Discover 13 Home Decor Affiliate Programs: Commissions, Cookie, Pros & More

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Want information about home decor affiliate programs? You’re in luck! 

Affiliate marketing makes passive income possible – without even leaving the house. 

Home decor affiliate programs are an awesome way to earn money online. 

Find out more about how these programs can help you bag that cash.

The Best Home Decor Affiliate Programs

I have compiled a list of 13 best home decor affiliate programs.


Ok, let’s get started now!

Wayfair Affiliate Program

Wayfair is a top online shopping platform for home decor, furniture, and home goods. 

Join their affiliate program to make money from sales referrals via your website or social media. 

Take advantage of their wide product selection and competitive prices to attract visitors.

Sign up through the portal and share Wayfair’s custom banners and product links. 

Get access to special promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals. 

Plus, their 7-day cookie duration means your referrals earn you commission within 7 days.

Their support team helps with optimizing marketing strategy. 

A former affiliate generated passive income by sharing bedroom sets and patio furniture on their lifestyle blog. 

They found the tools easy to use and were impressed with Wayfair’s timely payouts.

Houzz Affiliate Program

Houzz offers an amazing affiliate program for home decor fans! 

Earn commission by sharing design inspo, remodeling ideas, and impressive DIY projects. 

With up to 5% on each referred sale, bloggers, influencers, and interior designers can monetize their content.

Houzz has over 20 million inspiring photos of home decor and design ideas – it a top platform for remodeling homes. 

The program provides access to exclusive deals, promotions, and content. Plus customer support and a team to help optimize earnings.

Affiliates use Houzz’s banners, images, links, and product widgets for posts about home design projects. 

With furniture pieces tailored for different space styles, from outdoor to living room sets, and high-quality photos – Houzz showcases their possibilities effectively.

An industry leader, Houzz has won awards throughout the years including Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in Retail”, in 2018.

Crate & Barrel Affiliate Program

Crate & Barrel’s affiliate program is a great way to earn money in the home decor industry! 

You get a commission for promoting and selling their home decor, furniture, kitchenware, and tabletop items.

The commission rate is generous and they provide marketing tools like banners and links for your website.

Plus, exclusive promotions and bonuses make it even more profitable.

You can also track your performance in real time. This makes it one of the best Home Decor affiliate programs.

It’s important to create content that shows why Crate & Barrel’s products are special. 

That’s what will set you apart from the competition.

Pottery Barn Affiliate Program

Pottery Barn offers an affiliate program for home decor lovers! Earn a commission by promoting their products. 

From furniture to bedding, bath, and lighting, there’s something for every decor buff!

Uniquely, Pottery Barn focuses on quality over quantity. Their items are stylish and long-lasting, giving affiliates confidence when promoting them.

One affiliate’s success story is truly inspiring. They transformed their blog into a money-making business with Pottery Barn’s help. 

By creating content about their products and advertising them through their blog and social media, their audience grew and they brought in significant revenue.

For those passionate about home decor, the Pottery Barn affiliate program is the way to go! Quality products, and competitive commissions – definitely worth a look!

West Elm Affiliate Program

West Elm is a popular furniture and home accessories retailer that offers one of the top Home Decor affiliate programs. 

As an affiliate, you will earn a commission by promoting their products. 

Their wide selection includes unique furniture pieces, modern lighting, rugs, and textiles.

Their designs cater to modern tastes, making them a great value proposition. 

Creative materials such as images and creatives help interest visitors in West Elm’s catalog. 

They also offer product-specific swipe files and deep-linking tools to customize campaigns.

West Elm collaborates with brands and takes design cues to stay on trend. 

This helps build credibility and customer loyalty for clients and affiliates. 

For example, their ‘Build Your Own Sectional’ feature allows personalized seating options.

West Elm’s affiliate program is a profitable way to promote stylish homeware from a well-known brand. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

CB2 Affiliate Program

CB2 has an amazing affiliate program for those who love homes and furniture. 

It’s a great way to make money by promoting their tasteful design products. 

You get to pick from a wide range of items, from furniture to little decorations. 

Their modern, unique take on traditional design is sure to grab attention!

Plus, the program has tracking technology that shows clicks, sales, and earnings. 

And with quick payouts and helpful customer service, the CB2 affiliate program is a perfect choice for those in the home décor niche.

To maximize earnings, try using social media ads and blog posts about home decor. 

It’s also a good idea to partner with other platforms that do well with digital furniture and homewares campaigns.

Overall, CB2’s affiliate program is an awesome way for those passionate about home décor to make money while promoting this world-famous company.

Home Depot Affiliate Program

Do you love home improvement? 

The Home Depot affiliate program is great for earning commissions on quality tools and building materials. 

Promote products from your digital platforms and get a commission for each sale you refer. 

With a variety of product choices, the program is ideal for DIY bloggers, decorators, and influencers who want to make money and improve their audience’s homes.

Partners get banners, links, and content to easily promote Home Depot’s products. Plus, they have real-time tracking for managing their activity. 

As a top-rated retailer in the DIY industry, partners can get great margins for referred sales.

Stand out with Home Depot products like tool rentals or same-day delivery. 

Start today and gain maximum exposure while making high revenue. 

Your audience will be thrilled with these solutions that make life simpler!

Lowe’s Affiliate Program

Maximizing profits as an affiliate marketer for home decor? Partner with Lowe’s! 

Their affiliate program offers competitive commissions on their high-quality products. 

Plus, access to tools to promote and track clicks and conversions.

Lowe’s provides product feeds, ad banners, and creative assets to capture attention. 

Receive cash bonuses of up to $5 per thousand clicks generated. Content updates on the platform to boost conversion rates. 

Plus, detailed reporting features to keep track of earnings.

Pro Tip: To make the most of the Lowe’s Affiliate Program, tailor your advertising. 

Identify regional demands in home improvement niches.  

Areas where Lowe’s products would sell best, such as sustainable green homes or vintage industrial architecture styles.

Overstock Affiliate Program

Overstock, an e-commerce website providing home decor, furniture, appliances, electronics, and more, has a great affiliate marketing program. 

Here are four points outlining the features and benefits:

  • Commissions start at 6%.
  • A dedicated affiliate management team is available.
  • Creative resources and tools to enhance promotions.
  • Exclusive deals and discounts.

This program also offers seasonal promotions. 

To make the most of it, affiliates should promote the company’s most popular products. 

This increases conversion rates. Plus, blogging and social media platforms can boost exposure.

Target Affiliate Program

Target has an amazing affiliate program. It’s a great opportunity to promote their products and earn commissions. 

You can advertise everything from home decor, electronics, apparel, furniture, and groceries. 

This is perfect for those who have websites or blogs related to Target’s product categories.

The affiliate program grants access to banners, links, and data reports. Plus, you can receive monthly payments into your account. 

It’s suitable for both small and large audiences. And the best part? There’s no joining fee.

Statista reported that in 2020’s third quarter, Target’s sales increased to $22.6 billion. It’s an impressive feat! 

So why not be a part of Target’s affiliate program?

Walmart Affiliate Program

The Walmart affiliate program is a great way to make money from website traffic. 

Walmart is one of the biggest global retailers, selling items such as home decor, furniture, groceries, apparel, and electronics.

The program provides access to millions of items from, plus an easy-to-use interface and simple integration. 

By promoting products with unique referral links, affiliates get a commission for each sale.

The program offers high commissions and advanced tracking and analytics to help affiliates maximize their sales. 

There’s also a 3-day cookie length, which means affiliates get a commission if someone buys something within three days of clicking their link.

Recently, due to the pandemic, the demand for items related to home furnishings has spiked. 

A blogger used Walmart’s online store to create a comfortable home space. 

The Walmart affiliate program is a great value proposition for both affiliates looking to promote affordable Home Decor solutions.

And customers searching for quality products at unbeatable prices.

IKEA Affiliate Program 

IKEA is a major player in the home decor market, providing stylish design at an affordable price. 

Through its affiliate program, members can gain commissions on referred sales. 

By promoting IKEA’s furniture and decor, affiliates can get rewards while helping their audiences.

The IKEA affiliate program offers great advantages for its members. 

These include earning up to 7% commission on each purchase and exclusive discounts and offers. 

They also get creative assets such as banners and links to promote IKEA products on their websites or social media.

What stands out with the IKEA affiliate program is its support for app developers. 

It offers a steady income source through referrals, – ideal for mobile app developers looking to increase their revenue.

For affiliates wanting the best returns from IKEA’s wide product range. 

It’s recommended to focus on specific items like outdoor furniture or kitchenware. 

Also, deals or seasonal bundles are proven to increase conversion rates.

In short, IKEA’s affiliate program is a success in the home decor industry. 

It provides competitive commission rates and helps affiliates promote products effectively. 

Plus, it caters to software applications, expanding its services beyond web-based sources of traffic.

Restoration Hardware Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a great way to generate revenue. 

Restoration Hardware, a leader in high-end home décor, offers its own affiliate program. 

It’s designed to help affiliates earn commissions by referring to Restoration Hardware products.

Partners get access to banners, text links, and product feeds. 

They can earn up to 5% commission for every sale they make through their links. This rate can be increased based on performance.

Restoration Hardware is known for timeless designs that span eras and styles. 

Their products include furniture, lighting, textiles, bath ware, decor pieces, and more. 

They also offer exclusive collections designed by world-renowned architects and designers.

Don’t miss out! Join the Restoration Hardware affiliate program and start building a lucrative partnership!

Key Takeaways

Home Decor affiliate programs – What makes them special?

Affiliate marketing creates an innovative platform with a great money-making opportunity. 

Home Decor affiliate programs provide site owners with the ability to monetize their content and generate income by partnering with quality home decor brands.

  • Rewarding Commissions – Attractive commission rates, special discounts, and coupon offers are available to affiliates to draw in potential customers.
  • Wide Selection of Products – Affiliates can pick from a variety of products made available by home decor merchants such as furniture, lighting, kitchenware, wall art, and more.
  • Innovative Tools – Affiliates get access to useful tools and resources like pre-made ads, tracking software, affiliate dashboards, newsletters, and more which make marketing products more straightforward.

Various industries offer affiliate programs; however, examining the benefits of home decor affiliate programs reveals that this niche is highly profitable for affiliates.

It involves establishing relationships between customers and lifestyle brands. 

Brands provide incentives to those who act as their ambassadors and promote their merchandise.

When I moved to my new home, finding affordable and fashionable decor pieces was hard. 

I searched online stores and was directed to a popular home furnishing store through an affiliate link that sold quality items at great prices. 

After buying some products through the link, my needs were satisfied and I earned money for bringing them business.

Final Thoughts On Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Above are some of the best home décor affiliate programs. 

They boast great rewards, commissions, and customer service. So, they are a great fit for bloggers and influencers in the home decor niche.

Each program offers different features. Wayfair has a wide range of products. 

The Sill has stuff for indoor gardening. Bed Bath & Beyond has a comprehensive selection.

Affiliates will benefit from partnering with well-known brands. But, it’s important to pick a program that matches your interests and brand values.

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