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The Tarte affiliate program is offered by Tarte Cosmetics.

Tarte Cosmetics, a prominent cosmetics and skincare company, may be familiar to beauty enthusiasts and content creators. 

Tarte is known for its cruelty-free, vegan makeup. Influencers also market their products on social media. 

Join the program to promote Tarte products and earn income. 

This blog post explains the affiliate program and how to join it.

What Is Tarte Affiliate Program?

The Tarte affiliate program is a marketing relationship between Tarte Cosmetics and affiliates that promote their goods across multiple platforms. 

The program is operated through the Rakuten Advertising platform, which includes real-time tracking of clicks, purchases, and commissions. 

It is a terrific method for beauty aficionados and content producers to make passive income while promoting goods they love.

How To Join Tarte Affiliate Program

Steps are:

  • Visit Rakuten Advertising’s Tarte affiliate program page.
  • Click “Join Now”.
  • Complete the application.
  • Tarte’s affiliate team approves in 1-2 business days.
  • After approval, join Tarte in Rakuten Advertising.
  • Accept program terms.
  • Start marketing Tarte with your personal affiliate link or discount code.
  • Make sure your website or social media outlet matches Tarte’s brand values and aesthetics to increase your chances of being accepted for the program. 

A large, engaged audience and a clear Tarte product promotion plan are also crucial. 

To guarantee success as a Tarte affiliate, read the program’s principles and best practices.

What Products Can You Promote?

As a Tarte associate, you may sell a variety of cosmetics and skincare. 

Popular categories of items to market include:

Makeup: This contains Tarte’s renowned foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and mascaras.

Skincare: Tarte sells masks, cleansers, moisturizers, and serums.

Brushes and tools: Tarte sells high-quality brushes and instruments for perfect makeup application.

Collections: Tarte offers limited edition collections for holidays and other events, which are popular with customers.

Commission Rate

Product category and affiliate performance determine the program compensation rates. 

Affiliates get 15% on Tarte purchases made through their unique link or promo code. 

The affiliate’s sales success and the items recommended might enhance commission rates. 

Affiliates with over $10,000 in monthly sales can earn 20% commission.

Tarte rewards top affiliates with cash and incentives. 

Cash bonuses, unique discounts, and early access to new product releases are examples of these incentives.

Before joining the program, be sure the commission structure and incentives meet your expectations and goals.

Cookie Duration

The cookies last 30 days. Whenever a buyer uses your affiliate link or discount code to buy from Tarte within 30 days, you’ll get a commission. 

When marketing Tarte products, cookie length affects how long you have to earn a commission.

How Do You Get Paid From Tarte As An Affiliate?

Payment options for affiliates include:

Wire transfer: Tarte can transmit cash directly to affiliates’ bank accounts. Wire transfers may cost extra.

PayPal: Affiliates can get paid using PayPal, a secure online payment channel. Affiliates need PayPal to utilize this strategy.

Monthly payments start at $50. Tarte may suspend or cancel payments if it detects fraud or suspicious conduct.

When Does Tarte Pay Affiliates?

Tarte pays its affiliates regularly, usually within the first 10 working days of the month. 

For instance, affiliates who earn earnings in January should expect payment in the first 10 working days of February.

What Marketing Materials And Promotional Tools Are Available?

Tarte offers its affiliates a wide choice of marketing materials and promotional tools to promote its goods. 

These items assist affiliates sell and promote Tarte goods. 

The following marketing materials and promotional tools are available:

Banners: Tarte offers banner advertisements in many sizes and designs for affiliates to utilize on their websites and social media platforms.

Text links: Affiliates can utilize unique text links to promote Tarte’s items or categories.

Special discounts: Tarte offers exclusive discounts and coupon codes for affiliates to give their audience, which can boost conversions.

Product photos and descriptions: Affiliates may access high-quality photographs and extensive product descriptions for all Tarte items.

Social media assets: Tarte offers images and movies for affiliates to utilize on social media to advertise their goods.

Product feed: Affiliates may utilize Tarte’s product feed to display goods on their websites and social media.

Who Should Join Tarte Affiliate Program?

The software works for:

Influencers and beauty bloggers

Whether you have a beauty, cosmetics, or fashion blog or social media following, the program may help you monetize your content and earn income.

Review websites

If you review beauty and cosmetic items, you can join the program to make it easy for your visitors to buy Tarte goods and earn income.

Coupon and deal websites

If you offer coupons and deals for various items, it can provide you with special discounts and coupon codes to offer your audience.

Niche websites

If your website promotes vegan or cruelty-free beauty goods, it is a terrific opportunity to market Tarte’s products.

Anybody interested in cosmetics and beauty

If you love cosmetics and beauty goods and want to make money selling them, it is perfect for you.

Pros Of The Program

It gives affiliates many perks, including:

Marketing materials and promotional resources

To assist affiliates promote Tarte goods, Tarte offers a variety of marketing materials and promotional tools, including unique discounts and coupon codes.

Tarte’s affiliates receive great assistance and resources from Rakuten Advertising. 

Affiliates get program and product upgrades, a specialized support team, and a variety of reporting tools.

Frequent incentives and bonuses

Tarte offers regular incentives and bonuses to its affiliates, including enhanced commission rates and unique product debuts.

No minimum payout threshold

Affiliates can collect their money immediately because Tarte does not have a minimum payout requirement.

Cons Of The Program

The affiliate program has several drawbacks:

Restricted product selection

Tarte offers high-quality beauty and cosmetics items.

But its variety is less than other beauty companies, making it harder for affiliates to locate products that match their audience’s preferences.

International affiliates may have limited sales and audience because Tarte only distributes to the US and Canada.

Tight limits and conditions

Tarte affiliates cannot bid on trademarked keywords or use specified advertising materials. 

These rules can lead to program suspension or termination.

Tarte only accepts PayPal, which certain affiliates may not like.

How To Make $1,000 Per Month With Tarte Affiliate Program

Maximize your revenue using these tips:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Optimize your content for search engines to gain visibility and new readers. 

Employ keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags to boost your content’s search engine rating.

Work with other influencers

Promote Tarte goods with other beauty influencers and bloggers to reach new audiences.

Monitor your performance and alter your strategies

Check your performance often and adapt your strategies. Tarte’s reporting tools can help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

How To Maximize Your Earnings

These techniques will help you earn more:

Craft good content

Create entertaining, useful, and relevant material for your audience. 

Help your audience make educated purchases by posting Tarte product reviews, tips, and swatches.

Use Tarte’s promotional tools to entice customers to buy through your affiliate link.

Promote Tarte items consistently

Use your website, social media, and email newsletter to promote Tarte products. 

This keeps your audience interested and updated about new items and offers.

Effectively use social media

Promote Tarte goods on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Increase your reach and impact by using hashtags, posting consistently, and engaging with followers.


Optimize your material for search engines with keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags. 

This will boost your content’s search engine rankings and site traffic.

Work with other influencers

Promote Tarte goods with other beauty influencers and bloggers to reach new audiences.

Track clicks, conversions, and revenue with Tarte’s reporting tools. This will help you identify what works and what doesn’t.

Requirements To Join Tarte Affiliate Program

This requires the following:

  • Tarte’s brand and goods must be featured on your website or blog.
  • The US or Canada is required.
  • 18 is the minimum age.
  • PayPal is required for payment.
  • You must accept Tarte’s affiliate rules.
  • Tarte affiliates must apply through Rakuten Marketing’s affiliate network.
  • Your blog or website must have a professional design and constantly updated material.

If you match these conditions and become a Tarte affiliate, you may earn a commission by marketing their goods on your website or blog.

Alternatives To Tarte Affiliate Program

Sephora affiliate program

Sephora is a beauty and skincare business with a wide choice of items. 

On sales made using your referral link, their affiliate program pays up to 5%.

Ulta affiliate program

Ulta Beauty, another renowned beauty and skincare company, pays up to 2% on sales earned through your referral link. 

Their affiliates receive a variety of marketing materials to sell their products.

Beautylish affiliate program

Luxury beauty items are sold online by Beautylish. 

One of the beauty industry’s highest-paying affiliate programs, their referral link sales earn up to 10% compensation.

Glossier affiliate program

Glossier is a prominent cosmetics business that makes simple, high-quality products. 

Their affiliate program offers a compensation rate of up to 10% on sales made through your referral link plus special deals and content to increase sales.

Macy’s affiliate program

Macy’s sells cosmetics, skincare, and perfumes. 

Their affiliate network provides unique deals and promotions and up to 5% income on transactions made through your referral link.

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Final Thoughts

Beauty influencers and bloggers may earn revenue by promoting Tarte’s premium cosmetics and skin care products through the affiliate program. 

The program offers reasonable commission rates, special incentives, and a user-friendly website for tracking profits and performance. 

Tarte’s commitment to eco-friendly and cruelty-free products coincides with many current customers’ ideals, making it a fantastic choice for individuals who wish to support ethical and ecological beauty. 

The Tarte affiliate network is a great opportunity to make money from your love of beauty and support a business that values quality and social responsibility.

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