BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program: How To Make $1,000 Per Month

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Are you a cosmetics lover who wants to make money? BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program is your best bet! 

BH Cosmetics is a top makeup company that sells inexpensive, high-quality products globally. 

You may make money by recommending BH Cosmetics items as an affiliate. 

In this blog article, we’ll cover the BH Cosmetics affiliate program’s features, commission rates, and how to join. 

What Is BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

BH Cosmetics affiliate program allows individuals or organizations to promote BH Cosmetics products and earn commission on purchases made through their unique affiliate link. 

BH Cosmetics sells lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundations. 

Depending on the product and your affiliate tier, you can earn 5% to 15% of each sale made through your link as a BH Cosmetics affiliate. 

Affiliates can promote BH Cosmetics products using the program’s marketing materials and resources.

How To Join BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

It’s easy to join the program. These are the directions:

  • Go to the bottom of the BH Cosmetics website.
  • Select “Affiliate Program” under “About Us.”
  • You’ll be taken to the affiliate program website to learn about its perks.
  • To sign up as an affiliate, click “Join Today.”
  • Provide your contact and personal details on the registration form.
  • Read and consent to the affiliate program terms.
  • Wait for approval after submitting your application.

Your unique affiliate link, marketing materials, and profits will be available in your affiliate dashboard after approval.

BH Cosmetics examines all affiliate applications and reserves the right to reject those that don’t fit their standards. 

To improve your chances of acceptance, offer correct and comprehensive information during registration.

What Products Can You Promote For BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

You may promote different products through the program.

BH Cosmetics has inexpensive cosmetics for all skin types, textures, and preferences. 

You can promote these affiliate products:

  • Eyeshadows
  • Lipsticks
  • Foundations
  • Concealers
  • Blushes
  • Bronzers
  • Highlighters
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eyeliners
  • Mascara

It’s crucial to check the revenue structure before marketing a product because commission rates vary by product and affiliate tier.

Commission Rate

The program offers tiered compensation rates from 5% to 15%. 

After subtracting discounts, refunds, and shipping expenses, your affiliate link generates net revenues.

Affiliate tier’s revenue rates are:

Tier 1: Affiliates with up to $1,000 in monthly net sales earn 5%.

Tier 2: Affiliates that create between $1,001 and $5,000 in net sales each month receive a 10% commission.

Then Tier 3: 15% commission for affiliates with over $5,000 in net sales per month.

Top affiliates receive unique discounts, early product access, and higher compensation rates from BH Cosmetics. 

These benefits might vary and are disclosed to affiliates via the affiliate newsletter or dashboard.

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration is 30 days. When a person clicks on your affiliate link, their browser stores a cookie. 

It lets BH Cosmetics track user behavior and assign sales to your affiliate account within 30 days.

How Do You Get Paid From BH Cosmetics As An Affiliate?

PayPal is used to pay affiliates. To receive compensation, your affiliate account must be linked to a legitimate PayPal account. 

The minimum payout level is $50, and payments are paid monthly.

When Does BH Cosmetics Pay Affiliates?

In the first two weeks of each month, BH Cosmetics compensates affiliates. 

For instance, BH Cosmetics pays January commissions in February’s first two weeks.

Your commission balance must reach $50 before BH Cosmetics can pay you. If it’s under $50, your balance will carry over.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

The following marketing resources and promotional tools are accessible to BH Cosmetics affiliates:

Banner advertisements: BH Cosmetics affiliates can use a range of banner ads on their websites and blogs.

Text links: Use text links in your blog articles, social media postings, and email newsletters to link to BH Cosmetics’ website.

Coupon codes: BH Cosmetics associates can share special coupon codes. These coupons might encourage BH Cosmetics purchases from your audience.

Product feeds: BH Cosmetics affiliates may use product feeds to display the latest goods on their websites and blogs.

Email newsletters: BH Cosmetics affiliates may send email newsletters to their audience with their unique affiliate link.

Social media content: BH Cosmetics affiliates can publish brand and product material on social media.

Video material: BH Cosmetics provides affiliates with video content to promote the brand and its products on their websites and social media.

Who Should Join BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

Anybody who wants to promote BH Cosmetics goods and be paid can join the affiliate program. 

Nonetheless, it may be especially applicable to:

Beauty bloggers and influencers who routinely post beauty tutorials, product reviews, and cosmetics material.

  • Cosmetics and beauty product bloggers and social media users.
  • Those who want to make additional money through affiliate marketing.

If you have an audience interested in cosmetics and beauty goods, joining might be a terrific opportunity to earn income while sharing your love of makeup.

Pros Of The Program

Benefits include:

High-quality, inexpensive items: BH Cosmetics’ extensive choice of high-quality, affordable cosmetics makes it easy for affiliates to advertise the products to their audience.

30-day cookie length: Affiliates can earn commissions on sales even if customers don’t buy right away using the 30-day cookie duration.

Marketing materials: BH Cosmetics gives affiliates banners, text links, and product feeds to advertise their items.

Monthly payouts: BH Cosmetics pays affiliates monthly, guaranteeing revenue.

BH Cosmetics is a renowned cosmetics brand, making it easy for affiliates to promote the products.

Cons Of The Program

Despite its numerous benefits, it has some drawbacks:

Minimum compensation threshold: Before receiving paid, BH Cosmetics associates must exceed $50. 

This level determines whether an affiliate’s balance rolls over to the next month.

BH Cosmetics provides a large assortment of cosmetic goods, but affiliates may find the selection lacking compared to other beauty companies.

Affiliates may struggle to distinguish out in the beauty sector, which is very competitive.

Tight affiliate conditions: BH Cosmetics has rigorous affiliate requirements that must be obeyed to prevent having your affiliate account suspended or canceled.

Payment processing fees: BH Cosmetics charges affiliates a 2% PayPal processing fee, which reduces commission.

How To Make $1,000 Per Month With BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

With the appropriate plan and commitment, you may make $1,000 per month with the program. 

These ideas may assist you to prosper:

Develop a focused audience 

The first step to success with any affiliate network is to establish a targeted audience interested in your products. 

To attract clients, consider posting cosmetics and beauty content on Instagram, YouTube, or a blog.

Write compelling content

Showcase the benefits of BH Cosmetics products to urge your readers to buy through your affiliate link. 

Provide cosmetic tutorials, product reviews, or sponsored blogs that showcase BH Cosmetics’ quality and cost.

Use BH Cosmetics marketing materials

Banners, text links, and product feeds are available to affiliates to promote their items. 

Use these assets to entice customers into your content.

Provide special promotions

Discount coupons and prizes might encourage your audience to buy through your affiliate link. 

This might enhance sales and commissions.

Improve your affiliate link placement

Place your links strategically. 

To make buying simple for your audience, include them in product reviews, tutorials, and social media postings.

Be reliable

With affiliate marketing, consistency is essential. 

To keep your audience interested and improve your commissions, provide material and promote BH Cosmetics items consistently.

How To Maximize Your Earnings

Promote high-converting products

Products with high conversion rates are more likely to produce sales and commissions. 

Eyeshadow palettes are among BH Cosmetics’ best-selling items.

Provide useful content

Makeup tutorials and product reviews that highlight BH Cosmetics’ advantages are essential information. 

This will develop trust with your audience and increase affiliate link purchases.

Provide special deals

Try providing your audience with exclusive promotions like discount coupons or free delivery, to encourage them to buy through your affiliate link. 

This can boost conversions and commissions.

Email marketing

Promote BH Cosmetics items to your subscribers with email marketing. 

Include your affiliate link in the email and underline the benefits of the items you’re marketing.

Requirements To Join BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

The primary BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program requirements: 

An active website or social media presence

To become a BH Cosmetics affiliate, you need a website or social media account to market their products and share your affiliate links.

Relevant content

Your website or social media presence should offer relevant cosmetics, beauty, or fashion content that matches BH Cosmetics’ brand and products.

Quality traffic

Your audience must be engaged and interested in your content to visit your website or social media pages.

BH Cosmetics targets affiliates with large, engaged audiences who are likely to buy their goods.

Compliance with affiliate marketing best practices

You must comply with affiliate marketing best practices and the program rules and regulations, including declaring your affiliate affiliation and using ethical and honest advertising tactics.

Achieving these standards is crucial to being a successful affiliate.

Alternatives To BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

There are many more affiliate marketing programs for cosmetics and beauty products outside the BH Cosmetics brand:

Sephora affiliate program

Sephora’s affiliate program offers reasonable commission rates and 7-day cookie duration.

Ulta affiliate program

Another renowned cosmetics and beauty company, Ulta Beauty, provides a 5% compensation rate on sales made through your unique affiliate links.

MAC Cosmetics affiliate program

MAC Cosmetics is a popular makeup company with an affiliate program that pays 3% on purchases earned through your unique links.

Tarte Cosmetics affiliate program

The cruelty-free beauty brand’s affiliate program pays 15% on purchases generated through your unique links.

ColourPop affiliate program

ColourPop is a budget-friendly beauty business with a wide selection of items, and its affiliate program pays 10% on purchases earned through your unique affiliate links.

It’s important to explore which software is perfect for you and your audience because each has its own perks and features.

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Final Thoughts

This program enables cosmetics and beauty lovers to earn income by promoting high-quality, affordable products from a trusted brand. 

It offers fair revenue rates, extended cookie duration, and a large choice of goods to advertise. 

To maximize revenue, you must follow program standards, use ethical marketing, and promote the items. 

If you’re interested in cosmetics and beauty affiliate marketing, the program is worth exploring. 

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