Handy Affiliate Program: Pros, Cons, Requirements, Tips & More

Written by Beatious Kahale

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Are you a content creator looking for a lucrative program in the home improvement services niche?

Then try the Handy affiliate program!

Thousands of people are looking for on-demand home services.

Look at the home services market value projections

Home services statistics

Handy offers one of the best home solution services.

The company offers a rewarding affiliate scheme.

This post will show you how to become a successful Handy affiliate and highlight the pros, cons, potential earnings, and more.

So, you will do well to read this entire article to fully grasp the intricacies of the partnership.


Well, let’s get started now!

Does Handy Have an Affiliate Program?

Handy affiliate program page

Yes, Handy has an affiliate scheme in the home services niche.

This program is run through various affiliate marketing networks.

Company profile

Handy website home page

Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott, and Ignacio Leonhardt founded Handy in 2012.

Its headquarters is in New York City, New York. Handy is a company that offers online booking for home cleaning and handyman services.

The company offers user-friendly and efficient service options. 

It provides cleaning services, installation and assembly help, handyman, and plumbing services, and more.

These are top-notch service products.

Handy’s service professionals provide expert assistance to enhance household management

This company offers a wide range of home service options.

The company delivers services that enrich your reader’s home maintenance experience.

They also offer additional service plans.

Reviews show that customers are satisfied with the company’s services.

Handy customer review

What is the Handy Affiliate Program?

This is a partnership program that pays affiliates who promote the brand’s home service offerings.

Affiliates promote home cleaning, handyman, and installation services through affiliate links or banners in exchange for a commission.

Thus, they are paid a commission for each sale made through their referral link or banner.

Secrets to Success!

Recommend their home service solutions to the right audience.

Make your home improvement services content engaging by including images.

Remember to place affiliate links in your home maintenance content.

How Does the Handy Affiliate Program Work?

As I said earlier, the Impact Radius network manages the Handy partnership program.

So, affiliates first sign up for an affiliate marketing network.

Then they apply for the program.

When approved, log in to your dashboard to access your referral links and banners for promoting home services and maintenance solutions products.

Copy the referral links and paste them into your home services and maintenance articles.

When readers click on the links, they will be directed to the service booking page on the Handy website.

You will get $10 – $25 commission each time a customer books a service through your affiliate link.

How To Sign Up Step By Step

Step #1: Visit Impact Radius’s official website.

Click the “Apply To Brand” button to proceed.

Handy.com affiliate program

Click the “Sign up” button to proceed.

Sign up page

Sign up with your email address. 

Alternatively, you can sign up with Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

Once you click your chosen method of signing up, it will bring you to the next step:

Impact Radius: Sign up page step 1

Submit your first name, last name, username, email address, and phone number. 

Then click the “Get Started” button.

Impact radius sign up page step 2

You will get a message. Enter the code sent in your inbox and click the “Verify” button to proceed.

Code verification

Step #2: Choose your primary  business model

Choose your primary business model.

Impact radius sign up page step 3

Step #3: Choose your promotion method.

Select the method you will use to promote the products.

Click “Add Website” to proceed to the next step.

Impact radius sign up page step 4

Enter the details of your website.

website submission page

Click the “Submit” button to continue.

website submission final page

Step  #4: Provide personal information

Indicate whether you are an individual or a company. 

Submit all the information needed.

Once you finish, click the “Submit” button.

Impact radius sign up page step 6

Choose your currency. Once you have chosen your currency, click the “Ok” button.

Impact radius sign up page step 7

Step #5: Profile creation

After creating your profile, click the “Get Started” button to continue.

Profile creation

Provide your tax information and click the “Save” button.

Provide tax information

State what your blog is all about.

information about your website

Step #6: Site verification

Verify your website. Click on not yet verified to start the process.

Site verification

Choose your preferred method of verification.

Site verification step 1

Copy the text and paste it into the body section of your content.

Site verification step 1

That’s is it!

Alternatives to the Handy Affiliate Program

I researched dozens of home service programs to find which ones offer competitive commission rates.

Therefore, keep reading for more home maintenance referral programs:


Commission: 1%

Cookie duration: 1 day

Find out more about the Build affiliate program on our site.

Home Depot

Commission: 1%

Cookie duration: 1 day

Visit the Home Depot affiliate program page.


Commission: 5%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Learn about the Houzz affiliate program.


Commission: 0.8%

Cookie duration:  1 day

Find out more about the Lowe’s affiliate program on our site.


Commission: 1% – 6%

Cookie duration:  14 – 30 days

Access Wayfair affiliate program information.

Crate & Barrel

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration:  45 days

Read more about the Crate & Barrel affiliate program.

Philips Hue

Commission: 4%

Cookie duration:  45 days

Learn about the Philips Hue affiliate program.


Commission: 6%

Cookie duration:  14 days

Access Overstock affiliate program information.


Commission: 3% – 6%

Cookie duration:  Session-based

Discover the benefits of the Costco affiliate program.


Commission: 3% – 6%

Cookie duration:  Session-based

Learn about the Costco affiliate program.


Commission: 8%

Cookie duration:  7 days 

Learn about the Target affiliate program.


Commission: 1% – 18%

Cookie duration:  3 days 

Unlock the potential of the Walmart affiliate program.

Pottery Barn

Commission: 7.5%

Cookie duration:  30 days 

Learn more about the Pottery Barn affiliate program.


Commission: 7%

Cookie duration:  30 days 

Read more about the IKEA  affiliate program.

West Elm 

Commission: 5%

Cookie duration:  30 days 

Read more about the West Elm affiliate program.


Commission: 1%

Cookie duration:  2 days 

Explore the Sears affiliate program.

Is the Affiliate Program Free to Join?

Yes, the Handy referral program is free to join.

Therefore, affiliates usually join and promote the platform’s diverse range of household services free of charge.

Are you looking to connect homeowners with professional service providers for various home tasks?

Then give the Handy referral program a try.

Expand your earning potential with the Home Improvement affiliate program.

What Products Can You Promote?

Handy offers different services that affiliates can promote:

Comprehensive home cleaning services.

These services include standard cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialty cleaning solutions.

They cover tasks from vacuuming and dusting to window washing and oven cleaning.

Handyman services

These professional offerings include small repairs and home improvement projects.

The services cater to the upkeep and renovation needs of homeowners.

Installation services.

These services aid in the assembly and setup of furniture, lighting fixtures, and other home equipment.

Plumbing services.

Professional plumbers aid in resolving issues with leaks, blockages, and fittings.

Security system installation.

These services involve setting up cameras, alarms, and other security measures in the home.

How Much Do Handy Affiliates Make?

Well, this can be a challenging question.

From personal experience, there is no single answer to this question.

That’s because home service program affiliates can earn varying amounts of commission.

Commissions depend on your audience size, engagement, and marketing skills.

Nonetheless, I will give you a clue.

Research indicates that some affiliates don’t earn significant amounts.

However, others generate $1,000 or more monthly.

What are the commission rates?

This affiliate scheme pays affiliates a competitive commission between $10 – $25.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie duration usually lasts for 45 days.

Therefore, the affiliate links expire 45 days after clicking on the affiliate link.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid from Handy?

As outlined above, Impact Radius administer this affiliate program.

These networks pay affiliates through electronic funds transfer and PayPal.

The minimum earnings threshold is $10.

Affiliates request their payment once they hit the minimum amount.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

The marketing tools provided for promoting home service plans are text links and banners.

Text links yield effective results when included in home improvement and maintenance-related content.

Banners are also advantageous.

Nevertheless, it’s ideal to place the banners in visible areas on your website.

Who Should Join the Handy Affiliate Program?

If you have a platform that speaks about home improvement, organization, or home care, Handy is the right choice for you:

Home improvement enthusiasts

I think DIYers, home bloggers, and renovation influencers are great fits for this program.

They share insights about the latest home improvement trends and services on their platforms.

You will earn a $10 – $25 every time a customer books a service through your affiliate link.

Domestic lifestyle influencers

Engage in this home services affiliate opportunity.

Showcase the convenience of using Handy’s app to schedule household tasks and services to your followers for a commission.

Gadget and technology bloggers

Platforms focusing on smart home technology and innovations can incorporate Handy’s services in their content.

Influence your audience with Handy’s tech-forward platforms for home services and receive a commission.

Professional organizers and cleaning experts

Assist subscribers in maintaining a clean and orderly home environment.

Suggest Handy services to your audience for their home organization and cleaning needs.

Thus, you will earn commissions on bookings made through your affiliate link.

Home services comparison sites

Provide well-rounded discussions, evaluations, and advice regarding Handy’s services in exchange for a commission.

Is the Handy Affiliate Program Worth It?

This is a common question amongst potential Handy affiliates.

And it’s a valid one.

The decision often comes down to factors such as commission rate and cookie duration.

This program offers a competitive commission rate and a cookie that lasts for 45  days.

Is it a worthwhile venture?

Handy is a trusted name in the home services sector.

In truth, affiliates who devise an effective strategy can reap significant profits.

Handy website traffic according to Similarweb


Attractive commission: The program offers a substantial commission rate. While this may seem average, it is often more generous compared to other affiliate offerings.

High conversion rate: A rapidly growing number of homeowners are seeking professional and efficient home service solutions. 

Thus, it becomes facile to market Handy’s wide range of services such as home cleaning and handyman tasks.


Stiff competition: The home services market is increasingly competitive.

Hence, it might be a challenge to market Handy’s offerings and achieve sales.

Requirements to join the affiliate program

  • Agree to Handy’s terms and conditions.
  • The home services-related website should have reasonable traffic.
  • The site content must align with home improvement and maintenance topics.

Does Handy Support Affiliates?

Yes, Handy provides robust support for affiliates.

They offer support in various ways:

Dedicated affiliate support

The support team is available to answer queries from home services affiliates and address any issues they may encounter.

Affiliate training

The company aims for its home improvement affiliates to thrive.

Thus, they guide them on how to effectively and ethically endorse their comprehensive home services.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

To achieve success as a home services promoter, consider the following recommendations:

Create high-quality content

Craft content centered around Handy’s various home services that resonates with your audience.

The content should assist them in finding the best household service solutions.

Cultivate trust with your readers

How, you ask?

Establishing trust with your audience is straightforward.

Publish authentic Handy service reviews.

This is often achieved by reviewing services you have personal experience with or are well-acquainted with.

Expand your audience reach

It’s not wise to rely on just one source of traffic.

Therefore, home improvement and cleaning gurus should expand their traffic sources beyond search engines.

Try utilizing social media, email campaigns, and other avenues.

Boost your conversion rates

Strong calls to action are crucial in Handy affiliate promotion.

They help enhance conversion rates.

So, frame persuasive calls to action.

Final Thoughts

The home services partnership opportunity with Handy is a promising venture for affiliates in the home maintenance and improvement industry.

It boasts a robust conversion rate.

Affiliates find it convenient to promote the platform’s array of services.

The program pays a competitive commission and offers a 45-day cookie window to track conversions.

I advocate for this program among bloggers and influencers within the home organization and upkeep sector.

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