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Are you a content creator looking for a lucrative program in the home decor niche?

Then try the Pottery Barn affiliate program!

Thousands of people are looking for high-end home furnishings and stylish decor items.

Look at the home furnishings market value projections:

home furnishings market value projections

Pottery Barn offers one of the best home furnishings.

The company offers a rewarding affiliate scheme.

This post will show you how to become a successful Pottery Barn affiliate – it will also highlight the pros, cons, potential earnings, and more.

So, you will do well to read this entire article to uncover the details of the partnership.


Well, let’s get started now!

Does Pottery Barn Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Pottery Barn has an affiliate scheme in the home decor niche.

This program is run through the Sovrn Commerce Commerce affiliate marketing network.

Company profile

Paul Secon and his brother Morris Secon co-founded Pottery Barn in 1949.

Its headquarters is in West Chelsea, Manhattan. Pottery Barn is a company that sells upscale home furnishings and decor.

The company offers high-quality and sophisticated products. It sells furniture, bedding, outdoor items, rugs, lighting, and more.

These are high-quality products.

Pottery Barn furnishings provide elegant home decoration to enhance a living space. This company offers almost all home interior products and accessories.

The company sells designs that elevate your reader’s home environment.

They also sell textiles and tabletop items.

Reviews show that customers are not satisfied with the company’s services:

Pottery Barn customer reviews on Trustpilot

What is the Pottery Barn Affiliate Program?

This is a partnership program that pays affiliates who promote the brand’s home furnishing products.

Affiliates promote furniture, decor items, and home accessories through affiliate links or banners in exchange for commissions.

Thus, they are paid a competitive commission for each sale made through their referral link or banner.

Secrets to Success!

Recommend their home decoration products to the right audience.

Make your home decor content engaging by including images.

Remember to place affiliate links in your interiors and decorating content.

How Does the Pottery Barn Affiliate Program Work?

As I said earlier, the Sovrn Commerce Commerce affiliate network manages the Pottery Barn partnership program.

So, affiliates first sign up for the Sovrn Commerce Commerce affiliate marketing network. Then they apply for the program.

When approved, log in to your dashboard to access your referral links and banners for promoting home furnishing and decor products.

Copy the referral links and paste them into your home decor and interior design articles.

When readers click on the links, they will be directed to the product page on the Pottery Barn website.

You will get paid a commission each time a customer buys through your affiliate link.

How To Sign Up Step By Step

Step #1: Visit the Sovrn Commerce website

Once you visit the home page, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button:

Page for joining Pottery barn affiliate program on Sovrn Commerce

Step #2: Select sign-up method

Select the signing up method from the options given. 

It is important to state from the onset that it is quicker to use your Google account:

Create Account On Viglink/Sovrn

You’ll then get a confirmation email with a verification link, which then redirects you to the VigLink/Sovrn login page.

Step #3: Tell them about yourself

When you click on that, you will be taken to the next step. Here, you will be required to submit your name, business name, and business website URL:

Viglink/Sovrn Signup Info

Step #3: Submit your site

And then finally submit the URL you want to add VigLink publisher links to:

Viglink/Sovrn Submit Url

Click the “Finish” button to end the process. Then wait for approval.

Next is a friendly and short tutorial covering the VigLink/ Sovrn affiliate dashboard:

Team review acknowledgement page

You can enter your tax and payment information later.

Alternatives to the Pottery Barn Affiliate Program

I researched dozens of home decor partner programs to find which ones offer reasonable commission rates.

Therefore, keep reading for more lifestyle and home accessory referral programs:


Commission: 1%

Cookie duration: 1 day

See what the  Build affiliate program offers.

Home Depot

Commission: 1%

Cookie duration: 1 day

Unlock the potential of the Home Depot affiliate program.


Commission: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Discover the benefits of the Houzz affiliate program.


Commission: 0.8%

Cookie duration:  1 day

Gain insights into the Lowe’s affiliate program.


Commission: 1%

Cookie duration:  2 days 

See what the  Sears affiliate program offers.

West Elm 

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration:  30 days 

More information on the West Elm affiliate program.


Commission: 7%

Cookie duration:  30 days 

Gain insights into the IKEA affiliate program.


Commission: 1% – 18%

Cookie duration:  3 days  

Learn more about the Walmart affiliate program.


Commission: 3% – 6%

Cookie duration:  Session-based

Unlock the potential of the Costco affiliate program.


Commission: 6%

Cookie duration:  14 days

See what the  Overstock affiliate program offers.


Commission: $10 – $25

Cookie duration:  Session-based

Gain insights into the Handy affiliate program.

Crate & Barrel

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration:  45 days

More information on the Crate & Barrel affiliate program.


Commission: 1% – 6%

Cookie duration:  14 – 30 days

Discover the benefits of the Wayfair affiliate program.


Commission: 8%

Cookie duration:  7 days 

Unlock the potential of the Target affiliate program.

Is the Affiliate Program Free to Join?

Yes, the Pottery Barn referral program is free to join.

Thus, affiliates usually join and promote quality home goods free of charge.

Are you looking to market furniture and decor to home enthusiasts?

Then give the Pottery Barn referral program a try.

Take the first step: Learn about the Home Improvement affiliate program.

What Products Can You Promote?

Pottery Barn offers different products that affiliates can promote:

Home furnishings.

These are items for home decoration. For example, sofas, armchairs, or tables.

They have designs that cater to different home styles and preferences. Bedding sets. These products include comforters, duvets, and sheet sets.

The bedding items enhance the comfort and aesthetic of a bedroom.

Dining and entertaining items.

They offer an array of dinnerware, table linens, and serveware.

They usually add elegance to any dining experience.

Outdoor living essentials.

These items furnish and decorate outdoor spaces. The products include patio furniture and outdoor decor.

Bath accessories.

These are items for bathroom spaces. For example, towels, bath mats, and shower curtains.

How Much Do Pottery Barn Affiliates Make?

The home decor marketer’s earnings vary.

Your audience size, engagement, and marketing skills determine commissions.

Nonetheless, I will give you an estimate.

One research shows that some affiliates do not generate sales.

However, others earn $1,000 or even more in a month.

What are the commission rates?

This affiliate scheme pays affiliates an average commission of 7.5% per sale.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie window usually lasts for 30 days.

So, the affiliate links expire only after 30 days after clicking on the affiliate link.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid from Pottery Barn?

As mentioned previously, the Sovrn Commerce affiliate marketing network manages this affiliate program.

Sovrn Commerce pays affiliates via ACH, PayPal, Checks, eCheck, Wire transfers, and Direct deposit.

The minimum payout threshold is $25 for all payment types apart from wire transfers, which have a minimum of $50.

So affiliates request their pay once they reach the minimum thresholds.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

The marketing tools provided for promoting home decor products are text links and banners.

Text links produce positive results when they are used in the home decor and interior design content.

Banners are also effective.

However, place the banners in the sidebar.

Who Should Join the Pottery Barn Affiliate Program?

If you have a platform that talks about home, living, or lifestyle, Pottery Barn is the best fit for you:

Home decor bloggers

I think interior designers and home decorators are the best candidates for this program.

They write about home trends and stylish furnishings on their websites.

You will earn a commission each time a customer purchases a product through their affiliate link.

Lifestyle influencers

You can take advantage of this home decor affiliate scheme.

Promote high-quality furniture and decorative items to your followers in exchange for a commission.

Design enthusiast’s blogs

Sites focusing on home improvement and stylish living can feature Pottery Barn in their content.

You can inspire your audience with Pottery Barn’s elegant offerings and earn a commission.

Architects and builders

Offer your clients recommendations.

Suggest Pottery Barn’s furnishings and decor to enhance their newly designed spaces.

Thus, you will earn commissions on any purchases they make through your affiliate link.

Comparison shopping websites

Do you run a comparison-shopping website?

Provide in-depth comparisons, reviews, and curated picks of Pottery Barn’s high-end products in exchange for a commission.

Is the Pottery Barn Affiliate Program Worth It?

This is the question many would-be Pottery Barn affiliates ask themselves.

You may wonder whether this partnership offers good value for your efforts.

Pottery Barn monthly website traffic according to Similarweb


Reasonable commission: The partnership pays a competitive commission rate. This rate is appealing when compared to other affiliate programs within the same industry.

High conversion rate: The strong brand presence and wide product selection in home furnishings and decor mean that there’s a high potential for sales.

So it will be easier for you to market luxurious home furniture and chic decor items.


High competition: The home decor market is competitive.

So it can be challenging to stand out and promote Pottery Barn’s assortments to make sales.

Requirements to join the affiliate program

  • Accept Pottery Barn’s terms and conditions.
  • Your home and lifestyle-related website should attract a significant following.
  • Your blog content must be relevant to decorating and furnishing homes.

Does Pottery Barn Support Affiliates?

Yes, Pottery Barn actively supports affiliates.

They provide aid in several ways:

Dedicated affiliate support

Their team assists home decor affiliates with queries and provides resolutions swiftly.

Affiliate resources

Pottery Barn strives for its affiliates’ success by providing resources and insights on how to effectively market their range of products.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

If you aspire to be a top-performing Pottery Barn promoter, consider the following advice:

Create captivating content

Develop content that spotlights Pottery Barn’s elegant furnishings and home accessories, resonating with your audience.

This approach should guide them in selecting the best products for their homes.

Nurture trust with your audience

Publishing trustworthy Pottery Barn product reviews is essential.

This can be achieved by reviewing items you have personally experienced, or that you hold in high regard due to their quality.

Expand your traffic avenues

Relying on one traffic source is risk-laden.

I advise home decor and lifestyle bloggers to expand their traffic sources beyond search engines.

You should consider social media, email campaigns, and other tactics.

Enhance your conversion strategies

Calls to action are pivotal in affiliate marketing for Pottery Barn.

They contribute significantly to increasing conversion rates.

Therefore, craft compelling calls to action to motivate purchases.

Final Thoughts

The Pottery Barn affiliate program is a promising opportunity for individuals in the home furnishing and lifestyle sector.

With its high brand recognition, affiliates can smoothly promote the company’s products.

The partnership rewards affiliates with an agreeable commission of 7.5% and grants a 30-day cookie period to track sales.

I encourage influencers and content creators in the interior design and lifestyle niche to consider this program.

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