marketing: Selling online requires marketing your items and company.

Customer service: Handling client questions and concerns requires good customer service abilities.

Inventory management: You need good inventory management to prevent stockouts and fulfill orders.

Ways to make money

Selling products: Online retailers in Nigeria money by selling goods and services.

Affiliate marketing: You may earn commissions by advertising other companies’ items.

Dropshipping: With dropshipping, you sell things from a provider without inventory. 

The difference between wholesale and retail prices is your profit.

App Development

Nigerian app development is growing as more people use mobile devices for communication, entertainment, and commerce. 

From social networking to e-commerce, mobile applications make it easy for companies and people to engage with clients and users.

How to get started

Pick a platform: Choose an iOS or Android platform for your app.

App development skills: Study programming languages like Java and Swift for app development.

Create your app: Use Xcode or Android Studio to construct your app.

Equipment needed

Computer: App development requires a computer for coding, testing, and debugging.

Mobile device: To test your app on a real device, you need one.

Skills needed

Programming: Java, Swift, and Kotlin are needed to construct apps.

UI/UX design: An engaging app requires strong design.

Testing and debugging: Good testing and debugging abilities are essential for a bug-free product.

Ways to make money

Selling your software: In-app purchases and app store sales might make you money.

App development: Businesses and people that require bespoke applications might hire you to design apps.

In-app advertising: Displaying adverts in your app makes money.

Final Thoughts

Making money online in Nigeria is a realistic choice for individuals who want to work from home. 

Anybody can establish a successful online business or freelance job with the correct skills, equipment, and mentality. 

Opportunities are infinite in e-commerce, app development, virtual help, and graphic design. 

Remember that internet success requires time and effort. 

Nigerians can determine their financial destiny and make use of the internet and global marketplace.

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