Nordstrom Affiliate Program: How To Make $1,000/Month

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The Nordstrom affiliate program may help fashion bloggers, influencers, and content creators make money. 

Affiliates like Nordstrom because of its high-quality fashion and beauty items and reputation. 

This article discusses the program’s compensation rates, promotional tools, and other incentives. 

We’ll also show you how to maximize your Nordstrom affiliate earnings so you can make money promoting your favorite fashion goods to your followers.

What Is Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

A Nordstrom building
A Nordstrom Building

The Nordstrom affiliate program is a marketing program that enables you to earn money through the promotion of Nordstrom’s products on your platform.

Nordstrom sells clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, and home goods.

The company was formed in Seattle, Washington in 1901 as a tiny shoe store.

Yet, it is now a well-known retail brand with over 100 US and Canadian outlets.

The Rakuten Advertising affiliate network manages the program.

The network provides affiliates with reporting and payment tracking.

How To Join Nordstrom Affiliate Program

The Rakuten affiliate network provides access to the program.

Rakuten accounts are required to apply for the affiliate program.

After you have a Rakuten account, you may search for and apply to the affiliate program.

As a Nordstrom affiliate, you will have access to real-time statistics and data to monitor your earnings and performance.

In addition, you will have access to a specialized affiliate support team that can assist you with any queries or problems.

Which Products Can You Advertise?

These are some examples of possible promotional products:

Women’s Apparel

Nordstrom sells tops, dresses, pants, and skirts for women.

You can advertise the newest fashions and trends to your audience, including designer labels and Nordstrom’s own exclusive lines.

Men’s attire

Nordstrom sells men’s suits, formal shirts, jeans, and t-shirts.

You can present your audience with the newest fashions and brands, including exclusive Nordstrom collections.


Nordstrom sells boots, sandals, and sneakers for men and women.

You can market several shoe brands and styles to your audience.

Cosmetic products

Nordstrom sells cosmetics, skincare, and scent.

You can advertise the most recent beauty products and trends, including Nordstrom’s exclusive beauty brands, to your audience.

House decor

Nordstrom sells bedding, bath, and home goods.

You can promote the latest trends and styles in home decor to your audience.


Men’s and women’s accessories are available at Nordstrom including jewelry, handbags, caps, and more.

You can promote the newest styles and brands of accessories to your audience.

Kids’ attire

Nordstrom also sells newborn, toddler, and child clothing.

You can promote the newest trends and styles in children’s fashion to your audience.


The assortment of gifts available at Nordstrom includes birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

You can advertise gift options, like Nordstrom’s gift card program, to your audience.

How Does Nordstrom Compensate Its Affiliates?

Direct deposit is an alternative for receiving compensation.

You must furnish Nordstrom with your bank account information for this.

Afterward, Nordstrom will regularly send your commission earnings directly into your bank account.

PayPal is an additional method for receiving payment.

You must furnish Nordstrom with your PayPal email address; commission money will then be deposited into that account.

You may also choose to be compensated with a Nordstrom gift card.

This is a wonderful option If you shop at Nordstrom often and can use the gift card for gifts or for yourself.

When Does Nordstrom Compensate Its Affiliates?

Affiliates of Nordstrom are paid commissions on a monthly basis.

What Marketing Resources and Promotional Instruments Are Available?

Here are some of the most important:

Text links

Nordstrom text links let you promote products on your website, blog, or social network.


You can advertise Nordstrom products on your website or blog with banners that come in different sizes and styles from Nordstrom.

Product feed data

The product data feed that Nordstrom offers contains images, descriptions, and pricing. 

You can show Nordstrom products on your website or blog using this data feed.


You can install widgets to your website or blog in order to display Nordstrom products and promotions.


As a Nordstrom employee, you can tell people about the store’s frequent sales and specials.

Email bulletins method

Regularly, Nordstrom sends out email newsletters containing information about their newest products and deals. 

You can incorporate these newsletters into your email marketing campaigns as an affiliate.

Social media

You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise Nordstrom goods.

Who Should Participate In Nordstrom Affiliate Program?

These are some examples of individuals who may like to join the program:

Fashion bloggers

Joining the program is terrific to monetize a fashion blog or social media platform.

You can earn a commission by writing product reviews, and style guides, or sharing your favorite Nordstrom products with your followers.

Fashion innovators

Fashion influencers, including fashion bloggers, can benefit from joining the program.

By promoting Nordstrom products to their big social media followings, influencers can earn a commission on sales and raise their potential earnings.

Coupon & discount website

Joining the program might be a terrific way to monetize your traffic if you operate a website that specialized in sharing bargains and coupons.

You can promote the newest Nordstrom promotions to your audience and earn a fee on any resultant sales.

YouTube fashion-oriented channels

You may incorporate Nordstrom’s products in your movies and earn a percentage on any purchases that arise.

Personal shoppers and stylists

Joining the program might be a great method for you to make money recommending Nordstrom products to your clients as a personal shopper or stylist.

Pros Of The Program

Increased commission rates

It offers significant sales commission rates.

Unlike other affiliate networks, affiliates can earn 20% of qualifying sales.

Variety of products

Fashion, cosmetics, home, and accessories are among the many products available at Nordstrom.

This means that there is a lot of variety for affiliates to promote and earn commissions on.

Strong brand reputation

Affiliates can easily market Nordstrom products because it’s a trusted brand.

The brand’s reputation and quality can help to increase conversion rates and ultimately drive more sales for affiliates.

Easy-to-use affiliate tools

It has features that make it easy for affiliates to use it, such as banners, text links, and product feeds.

Affiliates may easily promote Nordstrom products on their websites, blogs, and social media.

Consistent promotions and sales

Nordstrom has regular sales and deals that can help affiliates increase conversions and get more people to buy.

Affiliates may utilize these promotions to generate content and drive traffic to their website or social media profiles.

Strong affiliate assistance

It gives its affiliates a lot of help, like a dedicated affiliate manager and useful tools to help them do well in the program.

Cons Of The Program

Following are some of the program’s primary disadvantages:

Reduced commissions

This program has relatively low commission rates compared to other affiliate programs.

Presently, the commission rate on qualifying sales is 2% to 5%. 

This 2%–5es that affiliates will need to generate a large number of sales in order to earn a substantial quantity of money.

Limited product selection

The only things offered by Nordstrom are apparel, accessories, and cosmetics.

This can be a disadvantage for affiliates who wish to advertise a greater variety of products or who cater to a unique demographic.

Strong opposition

Many affiliates compete for the same clients and commissions through the affiliate program, which is highly competitive.

This can make it challenging for new affiliates to distinguish themselves and create sales.

Restricted geographical scope

The affiliate program is only available to affiliates in the United States at this time, which can restrict the program’s potential reach and commissions.

How To Earn $1,000 Monthly Through The Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Select the best products

The key to earning money through the affiliate program is selecting products that are of interest to your audience.

Select the products that are most likely to generate the most sales after conducting research on those that are currently in demand.

Market via social media

Use social media as a means of marketing Nordstrom’s merchandise.

Promote your affiliate links on social media and produce posts that showcase the things you’re marketing.

Create content

Write blog posts, videos, and other content highlighting Nordstrom’s merchandise.

This can include product evaluations, style tips, and other relevant information for your audience.

Create a mailing list

A fantastic strategy to market Nordstrom’s products to your audience is by building an email list.

You can send out newsletters that highlight the products you’re marketing and include your affiliate links.

Leverage SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an additional effective method for marketing Nordstrom’s merchandise.

Optimize your content for keywords that are related to the products Nordstrom sells and put your affiliate links in those articles.

Take advantage of sales and promotions

Nordstrom has sales and deals all the time, which you can use to get your audience interested in their products.

Share the details of the sale or promotion on your channels, and include your affiliate links.

Track your results

Track your outcomes to see which techniques work and which don’t.

Use this information to refine your approach and focus on the strategies that are generating the most sales.

How To Increase Your Earnings 

Select the appropriate products to market

Nordstrom has many products, so choose those that will appeal to your audience.

Look for products with high popularity and conversion rates.

Utilize Nordstrom’s affiliate software

Nordstrom offers a variety of promotional tools for their products.

Utilize these tools, including the Nordstrom banners, links, and widgets, to increase your earnings.

During peak shopping periods, market Nordstrom

During busy shopping times, like the holidays, earnings from Nordstrom’s affiliate program can go up by a lot.

Arrange your marketing campaigns properly to capitalize on these peak seasons.

Concentrate on creating a certain audience

More targeted audiences are more likely to buy your products.

Concentrate on establishing a following interest in the types of things Nordstrom sells.

Utilize social media to promote Nordstrom

Promote Nordstrom products on Instagram and Pinterest.

Use these venues to promote Nordstrom’s items and generate clicks on your affiliate links.

Track your performance and tweak as necessary

Monitor the performance of your affiliate program and make improvements as necessary.

Observe patterns in your revenue and adapt your marketing accordingly.

Conditions For Joining Nordstrom Affiliate Program

Program eligibility:

  • High-quality Nordstrom-related content on a website or blog.
  • At least 5,000 unique monthly visitors to your website or blog.
  • A precisely defined demographic that matches Nordstrom’s target audience.
  • Compliance with Nordstrom’s terms and conditions, including adherence to FTC guidelines and ethical marketing practices.
  • A legitimate tax identification number or Social Security number for tax reporting.
  • A website or blog that is both functional and user-friendly, with no technical faults or issues.
  • A strategy for marketing Nordstrom’s products and services on your website or blog, including the use of affiliate links and banners provided by Nordstrom.
  • You can apply to join the program through their partner network, Rakuten Advertising, once you meet these requirements.

Nordstrom Affiliate Program Alternatives

Macy:  Macy’s is a famous store with a product variety resembling that of Nordstrom. 

Their affiliate program offers a commission rate of up to 7 percent and a cookie duration of seven days.

Bloomingdale: Another department store that sells a variety of clothing, accessories, and home products is Bloomingdale’s. 

They offer up to a 5% commission rate, and their cookie duration is thirty days.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Saks Fifth Avenue is a prestigious department store that sells designer clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. 

They offer commission rates of up to 5%, with a cookie duration of seven days.

Revolve: Revolve sells clothes, shoes, and accessories online. They provide 10% commissions and 30-day cookies.

ASOS: ASOS sells clothes, shoes, and accessories online. They offer up to a 7% commission rate, and their cookie duration is 30 days.

These are a few affiliate programs comparable to Nordstrom that you may wish to contemplate. 

Research each one to find the finest program for you.

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Wrapping Up

Fashion influencers and bloggers may profit from the Nordstrom affiliate program by promoting Nordstrom’s high-quality products. 

Fashion affiliates choose Nordstrom for its attractive commission rate, vast selection of promotional tools, and respected brand name.

Try out the affiliate program today to promote your fashion content and earn passive cash!

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