Chime Affiliate Program: How To Make $1,000 Per Month

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Chime, a popular mobile banking service, offers the Chime affiliate program. 

By promoting Chime and introducing new users, individuals and businesses may earn commissions. 

Sharing your unique referral link on social media, blogs, and other online platforms can earn you money as an Affiliate. 

We’ll explain the Chime affiliate program, its perks, and how to join in this blog article. 

It is a great way to make money or promote a financial service you believe in.

What Is Chime Affiliate Program?

The Chime affiliate program is a referral program offered by Chime, a mobile banking app that aims to simplify banking and help people lead healthier financial lives. 

The program allows individuals and businesses to earn commissions by promoting Chime and referring new customers to the app. 

You’ll get a referral link as a Chime affiliate to post on social media, blogs, and other venues. 

When someone clicks on your referral link and signs up for Chime, you will earn a commission. 

Promoting a financial service you trust in through it might earn you additional money.

How To Join Chime Affiliate Program


  • Visit Go to Chime’s affiliates page. 
  • Complete the application: To access the application form, click “Join today” on the Chime Affiliates page. Fill out the form with your name, email, and website or social media connections.
  • Wait for approval: The Chime Affiliate team must approve your application. 
  • Start promoting Chime: When your application is approved, you’ll receive your unique referral link and marketing materials. 
  • Start advertising Chime and earning commissions by posting your link on your website, social media, or other online platforms.

What Products Can You Promote?

The Chime affiliate network enables you to market financial products and services. 

Products you may market include:

Chime Spending Account

This fee-free mobile banking account includes a Visa debit card that may be used everywhere Visa is accepted.

Chime Credit Builder

Customers may develop credit with this secured credit card.

Chime Savings Account

This high-yield savings account pays interest on deposits and has no fees.

Chime Automatic Savings Program

This option lets consumers save a portion of their income or other incoming monies automatically.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit

This function lets users deposit checks via their phones.

Chime SpotMe

This optional function allows clients to overdraw their accounts without costs.

Social media, email, and content marketing may be used to advertise these products and services as an affiliate.

Commission Rates

Chime affiliate commission rates depend on the deal or campaign being promoted. Chime pays $75 for each Spending Account sign-up.

Cookie Duration

The cookie length is 30-90 days.

How Do You Get Paid From Chime As An Affiliate?

As a Chime affiliate, you may get cash for successful referrals in many ways:

Most affiliates choose direct deposit because it deposits commission money straight into their bank accounts.

PayPal: Chime lets you get commissions promptly and instantly using PayPal.

Check: If you prefer to receive payments via mail, you can request a check.

When Does Chime Pay Affiliates?

Their payment schedule is not publicly available. 

Financial services affiliate programs often pay monthly to quarterly, depending on the program and conditions.

The Chime affiliate program may have certain payment timeframes and minimum compensation criteria. 

So it’s vital to study their program guidelines and payment details carefully to ensure you satisfy the requirements for payment.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

The program offers marketing materials and promotional tools to assist affiliates advertise their products and services. 

Affiliates can use:

Custom links: Affiliates can create unique referral links to Chime goods and services to monitor referrals and commissions.

Banners and Ads: Affiliates can use Chime’s banners and advertising on websites and social media.

Email marketing templates: Affiliates can personalize Chime’s email marketing templates.

Landing pages: Affiliates may utilize Chime’s configurable landing pages to generate traffic and conversions for certain products and services.

Content and copy: Chime provides affiliates with pre-written content and text for blog articles, social media postings, and more.

Real-time reporting and analytics allow affiliates to track referrals and commissions.

Chime may provide affiliates extra promotional tools and resources.

So check their program requirements and contact their support staff.

Who Should Join Chime Affiliate Program?

The program may suit a number of people and businesses who want to promote financial goods and services to their audience. 

Affiliates for the program include:

Personal finance bloggers

If you maintain a personal finance blog or website, you may advertise Chime’s financial products and services to assist your readers to manage their money.

Sponsored posts and other promotional content from social media influencers can promote Chime’s products and services to their followers.

Affiliate marketers

If you’re a skilled affiliate marketer, you can promote Chime’s products and services and earn rewards on successful referrals.

Financial advisors

Chime’s goods and services can help clients save money and better manage their finances.

Company owners

To offer extra perks and resources, business owners can advertise Chime’s financial products and services to their employees and consumers.

Before applying to become an affiliate, study the program conditions and contact their support staff for more information.

Pros Of The Program

Benefits of joining:

High commission rates

Chime pays $75 for each legitimate Spending Account sign-up, which may be a major source of cash for affiliates who can drive successful referrals.

High-converting items

Chime’s financial products and services are meant to appeal to a wide audience and might be an enticing option for anyone seeking alternative banking solutions or fee savings.

Marketing materials and resources

Chime offers a variety of marketing materials and tools to assist affiliates to advertise their products and services, including personalized links, banners and adverts, email templates, landing pages, and more.

Real-time reporting and analytics

A dashboard with thorough data and analytics lets affiliates track referrals and commissions in real-time, helping them optimize their marketing efforts and increase ROI.

Reputation and brand recognition

Chime’s solid reputation in the financial services area may help affiliates develop trust with their audience and increase conversions.

Cons Of The Program

The program has some advantages, but it also has several drawbacks:

Restricted regional availability

Chime’s products and services are only offered to US clients, which may limit affiliates’ reach.

Restricted commission options

Chime’s Spending Account has a set compensation amount of $75 for each legitimate sign-up, which may limit affiliates’ earning possibilities.

High payment barrier

Chime’s $250 payout threshold means affiliates must make a lot of successful referrals to get paid.

Inadequate customer assistance

Chime’s customer care service has been hard to reach for some affiliates, making it hard to address issues or receive answers.

How To Make $1,000 Per Month With Chime Affiliate Program

With the correct techniques and approaches, the program may earn $1,000 each month. 

These ideas can help you optimize your Chime affiliate earnings:

Develop high-quality content

To attract and engage your audience, create high-quality, relevant material that answers their needs and interests. 

Blog pieces, social media material, videos, and more.

Utilize social media

Social media may be a strong tool for promoting Chime’s products and services and driving traffic to your affiliate connections. 

To reach more people, consider sponsoring articles, running targeted advertisements, or working with influencers.

Improve your website for conversions

Include intriguing headlines, clear calls-to-action, and user-friendly design. 

Create an email list

Creating an email list can help nurture leads and convert them over time. 

To get people to sign up for your email list, give them a free ebook or checklist as a lead magnet.

Provide incentives

Providing incentives like cashback or special deals will motivate your audience to sign up for Chime’s products and services through your affiliate connections.

Network and collaborate

Working with other affiliates or influencers in your niche will help you reach more people and get more recommendations. 

Attend industry events, participate in online forums, or contact possible partners directly.

Monitor and evaluate your results

Tracking and analyzing referral data and other critical indicators can help you enhance revenues and success. 

Utilize analytics and data dashboards to spot patterns and chances for improvement.

Your specialty, demographics, and marketing strategy will determine the success of the affiliate program. 

How To Maximize Your Earnings

Target the right demographic

Chime’s products and services are more likely to appeal to a certain target. 

Target people who wish to save money on fees or prefer alternative banking.

Promote Chime’s main products

The spending account and Credit Builder are likely to be the most popular.

Useful information

Create high-quality content that educates and informs your audience about Chime’s products and services. This can build trust and boost conversions.

Provide incentives

Cashback or other discounts may entice your audience to join Chime through your affiliate connections.

Utilize Chime’s marketing resources

Chime offers a number of marketing tools and materials to help affiliates promote their products and services. 

Use these materials to improve your marketing and raise your chances of success.

Monitor your progress

Analyze referral data and other key indicators to identify what works and what doesn’t. 

Use this information to promote sales and marketing.

These tips will boost your Chime affiliate earnings and help you build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Requirements To Join Chime Affiliate Program

You must satisfy these conditions to join the program:

  • 18 or older
  • A popular website or social media account
  • Have a valid tax ID or social security number
  • Live in the US
  • Agree to the program terms and conditions.
  • To verify your identity and eligibility, Chime may request more information or documents. 

If you satisfy all the qualifications, you may apply to become a Chime affiliate on their website.

Alternatives To Chime Affiliate Program

Here are some alternatives to consider:

Credit Card affiliate programs – Several credit card firms give commissions for advertising their cards, similar to bank affiliate programs. 

American Express, Citi, and Chase are examples.

Personal finance affiliate networksCredit Karma, Mint, and NerdWallet. 

Credit score monitoring and budgeting tools are promoted by these programs for commission.

Investing affiliate programs – Investment platforms like Robinhood, Acorns, and Stash provide compensation for advertising their services.

Insurance affiliate programs – Geico, Allstate, and State Farm provide affiliate programs that pay commissions for recommending their insurance products.

Final Thoughts

The Chime affiliate program allows individuals or businesses to earn money by promoting Chime’s innovative and simple banking services. 

Chime has gained popularity among customers because of the rise of Internet banking and mobile financial apps. 

The program offers a fair compensation rate and a range of marketing resources to assist affiliates sell Chime’s goods. 

Before joining any affiliate program, read and understand the terms and conditions. 

This affiliate program might be a good opportunity to make additional money while promoting a valuable and creative financial service.

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