Wanna make extra money? Try the Hotels.com affiliate program. 

This is a travel affiliate program. Earn cash by helping customers save on hotel stays—no costs! 

Doesn’t that sound fascinating? Yes, it is.

Indeed, this is a great way to make passive income that won’t break the bank. 

Read our guide and unlock the potential now! 

Let’s get started now.

What is the Hotels.com Affiliate Program?

It’s a partnership between Hotels.com and affiliates. Surely, it is a great way to make money! 

Promote Hotels.com services and get a commission for each successful booking. 

You’ll have access to various banners, text links, and widgets. 

Put them on websites or social media and earn up to 7% on each referral. There’s no upper limit to your earnings!

Plus, you can track your progress using centralized reporting tools. 

See the number of bookings, clicks, and commissions that you made in one day. 

Cookies last for 14 days and refer Hotels.com stays for up to 7 days after they expire.

Pro Tip: Use multiple forms of promotional materials. Create banners, text links, and widgets customized for your audience. 

This will help build trust and maintain consistency.

How To Join 

Experience the amazing chance to gain commissions by advertising Hotels.com’s hotel bookings with the affiliate program! 

Not only are the necessities for becoming a member minimal but there are also no secret costs. 

To join:

  1. Head to the Hotels.com website and sign up
  2. Once approved, pick from various tools and resources to craft individualized promotional material
  3. Start making money when a guest books through your exclusive affiliate links!

What Products Can You Promote?

It provides a range of products to promote on its affiliates’ websites. 

They offer hotels from all over the world so that affiliates can promote any hotel from the Hotels.com collection.

Benefits include:

  • Hotel Deals – affiliates can access discounted prices, free nights, and free breakfast.
  • Hotel Discounts – affiliates can book through their unique link and banners for exclusive discounts.
  • Reward Points – affiliates earn reward points for every booking made via their unique link.

Plus, they gain access to regular promotions and marketing materials to help boost conversions and sales.

The program also features an efficient tracking system via the CJ Affiliate network

This lets affiliates track their progress and earnings easily.

Once approved, affiliates can benefit from Hotels.com’s worldwide recognition. 

For example, a graduate student used the reward points feature to promote hotel deals and earned enough points to cover her dissertation research project flights and accommodation.

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Commission Rate

With every successful referral, affiliates can make up to 6% commission. 

Plus, they can get even higher commissions through special promotions and deals. 

The program lets affiliates know about these deals through newsletters and email updates.

It’s important for affiliates to track their earnings regularly with the program’s dashboard. 

This helps them keep a check on their performance, spot chances for improvement, and maximize their earnings.

In 2020, this program received an amazing award – Best affiliate network at the International Performance Marketing Awards.

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Cookie Duration

It is a great way to get passive income. It has a 7-day cookie duration. 

This means that if someone clicks on your link and books a hotel stay within 7 days, you earn a commission. 

To maximize earnings, encourage visitors to click your links multiple times in the window period.

Instead of promoting links leading to the homepage, direct visitors to pages relevant to their interests. 

Let them have plenty of time before the cookie expires. Make sure to share Hotels.com’s updated promotions often. 

That way, vacationers have more options when booking their trip. 

You’ll get increased commission rates via booked travel packages instead of just individual hotel rooms.

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What Promotional Materials Are Available?

The program has a range of promotional materials to help affiliates increase sales and generate revenue.

  • Banners: Eye-catching ads with several size options.
  • Text Links: Redirect users to Hotels.com, blending in with website content.
  • Widgets: Display hotels on the affiliates’ site, enabling comparison shopping.

Affiliates have real-time stats to track the performance of their materials. 

Stats like clicks, impressions, and EPC help affiliates to understand what works best. 

Plus, Hotels.com only offers relevant materials, making it easier for them to optimize campaigns.

2002 was when this program began. At first, only corporate travel bookings were available. 

But now, it has grown to include leisure bookings and various promotional materials!

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The Hotels.com affiliate program is truly unique. It offers up to 7% commission on bookings, plus a 7-day cookie duration. 

Plus, there are over 500,000 hotels in global destinations to promote. What’s more, joining is easy and hassle-free.

This program also has lots of tools for site integration. 

It also has plugin options to enhance customer experiences and cross-device tracking tech. 

This ensures commissions are given, no matter where customers book.

I joined this program last year. And wow! It really gave my website a huge boost. 

I saw a big jump in bookings from my referral link, resulting in larger commissions every month.

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It has its drawbacks. It’s important to consider these before joining. 

The potential cons include:

  • High competition. Many affiliates promote the same products, making it tough to stand out.
  • Low conversion rate. High commission rates may tempt people to click but not buy.
  • Payment threshold. It’s $100, which can be tricky for small businesses or new affiliates.
  • Restrictions on promotional materials. There are limits to using hotels.com’s logo and branding, reducing creative freedom.
  • No recurring commissions. Unlike other programs, Hotels.com does not offer recurring commissions.
  • Cancellation guidelines. Publishers must follow rules when marketing hotels.

Before signing up, consider the pros and cons. Despite these, you can still join the program with a few tips. 

Diversify strategies to get more ROI. Read the terms and conditions carefully. Research keywords to target the right audience. 

Pay for advertising if needed. Do research to decide if Hotels.com is right for your business.

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Who Should Join Hotels.com Affiliate Program?

Are you seeking a method to make money online by promoting hotels? It could be the solution to your needs!

These 3 types of people can gain from signing up:

  • Travel bloggers
  • Travel vloggers
  • Website owners with a big audience

No special skills or experience are needed to join. All you need is a love for travel and a curiosity in hotel promotions.

It’s worth noting that Hotels.com provides excellent commission rates. 

Plus, they provide a great selection of marketing materials and support to affiliates. 

By signing up for the program, you can access exclusive discounts and coupons. These will entice many customers through your site.

Don’t miss out! Join the program now and start earning commissions for each booking made via your personalized link.

Requirements To Join Hotels.com Affiliate Program?

It’s essential to meet a few requirements to maximize your earnings via the affiliate program. 

These stipulations are necessary for joining the program and gaining income from your web page or blog.

  • You need a website or blog.
  • Your website or blog should have 1,000 monthly visitors.
  • Agree to Hotels.com affiliate program terms and conditions.
  • Your site should have quality content related to travel, hospitality, and accommodations.
  • Promote Hotels.com without misleading customers or harming the brand.

These are just the beginning! Joining the affiliate program will open doors to many opportunities, like recognizing customers’ diversities and uniqueness.

One trick is to add customized Hotels.com widgets on your website’s pages. 

For instance, add “Top Destinations” to get more clicks on your links. 

Speeding up page loading can also help, as users don’t like to wait.

Also, keep updating your website with fresh content. 

Users will return to your page for updates on travel and hotel recommendations. 

If you fulfill the requirements and follow these tips, you’ll make the most out of the affiliate program.

Key Takeaways

The Hotels.com affiliate program has plenty of advantages for those who join! 

It reaches a global audience, with over 500,000 hotels in 200+ countries & territories. 

Affiliates can earn commissions on hotel bookings, package rates & gift cards. Commission rates start at 4%, but they can increase based on performance. 

Plus, user-friendly tools and reporting are available to optimize earnings. 

The program also has a strong brand reputation & many promotional opportunities. 

A happy affiliate shared that they got to provide their audience with an extensive selection of properties while earning steady commissions through the program.

8 Best Alternatives To Hotels.com Affiliate Program

Searching for something other than this affiliate program? 

Here are 8 options to consider:

  • Booking.com affiliate program
  • Expedia affiliate program
  • TripAdvisor affiliate program
  • Airbnb associates program
  • Vrbo partner affiliate program
  • Agoda affiliate program
  • Kayak affiliate program
  • Hotwire partner connect

These programs offer low to high-end hotels, vacation rentals, or flights. 

Plus, they provide account managers, reports, and daily payouts. Some even offer exclusive bonuses to their affiliates.

Before selecting a program, analyze the niche market. They will give access to marketing tools with offers or content. 

Consider their parameters like locations, payment methods, commission rates, or network distribution. 

This can help you determine which fits your needs best.

Choose wisely. A better monetization option awaits you.

Final Thoughts

The Hotels.com affiliate program provides a great marketing opportunity for travel bloggers and websites. 

By promoting hotels using unique links, widgets, and banners, partners can make a commission. 

This program offers helpful tools for tracking performance and customizing promotional materials.

Partners gain access to a huge range of hotels worldwide when joining the affiliate program. 

Adding value to their website with a reliable earning stream is possible. Easy linking tools let affiliates link promotions with content seamlessly.

The Partner Central portal helps partners figure out how to get more bookings and increase their commission rate. 

Plus, the payout process is clear and dependable—partners receive their payments on time without any delays or hidden fees.

A travel blogger saw their revenue skyrocket after joining the affiliate program. 

They found the support team to be very useful, responsive, and always there to help in creating successful campaigns.

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