Home Improvement Affiliate Programs: High Commissions (2024)

Written by Beatious Kahale

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With DIY enthusiasts always on the hunt for the latest home renovation tools and supplies, home improvement affiliate programs are like a gold mine for anyone who wants to generate an income utilizing this niche.

However, the real challenge isn’t the lack of programs. Instead, it’s about finding profitable programs. 

The world of home improvements is dynamic and most importantly, accessible to everyone.

From renowned high-end furniture brands to cost-effective home goods suppliers, there’s a brand for every person.

So whatever your niche in the home renovation industry is, you’ll find an affiliate program that works with your site.

I have curated a list of home improvement affiliate programs that cater to different niches within the home improvement landscape.

We’ll talk about commission rates, cookie durations, and other benefits offered by each program to help you make informed decisions and maximize your earnings.

Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs  


build with ferguson home page

Recommend Build.com  to your readers. It is a brand for people looking for exceptional home improvement products.

Whether you’re passionate about remodeling, home decor, DIY projects, or any home enhancement journey, Build.com has you covered.

When you recommend Build.com to your audience, you will partner with the most comprehensive provider in the online home improvement retail space.

It ensures your referrals find the ideal home fixtures and materials to suit their needs, from beginner to advanced home repair and renovation products.

Its commission rate is 1% while its cookie window is 1 day.

The brand also provides a dedicated team of affiliate support experts, ensuring you have the support needed for success.

  • Commission rate: 1%
  • Cookie duration: 1 day

Discover the keys to affiliate marketing success with Build.com’s program.

Home Depot

Home Depot home page

Another affiliate program worth considering is the Home Depot

It is a retailer that provides the market with a variety of home improvement products and tools.

Your decision to join Home Depot will give you the chance to generate an influential presence among homeowners and DIYers.

You can earn a 1% commission for each sale made through your efforts and links once you become part of the program.

This will provide you with a reasonable earning potential, allowing you to enjoy a steady income by promoting a trusted hardware brand.

As for the cookie duration, it is 1 day.

This can assure you that you will keep on receiving commissions for transactions from customers who spend more time before finally making purchases.

  • Commission rate: 1%
  • Cookie duration: 1 day

Ready to earn while promoting Home Depot’s high-quality products?

Learn about the affiliate program now.


Houzz website home page

Are you ready for the next astounding affiliate program – Houzz

It’s the ultimate online destination for designers and home decor enthusiasts!

When coming to Houzz, there are lots of home furnishing products and design ideas you can promote.

It can be luxury furniture and outdoor setups, artisan goods, or home accessories.

Houzz showcases an extensive inventory featuring on-trend designs and goods for interior decorating, landscape design, home renovation, and architectural services.

And what’s the highlight here?

You’ll earn a generous 5% commission rate for all your sales. 

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Unlock the potential of affiliate marketing with Houzz’s affiliate program overview.


Costco home page

Looking to start promoting bulk home necessities

Let’s see what Costco’s affiliate program is. 

Costco caters to many families and wholesale buyers. 

They offer bulk purchases of essential home products like appliances, electronics, and home essentials.

Why should you join the Costco partner program?

You’ll earn a generous up to 3%6%  commission on all sales and have a session-based cookie

But that’s not all!

 As a Costco affiliate, you can have access to exclusive promotions and special offers.

So, if you are a budget-savvy shopper or bulk deal hunter, don’t hesitate to join the program!

  • Commission rate: 3% – 6%
  • Cookie duration: Session-based cookie

Become part of the Costco affiliate community and start earning.


Target home page

Target is a great place for a diverse selection of home goods, furniture, kitchenware, and more.

Why should you join the Target affiliate program?

Well, the program allows you to earn a commission rate of up to 8% based on your total sales amount. 

This performance-based model ensures your efforts translate into solid rewards.

But that’s not all.

With a generous 7-day cookie duration, you can earn commissions from future purchases.

Target also equips you with ad banners, text links, and more, making your affiliate journey smooth and enjoyable!

  • Commission rate: 8%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days

Get started on your journey to financial independence with the Target program!


Walmart home page

Recommend Walmart’s products to your loyal audience!

The platform offers different home essentials, catering to various lifestyles with affordable selections and exclusive brand collections.

So whatever your home goods aspirations are, you will find them at Walmart.

The brand offers exclusive products and items that help people fulfill their home improvement goals.

It also provides customers with regular sales, a generous return policy, and access to a wide range of affiliate-exclusive deals.

As an affiliate, you can enjoy a 1%  – 18% commission rate on all purchases.

The cookie duration is generous, with 3 days

However, Walmart’s everyday low prices make it easy to convert leads.

  • Commission rate: 1%  – 18% 
  • Cookie duration: 3 days

Don’t miss out on the chance to earn passive income with Walmart’s program!


IKEA home page

You can also lead your loyal audience to IKEA, a furniture and home essentials brand.

IKEA offers affordable flat-pack furniture and Scandinavian home accessories which provide stylish and practical solutions for homeowners. 

When you participate in the IKEA affiliate program, you can enjoy a respectable commission.

The brand provides affiliates with up to 7% off each sale. Such numbers are competitive compared to others in the home furnishing sector.

The fairly generous 30-day cookie duration increases your chances of earning income through your links.

  • Commission rate: 7%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Start earning commissions with IKEA’s affiliate program guide.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn home page

Pottery Barn is a brand that offers high-end home furnishings and decor items.

The company caters to a sophisticated segment of homeowners and design professionals, offering interior design services, custom furniture, and distinctive homewares.

What’s more?

They ensure that all products are of premium quality.

But that’s not all!

The commission of the affiliate program is enticing, with affiliates earning up to 7% of completed orders. 

The cookie duration of 30 days is another excellent feature of the program.

Apply and once accepted, add your unique affiliate link to your blog’s evergreen content.

If your reader clicks from your blog to Pottery Barn and makes a purchase, you earn a significant commission!

  • Commission rate: 7.5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Learn how to leverage your platform into a lucrative income stream with Pottery Barn’s program.


Lowe's home page

The Lowe’s affiliate program opens doors for you to promote a huge DIY and home improvement retailer.

So, if your home renovation-related blog is catered to a broad DIY audience, then this is one of the best programs to join.

While the 0.8% commission on sales through your link may seem modest, the reputation of Lowe’s as a brand can significantly contribute to driving a sizable number of conversions.

Additionally, affiliates will receive a newsletter, giving them access to exclusive deals to pass on to their audience.

Lowe’s also provides a comprehensive product catalog and a variety of creative content that affiliates can integrate into their website or blog.

  • Commission rate: 0.8%
  • Cookie duration: 1 day

Explore the endless possibilities of affiliate marketing with Lowe’s program.


Wayfair home page

Wayfair is an online home goods store catering to homeowners and decorators.

They have an extensive array of home furniture and decor products

So Wayfair provides affiliates with many items to promote.

Their affiliate program offers a range of benefits for affiliates. 

For example, the commission is 1% – 6% for each confirmed purchase and a nice 14 – 30 days cookie length.

This period provides affiliates with an adequate window to earn commissions.

On top of that, affiliates receive banners to enhance their promotional efforts and have access to a constantly updated product selection featuring the latest home goods and furniture trends.

The program also empowers affiliates with performance-tracking tools for strategic optimization and regular updates to keep them in the loop about new arrivals, sale events, and special promotions.

  • Commission rate: 1% – 6%
  • Cookie duration: 14 – 30 days

Take the first step towards financial freedom with Wayfair’s affiliate program insights.

Crate And Barrel

Crate And Barrel home page

Crate and Barrel is a forerunner in the home goods industry, offering an ample variety of sophisticated furniture and home accessories across modern designs, dinnerware, bedding, and kitchen essentials.

This means that joining Crate and Barrel’s affiliate program not only allows you to promote an extensive array of products but also cash in on their high-profile brand recognition and considerable earning potential.

Whether you’re a newcomer to affiliate marketing or a seasoned veteran, Crate And Barrel allows you to elevate your efforts and earn a commendable 5% in commissions on every sale generated through your unique affiliate link.

There is also a 45-day cookie period, giving you ample time to entice your audience to shop using your link for stylish Crate And Barrel products.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

Ready to turn your platform into a cash-generating machine? 

Dive into Crate And Barrel’s affiliate program now.

West Elm

West Elm home page

It does not skimp on home furnishing quality and only offers top-notch furniture and decor pieces

West Elm gives a somewhat smaller commission than other affiliate programs.

The figures mount up due to the large number of customers and high-intent home decorators and designers.

This business was created to help home improvement affiliates with their knowledge and ability to increase traffic and conversion rates.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Discover the secrets of earning with West Elm’s affiliate program!

Philips Hue

Philips Hue home page

Philips Hue is one of the most well-connected and innovative smart lighting retailers

They provide a 4% commission and a cookie tracking length of 45 days.

They sell smart bulbs, light strips, and lighting solutions

With such a diverse range, you can be sure to locate any lighting system you need.

Affiliate marketers will benefit greatly from this scheme. 

The program offers reasonable commission rates.

Affiliates get frequent promotions and drop news updates.

  • Commission rate: 4%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

Unlock the potential for passive income with Philips Hue’s affiliate program.


Handy home page

Handy offers home services and DIY project support to homeowners of all kinds.

There are several options to create affiliate sales for well-liked categories of home improvement services and support while selling Handy’s service packages.

At a fixed $10 – $25 commission rate, such sales may rapidly boost your passive income. 

Additionally, the cookie duration for this program is 45 days, so you’ll need to use very effective CTAs.

Remember that most of Handy’s target consumers are homeowners, which follows the home services regulations while marketing these service subscription affiliate links.

  • Commission rate: $10 – $25
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

Learn how Handy’s affiliate program can boost your earnings!


Overstock home page

Overstock, a company that provides a vast range of home goods and furniture, will appeal to home decorators and home improvement enthusiasts.

Quality home furnishing products with exquisite designs and a variety of home decor items may find a spot in any enthusiast’s decoration plans, from beginners looking for good deals to seasoned decorators.

As a part of your affiliate program, you can assist in linking anybody who values a stylish home with Overstock by offering a 6% commission rate and a cookie duration of 14 days.

  • Commission rate: 6%
  • Cookie duration: 14 days

Explore the benefits of partnering with Overstock as an affiliate marketer.


Sears home page

Sears has become a staple in the home appliance and tool industry, but did you know they also have an extensive online store with a diverse selection of appliances and tools?

If you’re in the market for a home appliance and tool affiliate program, Sears should be at the top, with a wide range of products and an impressive 1% baseline commission.

In addition to all the latest and greatest appliances for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, Sears also sells home maintenance services, making them your one-stop shop for everything you need to outfit your home or complete your latest DIY project.

Sears believes great home improvement isn’t just about the appliances you use but the entire care for your home, including the reliable tools you use to maintain, repair equipment to fix, and the practical storage solutions you use to organize your space.

They’ve created a store that mirrors this philosophy, offering products and resources to help make the perfect home environment.

  • Commission rate: 1%
  • Cookie duration: 2 days

Find out how you can earn commissions by promoting Sears’ products!


EnviroBuild home page

EnviroBuild is a sustainable building materials platform that provides members with eco-friendly alternatives by offering a range of green products.

They offer various items including decking, cladding, and outdoor furniture.

EnviroBuild’s affiliate program offers easy affiliate promotions, allowing you to promote EnviroBuild on a blog or website with your referral tracking URL.

In addition, affiliates can receive professional marketing material, images, banners, and promotional material to ensure their success as sustainable building materials affiliates.

Moreover, EnviroBuild’s helpdesk comprises qualified and dedicated individuals, providing world-class support to ensure you can get back to what’s essential.

  • Commission rate: 3%
  • Cookie duration: 14 days

International Tool

International Tool home page

Do you want to help your audience enhance their DIY capabilities and diversify their toolbox?

Visit the International Tool affiliate program! International Tool focuses on equipping and advancing DIYers and professional carpenters through exclusive deals on tools or equipment purchases.

Joining the International Tool affiliate program is not just beneficial but comes with no cost – it’s 100% free! 

Beyond that, the potential for earnings is limitless, with competitive commissions paid monthly to affiliates.

International Tool has an impressive array of creative assets tailored to various marketing channels. 

International Tool affiliates also can create and use personalized creative assets.

The nice commission rate of 4% and generous 45-day cookie length add another layer of advantage, allowing you enough time to earn commissions. 

With a monthly payout schedule, International Tool ensures that affiliates receive their rewards promptly.

  • Commission rate: 4%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days


Homary.com home page

Homary.com is another trusted program you can join. 

Dedicated to assisting people in navigating the world of home furniture and decor, they offer a range of modern furniture items, bathroom fixtures, and lighting solutions.

Affiliates can enjoy a competitive commission rate of up to 7% per sale, making it a lucrative venture for participating.

If you’re keen on partnering with a company that combines style, high-quality products, and impressive growth, the Homary.com affiliate program should be your choice!

  • Commission rate: 7%
  • Cookie duration: 45 days


TaskRabbit home page

If you seek to offer services for home improvement tasks and errands, TaskRabbit is a great destination. 

Renowned for connecting local taskers with clients, TaskRabbit is a trusted partner in the world of handyman services and home maintenance.

The program also offers a $20 commission for first-time task bookings. 

TaskRabbit provides convenient tools to enhance efficiency and inspire creativity in your promotional efforts. 

Its dedicated team is always committed to helping you in marketing.

  • Commission rate: $20
  • Cookie duration: Unknown

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach home page

The Design Within Reach affiliate program is another name we want to recommend. 

Established as a premium retailer, Design Within Reach caters exclusively to the high-end home furniture market, promising top-tier designer furnishings.

It starts with a competitive 1.6% commission rate, allowing affiliates to earn a tidy sum while promoting high-quality designer furniture.

The 30-day cookie duration ensures that even if your audience takes some time to decide, you still get credit for the sale.

The program is easy to join.

Whether you’re a furniture enthusiast, interior design blogger, social media influencer, or just a person wanting to join the high-end home decor industry, you can sign up for the program.

  • Commission rate: 1.6%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


PRIMAGRAN home page

Are you ready to join the world of kitchen renovations? Let’s explore them with the PRIMAGRAN affiliate program!

PRIMAGRAN offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen sinks and faucets, letting consumers upgrade their kitchen utilities from standard to exquisite.

PRIMAGRAN allows you to earn a generous 5% commission on every order. 

The cookie duration of 30 days also helps to maximize your potential earnings.

The affiliate toolkit includes banner ads, text links, newsletters, and more, making promotion a breeze.

If you are a blogger in home renovations, kitchen upgrades, DIY interior projects, home design tips, and lifestyle, you should seize the opportunity to earn more.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days


Umbra home page

You can also step into one of the most creative selections of modern home products with Umbra.

Not only providing household items and bathroom accessories, the brand also has storage solutions, decorative pieces, and lots of contemporary furnishings that average homeowners and style-conscious individuals wish to have.

While the commission rate at 5% might seem modest, the real value lies in the diverse range of innovative products and unique designs.

The 30-day cookie duration allows you to have some time to convert potential visitors to customer purchases.

With a range of regular promotional material updates, you have the creatives to captivate your audience.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Adopt A Contractor

Adopt A Contractor home page

The Adopt a Contractor affiliate program is another program you should consider. 

It’s the ultimate place for enthusiasts of home renovation matching services and contractor discovery.

As one of the largest and most reputable platforms in this domain, it offers a wide variety of home improvement project options, including contractor referrals, project bidding, and more.

The affiliate program allows you to earn a generous $2 per verified lead. Its cookie term is also moderate, with 30 days.

With these benefits, you can get off to a great start in affiliate earnings.

  • Commission rate: $2
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

What Are Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

Home improvement affiliate programs are partner programs that pay affiliates who promote music equipment, software, or lessons.

Home improvement affiliate programs – Products and services

When affiliates promote Home improvement affiliate programs, they can recommend several products or services.

They can promote tools, building materials, DIY project plans, or landscaping supplies. 

How to Choose the Best Home Improvement Affiliate Programs


Before joining any of the home improvement affiliate programs, identify the most lucrative programs.

This should be the first step.

However, the profitability of the top home improvement affiliate programs depends on a few factors.

First, consider the commission rate.

A higher rate often seems attractive, but it’s the combination of rate and product appeal that truly drives earnings.

Secondly, cookie duration is another important key aspect. 

Longer cookie duration increases the chance of conversions.

One thing you need to do is look for programs that offer affiliate perks.

For example, highlight bonuses for top performers or special resources for promotion.

You will also need to focus on companies providing high lifetime customer value as this results in more consistent earnings.

Product quality

It is difficult to determine the product quality, right? Well, it is easier to ascertain than you think.

Before you join any of the home decoration affiliate programs, read customer reviews. Customer reviews usually show the feedback of users of the product.

Many sites allow users to leave reviews of products and services they have used before.

The famous review site I often use is Trustpilot.

Conversion rates

You’ll also want to look at the brand’s conversion rates to find the most profitable home improvement affiliate programs.

Of course, brands that offer affiliate programs usually have high conversion rates, but you’ll still have to find out how lucrative the scheme is.

From personal experience, home improvement affiliate programs associated with brands that have a proven track record of converting visitors into customers are more likely to generate a more consistent income for you.

How can you assess this?

You can check by monitoring a company’s reviews of its affiliate program.


The program you choose must meet your audience’s specific needs. This is even more true when it comes to the home improvement industry.

You shouldn’t just be promoting a construction tools product for the sake of it.

When analyzing programs, pay attention to the products and tools they offer and whether you could see yourself using them.

This is the best approach.

Do it this way: if your audience is interested in renovation and decor products, then you should sign up for an affiliate program related to those.


If you are just starting, you are more likely to succeed when you choose programs with support and educational resources.

It is not just beginners that need assistance. Even the more experienced affiliates may also benefit from the support.

Usually, you should look for programs that include promotional materials and a lot of dedicated support.

These additional resources will help you to create more effective campaigns, which means more potential earnings!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure this article has satisfied your curiosity.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best home improvement affiliate programs, you can make a well-informed decision on which one suits your brand.

My advice: It is important to choose an affiliate program that aligns with your home-focused content and style.

If you’ve used any of the affiliate programs I’ve listed, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. 

I’m looking forward to hearing about your successes and failures, and about the program you think is best.

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