13 Fashion Affiliate Programs: Tips For Success 

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Ready to make money from your fashion blogging? Look no further! Here’s the perfect blog post for you. Discover the top fashion affiliate programs that can help you make passive income. 

Are you ready? Get started right away and start earning cash today!

13 Top Fashion Affiliate Programs 

Nordstrom Affiliate Program

This is Nordstrom’s affiliate partnership program. 

Nordstrom’s affiliate program is a platform created for fashion affiliates who want to team up with Nordstrom, a luxury department store. 

This program allows affiliates to earn commissions by sharing the brand’s high-quality clothing and accessories on their websites.

  • Nordstrom was founded in 1901. It’s known for its top-notch shopping experience.
  • Affiliates get access to special content such as banners, links, and editorial copy.
  • The program provides competitive commissions based on sales from an affiliate’s website.

Plus, Nordstrom gives quick payouts and great customer service. 

These traits make the partner program stand out from other fashion affiliate programs.

Nordstrom’s True History

John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin started the business in 1958 in Seattle. They opened a shoe store. 

The company that started with shoes soon became famous for high-fashion clothing and accessories. 

Today, Nordstrom is a widely known name in luxury fashion in North America and beyond.

ASOS Affiliate Program

ASOS affiliate program is the perfect way to partner with ASOS, an online shopping platform offering trendy fashion from over 850 brands.

Benefits include:

  • Commission rates and cookie windows tailored to affiliates’ needs.
  • A vast selection of fast-fashion clothing, footwear, and accessories.
  • Advanced tracking tools to easily monitor earnings.

You can earn up to 7% commission on all fashion items purchased through your referrals!

Pro Tip: Promote seasonal collections. New releases lead to better engagement and conversions.

Revolve Affiliate Program

Revolve, the high-end fashion retailer’s affiliate program, offers a lucrative commission structure. 

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 10% commission on sales generated through your unique referral link. 

Plus, its excellent tracking system tracks clicks and rewards for better performance.

Revolve specializes in contemporary celebrity fashion. 

Their brand is now accessible to anyone interested in earning margins on successful sales, plus providing style recommendations to their follower base.

The Revolve affiliate program brings huge potential for earnings through commission-based promotional campaigns. 

Maximize these opportunities by using creative ideas tailored to your target audience’s preferences. 

Encourage visitors on your platform or blog to make purchases through your link. 

You stand a chance of building strong business relationships capable of earning you lots of recurring payouts. 

It would be an interesting article idea for publishers interested in boosting revenue streams from fashion platforms.

H&M Affiliate Program

H&M – a renowned fast fashion retailer, offers an extensive selection of affordable fashion options, for a wide audience.

The program offers a commission-based incentive structure – where affiliates gain a percentage of each successful purchase made through their own link. 

It’s a great way to leverage H&M’s brand reputation and drive sales by joining fashion affiliate programs.

In over 70 countries, H&M has a huge online presence, providing amazing promotion opportunities for affiliates.

One blogger shared how she collaborated with the affiliate program, by posting sponsored content featuring her personal experiences with specific H&M products. 

This drove traffic and generated more sales through her unique affiliate link.

Urban Outfitters Affiliate Program

The Urban Outfitters affiliate program is a great way for fashion fanatics to make money! 

You get a 5% commission on all purchases made through your referral links. Plus, exclusive promos and early access to new merch. 

Urban Outfitters also provides you with banner ads, text links, and product data feeds for easy promotion.

The program is perfect for those who love online shopping and hipster or vintage fashion. 

To get more conversions, create content that showcases the store’s collections. Also, post ads regularly on social media and YouTube to drive more traffic.

Macy’s Affiliate Program

Macy’s affiliate program is a top performer! It offers a range of products and resources in a competitive online shopping space. 

Did you know it was founded in 1858 as a small dry goods store in NYC? 

Now it’s one of the biggest department stores around the world!

Benefits include:

  • Attractive commission structure with up to 10% fees.
  • Product categories like fashion apparel, accessories, home goods, cosmetics, etc.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly platform with custom tracking tools.
  • Deals and discounts to help affiliates maximize their earning potential.

Express Affiliate Program

Express, a fashionable brand, presents partners with a great possibility to gain a commission by advertising Express products to online buyers. 

It delivers fashionable gear both for men and women, with comfy yet stylish workwear. 

Shopping online with Express is effortless and user-friendly. Associates can gain up to 5% commission on each sale made through their referral link.

An exceptional benefit of the Express affiliate program is that it provides affiliates with special discounts and coupons.

They can share these benefits with their audience, which is a great advantage for both the affiliate and the brand.

I’m aware of one influencer who became a partner of Express and was able to build a prosperous relationship due to the brand’s fine products and profitable commission rates.

Coach Affiliate Program

Coach, a top-notch brand in luxury fashion, has a great affiliate program! Earn up to 7% commission by selling their stylish products. 

Plus, benefit from exclusive offers and seasonal promotions. Promotional materials are provided to make the process easier.

With 80+ years of history, Coach is one of the most significant fashion brands globally. 

Not just handbags and wallets – they have ready-to-wear clothing lines too. This makes it stand out from other fashion affiliate programs.

Knowing this history adds credibility when promoting the brand through the program.

Michael Kors Affiliate Program

The Michael Kors partner program offers affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions on luxury fashion items. 

With designs for both men and women, associates can monetize traffic by joining the network. 

Through affiliate links, users can get free delivery for orders over $99 and access only authentic products

Commissions will be rewarded for successful traffic sent to michaelkors.com.

Affiliates will have access to a product feed updated regularly. 

This allows them to track promotions and customize link formats. They will also get information about seasonal launches and events.

Pro Tip: Affiliates should research keywords relevant to their niche before creating content. 

Maintaining an active blog can help boost organic search queries. 

This will increase search engine rankings and support audience development and sales growth.

Reebok Affiliate Program

Once upon a time, there was an aspiring fitness influencer named Jane. 

She had her sights set on becoming a top-rated Instagram micro-influencer. 

Her passion was to help people reach their fitness goals without sacrificing style.

So, as soon as she hit 5k followers, Jane joined Reebok’s commission-based program. 

This popular program is embraced by fashion influencers and bloggers.

Reebok’s affiliate program offers extra cash plus exclusive access to marketing materials.

You also get support from experts, updates on new products, and competitive commissions on sales.

Jane started sharing stylish photos of herself wearing new Reebok releases. 

This included jumpsuits, leggings, and more. She saw increased traffic and conversions daily.

Thanks to Reebok’s integration with an e-commerce platform, Jane’s followers were able to have an effortless experience from start to finish. 

This drove her revenue through commission-based increases.

Reebok’s partnerships with influential bloggers continue to fuel its growth. 

It offers unique experiences for fashion fans who want to monetize their brand. 

Reebok understands that fashion is ever-evolving and embraces trend-setting innovation to produce quality garments for athletes.

Puma Affiliate Program

Puma’s affiliate program offers users the chance to gain from its wide range of sneakers and apparel. 

To join, individuals or companies only need to incorporate tracking links into their websites. 

With each purchase made through these links, affiliates get commissions. 

Plus, they receive access to exclusive deals and promotions. 

The program is free and easy to join and provides marketing materials for newbies.

To be successful, affiliates must promote Puma’s trendy products. 

Using social media or content creation strategies can drive traffic and convert it into sales. 

Earn passive income featuring one of the world’s biggest fashion brands.

In 1948, Puma was founded by Rudolf Dassler, who had previously split from his brother Adolf, who later founded Adidas. 

Since then, Puma has been providing fashionable athletic shoes and apparel, known around the world.

So it’s one of the best fashion affiliate programs.

Adidas Affiliate Program

Adidas’ affiliate program offers great deals to digital publishers and marketers. 

It’s a way for Adidas to give commissions to those who promote their products. 

They can earn up to 7% commission on sales from their channels.

It’s simple: just add trackable links to content in the most natural way. 

Show off those running shoes or training jackets with affiliate links from partners like Rakuten Marketing and FlexOffers. 

Plus, more sales means more return on investment.

The program also boosts exposure. Affiliates get placements in email newsletters, emails sent each season, and more.

To maximize earnings, don’t push offers too hard. Instead, blend them into valuable content. 

Style guides and top-rated products related to fashion or fitness wear are perfect.

New Balance Affiliate Program

The New Balance affiliate program was launched in 1998. 

It’s an iconic American brand offering high-quality products and philanthropic outreach. 

Since 1906, it has been trusted worldwide for reliable footwear solutions.

This program promotes the New Balance brand. As an affiliate, you can showcase their fashion-forward sneakers and athletic wear. 

Millennial and Gen Z audiences love it! Plus, get exclusive discounts and commissions of up to 7%. 

And the cookie period lasts up to 30 days. So, you get paid for sales even after the initial referral.

Key Takeaways

This article has the goods on the top fashion affiliate programs. 

Here’s the gist:

  • Pick a program that fits your niche and audience.
  • Check out the commission rates, payment schedules, and cookie durations.
  • Look for programs with high conversion rates and quality products.
  • Get programs with banners, links, and other promotional tools.

Some programs even offer bonuses for top-performing affiliates or exclusive discounts for their audience. 

It’s smart to join several programs to diversify income streams and maximize earnings.

A trick: Create content that speaks to your audience’s fashion interests and shows off the products from the affiliate programs.

Final Thoughts On Fashion Affiliate Programs

Searching for the best fashion affiliate programs? 

Our research team has found three great ones: Reebok, Levi’s, and ASOS.

These programs offer a huge range of fashionable clothes and accessories. 

Plus, their websites are simple to use, so affiliates can find the right links easily. 

They offer competitive commission rates plus added incentives for top performers.

However, there are specific requirements for traffic and social media reach before you can join. 

Early sign-ups give access to exclusive offers. 

And if you’re planning to advertise with paid channels like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, make sure it fits your chosen program’s policies.

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