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I like the Surfshark affiliate program.

Do you know why?

It is a lucrative affiliate scheme.

It pays a high commission rate and has a long cookie duration.

At its best, this affiliate scheme has a high conversion rate.

But that is not all; it is growing at an exponential rate.

Read our guide to discover other aspects that make this program special.

Program Overview

A Synopsis Of The Program

Surfshark page

You will learn more about how the Surfshark scheme works—qualifications, payments, and much more.

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Minimum Payout Threshold: $100

Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer

Platforms: Tunes, Impact Radius, Avant

Want to join now? Well, here is the link.

Does Surfshark Have an Affiliate Program?

Surfshark affiliate program home page

Yes, Surfshark does have an affiliate arrangement.

All content creators in the technology, online security, privacy, streaming, and travel niches can participate in this affiliate program.

What Is the Surfshark Affiliate Program?

The Surfshark affiliate program is an advertising scheme for content creators to promote Surfshark VPN services through their unique referral links.

Affiliates attract customers to Surfshark products on their official website.

The more customers are driven to the website, the more money Surfshark makes.

The affiliates are paid commissions.

So it is a win-win situation.

Secrets To Success!

Write great articles or blog posts that solve the problems of your readers.

Make use of relevant keywords and phrases related to VPN and Surfshark in your content to attract organic traffic.

Remember to optimize your content for search engines to increase visibility—place keywords in the title, alt, and more.

How Does the Surfshark affiliate program work?

If you want to monetize your content, visit the affiliate program’s official page first, and then sign up to become an affiliate.

Once you are approved, you will have access to marketing tools like text links, banners, and others.

Embed the tools in your content, be it blog posts, videos, or social media posts, to start promoting Surfshark products.

Readers who click on the links are directed to products on the website.

When they sign up or buy, you earn up to 40% of the revenue from new sales.

The more people make purchases, the more money you make.

Is the Surfshark affiliate program free?

Yes, you can join the Surfshark affiliate scheme at no cost.

There are membership fees.

All you need is a platform to promote Surfshark products.

What Products Can You Promote?

You can promote Surfshark.

Surfshark One is a bundle.

It includes Surfshark VPN, Surfshark Alert, and Surfshark Search.

products to promote with surfshark affiliate program

So when you promote Surfshark, you will promote all the products. 

Depending on your choice, you can promote all three products or just focus on one.

Surfshark VPN service: Surfshark VPN hides users IP addresses on the internet.

With this service, users can enjoy high-speed internet connections and access websites that are restricted in their area.

Users are also guaranteed online security and privacy.

Surfshark Alert: Surfshark Alert scans the dark web for your personal information—name, email address, phone number, etc.

If your information is found, it sends you a notification so that you can take action to protect your data.

Surfshark Search, a private search engine: Surfshark search doesn’t record users’ search history to protect your privacy.

It does not store users’ IP addresses either.

So users can browse the internet without worrying about their privacy being at risk.

How Much Do Surfshark Affiliates Make?

Total commissions vary from one publisher to another.

The variance is attributed to different factors.

The amount you make largely depends on the quality of the content you create and how effectively you promote Surfshark products to your audience.

What are the Commission Rates?

The standard commission rate is 40%.

You will earn up to a 40% commission on all sales.

This means that for every new subscriber you refer to Surfshark, you will earn 40% of their subscription fee.

How Long Does the Cookie Last?

The cookie lasts 30 days.

If a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and then purchases a Surfshark subscription within this period, you will earn a commission on the sale.

And 30 days is a relatively long cookie duration.

So you have plenty of time to convert your visitors into customers.

How Affiliates Get Paid From Surfshark?

The affiliate program offers different payment options, namely PayPal and bank account.

The minimum payout threshold is $100.

This means that you must earn at least $100 in commissions before you can request a payout.

The minimum payout threshold is relatively high.

Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Available

Surfshark offers different materials and tools for creating effective marketing campaigns to drive sales.

Text links: Text links are flexible. You can place them anywhere on a blog or other online platforms.

But place them in strategic places on a blog for the best results.

Banner ads: Banners contain images, texts, and sometimes animations.

They are good for promoting affiliate products as they visually showcase the product itself.

They are better than text links.

Pro Tip: Choose eye-catching banners. Place them in your sidebar, header, or footer.

Who Should Join Surfshark Affiliate Program?

The best candidates for the program:

Tech bloggers and reviewers

Tech bloggers and reviewers are already in the niche.

So they are well-positioned to promote Surfshark’s VPN products to their audience effectively.

In addition, they already have an audience that is interested in technology and cybersecurity.

They can write blog post reviews about Surfshark VPN and its features. 

Alternatively, they can compare Surfshark VPN to other VPN providers and highlight its advantages to their audience.

Tech Youtubers and reviewers

Tech Youtubers and reviewers are the best people to join this program.

They already have an audience in the niche.

The YouTubers can create videos that review Surfshark VPN and its features.

Then place Surfshark VPN affiliate links in the YouTube videos and descriptions.

Cybersecurity experts

Cybersecurity experts specialize in technology-related topics.

They built trust among their followers. So they are the best people to promote the products to their audience.

They can write blog posts about the importance of online privacy and security.

Online privacy advocates

Online privacy advocates value people’s online privacy and security. 

So they can also be the best people to promote VPN services. 

They can create content to educate their audience about the benefits of using VPNs.

VPN users

VPN users will make the best affiliates for this program. 

They have experience using Surfshark. 

So they know its pros and cons.

They can write blog posts and create videos about their personal experiences using Surfshark VPN.

Is the Surfshark Affiliate Program Worth It?

Surfshark pays a generous commission rate of 40% on all sales, which is higher than many other VPN affiliate programs.

The cookie life is 30 days.

This means that you can earn revenue shares on any sales that are made within 30 days of a person clicking on your affiliate link.

It is a relatively long period of time.

However, this affiliate program has pros and cons.


High commission rate: Surfshark pays up to 40% commission rate on all sales.

This is one of the highest commission rates in the industry.

So for every sale you generate, you will earn 40% of the revenue.

Long cookie life: You will enjoy a cookie life of 30 days.

It is one of the longest cookie lives in the VPN affiliate industry.

Dedicated support team: Surfshark has a dedicated support team for affiliates.

You can contact them by email or live chat.

So you can always get the help you need when you need it.

Transparency: Surfshark provides affiliates with reporting and analytics.

Affiliates are able to track their performance in real-time.

With this feature, affiliates can optimize their marketing efforts.


High minimum payout threshold: Surfshark’s minimum payout threshold is $100.

It is higher than some other affiliate programs I have reviewed so far.

This means that you need to make at least $100 in commissions to get paid.

Conclusion: Is Surfshark affiliate program worth it?

Yes, it is worth it.

You will be paid up to a 40% commission rate on all sales.

This is a relatively high commission rate in the affiliate marketing industry.

You will be offered a cookie life of 30 days, which is higher than most programs in the industry.

How To Join the Program

  • Visit the site’s affiliate program official page and click “ Became a member” button
surfshark affiliate home page
  • Fill out the application form
  • Wait for approval 
  • Access affiliate resources
  • Promote Surfshark
  • Earn commissions
  • Receive payouts

Alternatively, you can sign up to become a publisher on affiliate networks that host the program. Sign up on:

  • Impact Radius
  • AvantLin
  • Tunes
  • VigLink
  • MyLead

Requirements To Join the Affiliate Program

Basically, there are no strict requirements for joining this program.

However, you will need to have an audience that is interested in VPN services.

When filling out the application form, you will have to accept or check the terms and conditions box.

However, a website is not a requirement.

You can apply to become an affiliate even without a website.

Does Surfshark Support Affiliates?

Yes, they do support affiliates.

Affiliates are given affiliate managers.

They are there to guide them.

They contact them for questions about the affiliate program.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

Target the right keywords: Target high-search volume keywords in your niche.

This will help you to reach as many people as possible.

So more people will likely click on your affiliate links.

Partner with other bloggers and influencers: Look for well-established bloggers and influencers in your niche.

Request them to partner with you.

You can write guest posts on their sites, or create joint webinars.

With these strategies, you will promote the products to more people effectively.

Be persistent: The VPN niche is highly competitive.

Your efforts may not yield results immediately.

So don’t despair if you don’t see results immediately.

Just continue creating good content for your audience.

Content that offers solutions to their challenges.

Experiment: Test different strategies. Try different headlines, and content formats.

This will optimize your marketing campaigns, and ultimately increase your conversion rates.

Alternatives To the Surfshark Affiliate Program

Looking for more affiliate programs in this niche? 

There are more programs of this nature that can increase your affiliate earnings.

Here are the alternatives:

Nordvpn affiliate program

Nordvpn is the best VPN for speed.

You will enjoy safe browsing, password security, and encrypted files.

Nordvpn affiliate program pays affiliates 100% commission on monthly new sign-ups, and 40% commission on the rest of the subscriptions.

The life span of the cookie is 30 days.

IPVanish affiliate program 

IPVanish is the best VPN for online privacy.

It enhances your online security and privacy.

They have an app for Android and iOS.

IPVanish affiliate program offers one of the highest commission rates. Affiliates get paid up to 50% commission, which is half of the revenue.

The cookie life span is also incredible – 45 days.

This is one of the highest cookie lives.

CyberGhost affiliate program

CyberGhost is one of the oldest VPN service providers.

It operates on platforms like Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux. 

CyberGhost prioritizes privacy.

CyberGhost affiliate scheme is a great partnership scheme.

Its affiliates get paid up to up to 100% on monthly sales, and 45% on the other plans.

They also have one of the longest cookie durations.

The CyberGhost affiliate program gives 45 days cookie duration.

ProtonVPN affiliate program

ProtonVPN VPN service was developed by a group of scientists.

With ProtonVPN, users can browse safely and easily access blocked content.

ProtonVPN affiliate program pays affiliates 100% commission on monthly sign-ups, and 40% on other plans. 

Affiliates get a 30% renewal commission whenever a customer renews a subscription. 

Their cookie life span is 30 days.

 PrivateVPN affiliate program 

PrivateVPN is the best private VPN service provider.

It offers users unlimited speed and online safety when using public Wi-Fi networks.

With the PrivateVPN affiliate program, affiliates earn up to 30% revenue share of the sale with a cookie duration of 60 days 

PureVPN affiliate program 

PureVPN is one of the best VPN service providers.

It offers secure and fast VPN service.

They own more than 6500 encrypted VPN servers.

It hides users’ information and allows them to access blocked information.

PureVPN affiliate program pays up to 40% commission per sale with a cookie life span of 90 days. 

Tunnelbear affiliate program 

Tunnelbear makes your experience of browsing the web more secure. 

It encrypts your online connection to ensure security. 

With Tunnelbear, you can browse the internet from 47 countries.

Tunnelbear can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

With Tunnelbear, you can browse the internet from 47 countries.

The Tunnelbear affiliate program offers a 50% revenue share with a cookie duration of 45 days.

Final Thoughts

Affiliates make lots of money in commissions with the affiliate scheme.

The reasons are simple.

It is in a lucrative niche.

The affiliate program is generous.

The commission rate is 40%.

Talking about the cookie duration, it gives a long cookie duration.

The cookie lifespan is 30 days.

Most importantly, the brand’s products are in high demand.

So it has a high conversion rate.

Join the affiliate scheme now.

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