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17 Best Travel Affiliate Programs

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Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia is a popular online travel booking platform for flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. 

It was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. 

Users can book flights from over 750 airlines and accommodation in around 500,000 properties around the world through its website or mobile app.

Expedia’s user-friendly search interface stands out for its extensive reach in reaching bookings.

For world-class low-cost fares, high-end luxury accommodations, and other travel-related services including tours and activities.

Unique details of Expedia include its generous rewards program called Expedia Rewards.

It is free to join and allows users to earn points with each booking which can be used towards future bookings. 

Additionally, Expedia offers a price match guarantee on hotel bookings.

They refund the difference if the user finds a lower price on their room elsewhere within 24 hours of booking.

Commission rates of Expedia

Expedia offers competitive commission rates to affiliate marketers. It is one of the best travel affiliate programs.

The commission varies depending on the product purchased and is calculated as a percentage of the total booking cost. 

The higher the booking, the higher the commission.

Product TypeCommission Percentage
Packages and Activities5-10%
Cruise or Car Rentals3%

Expedia also offers a 7-day cookie duration. This allows affiliates to earn commissions for any bookings made within seven days.

Pro Tip: It is important to regularly check Expedia’s affiliate program for updates on changes in commission rates or cookie durations. 

Also, it is recommended to focus on promoting higher-priced products to boost commissions.

Cookie duration of Expedia

Expedia’s affiliate program uses tracking cookies. They allow affiliates to earn commissions from customer purchases. 

The cookie duration of Expedia is 7 days. So if a user clicks on an affiliate link and makes a booking within the next 7 days, the affiliate will receive a commission.

Below is a table highlighting commission rates for Expedia and other relevant information about the program: It is important to note that the cookie duration varies across different travel affiliate programs.

So it is critical for affiliates to understand each program’s specific policies when promoting their travel products.

Pro Tip: Encourage your audience to make bookings as soon as they can after clicking on your affiliate link.

This ensures that you receive your commission before the tracking cookie expires. Affiliate Program is a popular travel website that offers online bookings for accommodations, flights, car rentals, and more. 

It has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the search process for users who are looking to book a trip. 

The platform offers access to over 28 million accommodation listings in different parts of the world.

They provide customers with an extensive range of options to choose from. 

In addition to hotels and resorts, also features apartments, vacation homes, and other unique lodging options.

A unique feature of is its ability to allow travelers to reserve their accommodations without paying upfront.

It means they can cancel or modify their reservations without penalty up until a certain point before check-in. 

This gives customers flexibility when it comes to planning their travels.

Pro Tip: offers discounts for repeat bookings through its Genius program.’s commission rates will make you want to book a trip just to earn some extra cash.

Commission rates of

Commissions vary based on the type of accommodation booked and the country in which it is booked. 

The commission rates typically range from 4% to 7% of the total booking cost.

Below is a table showcasing’s commission rates for affiliates in different regions:

RegionCommission Rate
North America3.25% – 6%
Europe5% – 7%
Asia Pacific4% – 6%
Middle East & Africa4.5% – 6%
Latin America3.25% – 6%

In addition to these standard commission rates, also offers bonus commissions for high-performing affiliates and seasonal promotions throughout the year.

It is worth noting that’s commission rates may vary depending on changes in its pricing strategy or affiliate programs. has been a leading online travel agency since its founding in the Netherlands in 1996.

 It has consistently grown its global reach with over 28 million listings across more than 220 countries and territories. 

In recent years, they have expanded into offering vacation rentals and packages as well as hotel bookings.’s cookie duration may not last long, but its commissions will make your wallet sing a different tune.

Cookie duration of’s duration of tracking cookies refers to the period during which affiliates get referral credit for the traffic they have generated to their website. 

The duration of this tracking cookie impacts the persistence of your referrals and their likelihood of converting into paying customers.

Below is a table illustrating the cookie duration for

Affiliate ProgramCookie Duration
Booking.com1 day – 30 days

It is noteworthy that’s cookie duration varies from 1 day to 30 days, depending on the geography you are targeting and the promotional types used. 

Therefore, it would be best to refer to their program terms and conditions in determining the driving methods.

Furthermore, affiliates who leverage the affiliate program experience exceptional conversion rates.

An unparalleled inventory comprising over one million properties worldwide and low cancellation rates. 

This is particularly impressive when compared with other travel websites with smaller portfolios.

Lastly, suppose you’re seeking to increase your earnings as an affiliate promoting Travel-related products. 

In that case, you should consider partnering with booking sites such as

This ensures access to an immense range of accommodations worldwide. 

Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is a comprehensive online travel booking platform that offers a wide range of accommodation options across the globe. 

It features an easy-to-use interface and intuitive search engine, making the booking process simple and efficient for users. 

Agoda is known for its exclusive deals and discounts on hotel rooms, resorts, and vacation rentals at competitive prices. 

Its extensive network of travel suppliers ensures that users find suitable accommodation options.

Agoda’s advanced technology provides in-depth information about accommodation options.

These include amenities, location details, room types, check-in/check-out timings, and customer reviews that help users make well-informed decisions. 

Moreover, Agoda’s loyalty program offers additional perks to frequent users like reward points, and cashback schemes redeemable on future bookings.

In addition to these streamlined services, Agoda provides 24/7 customer support to resolve any queries its users may have before or after a trip.

Agoda’s reputation is built on providing a seamless user experience and exceptional customer satisfaction.

They offer top-notch services and expertise in global travel solutions suited intricately to individual needs.

Commission rates of Agoda

Agoda offers commission rates to its affiliates for generating bookings through their referral links. 

Here are the commission rates offered by Agoda:

Property TypeCommission Rate
HotelsUp to 7%
HomesUp to 5%
ApartmentsUp to 5%

This table presents the actual commission rates that Agoda offers for different types of properties. 

The commission rate can go up to 7% for hotels, while it can be up to 5% for homes and apartments. 

Affiliates can earn a good income by promoting Agoda’s wide range of properties.

Agoda’s affiliate program also provides access to exclusive promotions and deals. 

This gives the affiliates an additional advantage over other travel platforms. This makes it stand out from other travel affiliate programs.

By partnering with Agoda, affiliates also get access to their dedicated support team, who helps them with any queries or issues.

Pro Tip: Affiliates should keep track of Agoda’s latest promotions and deals regularly, as this can help increase their earnings. 

Additionally, they should create high-quality content that focuses on the unique selling points of Agoda’s offerings.

Cookie duration of Agoda

Here are the details of Agoda’s Cookie Duration:

Cookie DurationDays
Last Click Attribution Window30 Days
First-Party or Third-Party CookieFirst Party
Cross-Device Tracking Available?No

Agoda offers competitive commission rates to its affiliates based on the bookings made through their referral links.

In this era of online travel booking, Agoda has established itself as one of the largest travel platforms in the world.

It serves customers in over 190 countries with more than two million properties.

Get ready to earn commissions that will make your TripAdvisor drool with the Tripadvisor affiliate program.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Tripadvisor is an online platform dedicated to providing travelers with reviews and recommendations about restaurants, accommodations, and tourist attractions. 

Tripadvisor is the perfect place for travel enthusiasts to plan their itineraries. 

It has over 860 million reviews and a presence in more than 50 markets worldwide, 

In addition to providing users with honest reviews, Tripadvisor also offers exclusive booking deals on flights, hotels, and vacation rentals.

As an affiliate marketer looking for lucrative partnerships, one can benefit immensely from partnering with Tripadvisor. 

They provide a user-friendly interface that allows affiliates to earn high commissions each time their followers make bookings through their affiliate links. 

Affiliates have access to real-time data that enables them to track the performance of their campaigns easily.

A unique feature of the Tripadvisor affiliate program is that it ensures trust and transparency between themselves and affiliates. 

The company boasts strict guidelines that promote ethical practices in marketing. 

Partnerships are reviewed periodically for compliance with these regulations.

Commission rates of Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor’s payment structure for its affiliate program is known as the commission rates of Tripadvisor. 

Commission rates can vary depending on the type of referral and the amount of sales generated over a period.

The following table shows the commission rates for Tripadvisor’s affiliate program:

Referral TypeCommission Rate
Hotel bookings50%
Tour and activity bookings80%
Restaurant reservations30%

Tripadvisor’s affiliate program also offers unique features such as access to real-time analytics and a dedicated support team.

The support team helps affiliates optimize their earnings potential. It is one of the best travel affiliate programs.

Pro Tip: Affiliates should maximize their earning potential by promoting popular hotels, tours, and activities.

This will help them to generate more sales and higher commissions.

Cookie duration of Tripadvisor

Below is a detailed table showcasing the cookie duration of Tripadvisor.

Affiliate programCookie Duration
Tripadvisor affiliate program14 days

The TripAdvisor affiliate program lasts for up to 14 days, providing enough window period for the affiliates to receive their commissions. 

Don’t miss out on earning commissions by delaying your enrollment in the Tripadvisor affiliate program. 

Sign-up now and start promoting your favorite travel-related products!

Tripadvisor’s affiliate program offers not just commission rates and cookie duration, but also unique features that make it stand out among the competition.

Unique features of Tripadvisor affiliate program

The Tripadvisor affiliate program has some distinctive aspects that set it apart from other programs. 

These features ensure that affiliates have a unique and profitable experience.

Some of the unique features of the Tripadvisor affiliate program are:

  • Wide selection: It has a vast portfolio of travel deals, including hotels, flights, holiday packages, car rentals, and more.
  • High-quality content: They offer access to high-quality content such as reviews, photos, and destination guides that present great opportunities for affiliate marketing.
  • Simplified access to their inventory API: This feature provides automatic content updates and real-time pricing information.
  • TripAdvisor associates have transparent reporting tools: With these tools, they can track sales and commissions generated through advertising banners or text links on their websites easily.
  • Ability to integrate with leading tracking providers: It allows for customization according to personal preferences ensuring compatibility with every tracking provider’s requirements.
  • Collaboration opportunities across media channels like YouTube or Instagram:

Affiliates on the TripAdvisor program enjoy active support from dedicated teams responsible for providing speedy responses both in technical assistance and general inquiries. Affiliate Program is a travel booking platform that offers an extensive selection of accommodations worldwide. 

They cater to customers who require different kinds of lodging options at affordable prices. 

One can use for business, leisure, or intercontinental trips. The user-friendly interface allows a seamless browsing and booking experience. provides 24/7 customer support through email, web chat, and phone calls. 

Moreover, the site has developed a reward program that gives members an extra night’s stay after staying for ten nights on any participating lodging. 

This incentive encourages users to book more stays with

With its exceptional reputation for affordability and vast hotel options in popular areas, is a go-to site for millions of travelers worldwide.

Joining the affiliate program guarantees access to both brand awareness reputation and consistent earnings from high-profit commissions.

 Commission rates of

The commission rates of vary depending on the types of bookings made by the customers.

A table can be created to show the commission rates of in detail. 

In the ‘Commission rates of’ table, columns such as Booking Type, Commission Rate %, and Notes can be included. 

For example, bookings for hotels, vacation rentals, and car rentals may have different commission rates ranging from 4% to 6%.

Unique details about’s commissions may include bonus incentives for affiliates.

 Affiliates who drive higher sales volumes or targeted promotions for specific regions or properties. 

Such unique features make partnering with an attractive option for affiliates.

Affiliates can’t afford to miss out on these lucrative commission rates offered by 

Portfolio of has an extensive range of accommodation options, making it a popular choice for travelers. 

Here’s what you need to know about the portfolio of

  1. offers over 500,000 properties worldwide.
  2. They have a diverse range of accommodations, including hotels, apartments, resorts, hostels, and even treehouses.
  3. Customers can choose from budget-friendly options or luxury stays.
  4. They offer a loyalty program where customers can collect nights and get one free after booking ten nights.
  5. Travelers can access deals and savings through their mobile app.

Unique details not mentioned in the previous section:

  • offers 24/7 customer support in 40 languages.
  • Their website also provides useful resources like travel guides and recommendations for things to do in certain destinations.

Pro Tip: To get the best prices on properties, consider booking multiple nights or staying during off-peak times.

G Adventures Affiliate Program

G Adventures offers sustainable, authentic, and affordable small-group tours that are ideal for adventure-seekers. 

With a focus on community interactions and responsible travel, G Adventures is a world-renowned leader in adventure travel. 

Their extensive range of tours covers every continent and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. This makes it one of the best travel affiliate programs.

Join G Adventures and experience travel like never before with their diverse range of adventure options, from trekking in the Andes to cruising through the Galapagos.

Types of travel experiences offered by G Adventures

G Adventures offers diverse and unique travel experiences for adventure seekers.

  • G Adventures offers small group tours that explore local cultures, cuisine, and way of life.
  • They also provide multi-day trekking expeditions to uncommon destinations such as Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or the Inca Trail in Peru.
  • G Adventures has exciting theme-based trips such as photography-focused tours and wellness retreats.

G Adventures also offers custom trip planning services.

In addition to these, G Adventures’ trips offer authentic local experiences that can’t be found elsewhere.

According to ‘Best travel affiliate programs’, G Adventures offers commission rates ranging from 5% – 8%.

G Adventures offers commissions as high as the Himalayas, making it a great choice for affiliate marketers looking to cash in on the adventure travel niche.

Commission rates of G Adventures

G Adventures offers commission rates to its affiliates for promoting their tours and travel packages. 

The rates vary depending on the type of product being promoted and the volume and quality of traffic generated by affiliates.

Product TypeCommission Rate
Standard Tours & Packages5%
Private & Custom Tours10%
Tailor-Made Travel Planning15%

G Adventures also offers a bonus commission structure for high-performing affiliates that can earn up to double or triple the standard rates.

In addition to commission rates, G Adventures offers exclusive content, promotions, and resources to help its affiliates optimize their marketing efforts.

It is worth noting that G Adventures started in Canada as a small-group adventure tour operator in 1990. 

Today, they operate tours in over 100 countries worldwide and have received numerous awards for sustainable tourism and responsible travel practices.

Get paid to help people see the world with the Travelpayouts affiliate program.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

Travelpayouts is an online platform that enables affiliates to earn money by promoting travel offers. 

It features a range of tools and widgets such as flight, hotel, and car rental search forms, and calendars. 

With over a hundred airline partners and more than 30 hotel booking platforms, Travelpayouts provides global coverage.

In addition to this, Travelpayouts also offers access to exclusive private offers with higher commission rates. 

These offers include special deals for flights and hotels that can only be accessed through the platform.

Travelpayouts has dedicated affiliate management teams available in several languages to support its affiliates worldwide. 

These teams help with technical issues and offer marketing advice through newsletters, blog posts, and webinars.

Travelpayouts has all the tools you’ll need to make the search for the best travel deals a breeze.

Search tools and widgets available on Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts offers various search tools and widgets to enhance the user experience. 

These include easy-to-use flight search widgets, hotel search widgets, car rental search tools, and a variety of travel content integration tools.

  • The flight search widget allows users to easily search for flights from multiple airlines and destinations.
  • The hotel search widget enables users to find suitable accommodations, and filter rooms by price, location, stars, and ratings.
  • Car rental search tools allow users to find the perfect rental in their preferred location, and filter cars according to preferences and needs.
  • Travel content integration tools are available in multiple languages that can be used on websites or blogs to integrate relevant travel information that engages readers.

They also provide travelers with relevant information including fare predictions is possible by integrating affiliate programs.

Notably, Travelpayouts has tailored its services to work for different platforms.

Hence their widgets are designed as per specific markets such as mobile devices or desktop interfaces.

Pro Tip: Use the Travelpayouts referral program as a traveler to earn commission on every booking made using your unique referral link.

Travelpayouts commission rates bring joy to both readers and affiliates, you’ll be flying high with their offers.

Commission rates of Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts offers commission rates to its affiliates based on the revenue generated from the bookings made through its platform. 

Here is a breakdown of the commission rates offered by Travelpayouts in comparison to other travel affiliate programs:

Travel Affiliate ProgramCommission Rate
ExpediaUp to 12%
Booking.comUp to 40%
AgodaUp to 6%
TripadvisorUp to 50%
Hotels.comUp to 7%
G AdventuresUp to 5%

It is essential to note that these are approximate commission values, and they may vary depending on factors like the type of booking or product purchased.

Unlike other travel affiliates, Travelpayouts provides a unique opportunity for its partners through its search tools and widgets.

These include flight price comparisons, hotel reservations, car rental bookings, and more. 

This feature usually results in high conversion rates for affiliates.

Don’t miss out on earning higher commissions with Travelpayouts. 

Join today and start making money with one of the most lucrative travel affiliate programs on the market.

Kayak Affiliate Program

Kayak is a travel search engine that provides users with the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rental services. 

With its user-friendly interface and powerful search features, Kayak has become one of the most popular travel websites in the world. 

The search engine allows travelers to compare prices from different airlines and hotel chains to find the best deal possible. 

Additionally, Kayak offers a variety of tools like price tracking alerts and flight status updates to make travel planning easier for its customers.

One unique feature of Kayak is its ‘Explore‘ option.

It allows users to enter their home airport and discover new destinations based on their budget and preferred travel dates. 

This gives travelers a chance to explore new places while staying within their budget constraints.

In terms of commissions, Kayak affiliates can earn up to 50% on bookings made through their site. 

Furthermore, the platform offers various widgets that can be easily integrated into travel blogs or portfolios facilitating affiliate marketing programs.

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Commission rates of Kayak

Kayak provides enticing advertisement options to its affiliates and is known for offering satisfactory commission rates. 

Kayak does not pay a fixed commission percentage. 

The exact amount paid depends on several factors, including the type of travel involved. 

Commission-based fees range between 3-4% for domestic flights and 1-2% for international flights, with hotel rental commissions ranging from 3-7%.

Commission Rates of Kayak

Type of TravelCommission rate
Domestic Flights3-4%
International Flights1-2%
Hotel Rentals3-7%

Kayak presents various coupons and deals on airfare, hotels, or car rentals to its customers through which they offer more significant discounts that result in low profits. 

Commissions paid out by Kayak are comparatively lesser than other travel affiliate programs.

Kayak’s tools make finding the perfect travel itinerary as easy as finding your ex’s new significant other on Facebook.

Tools available on Kayak

Kayak offers various tools that help affiliates optimize their websites and increase earnings. 

Here are the key tools available on Kayak:

  • The Kayak API, which allows affiliates to integrate travel search directly onto their website;
  • Kayak widgets, enabling users to check multiple travel sites at once from affiliate websites;
  • Deep linking capabilities, allowing affiliates to link directly to specific hotels or flights within Kayak’s vast inventory;
  • The ‘Deals’ widget displays deals on flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and more;
  • ‘Explore’ tool for searching destinations based on dates or prices.

Unique among these resources is the Deep Linking capability which can help affiliates raise their conversion rates.

They lead customers straight to a desired destination instead of forcing them through a more complicated process.

Viator Affiliate Program

Viator provides a comprehensive ecosystem of travel activities and experiences to its customers. 

They offer a range of tours, attractions, and events that cater to diverse preferences and interests in numerous destinations worldwide. 

Additionally, Viator’s straightforward booking process enables travelers to browse and book their activities with ease and convenience. 

Moreover, Viator guarantees the lowest price for all its products in the market.

You don’t need a genie to grant your travel wishes when Viator offers a wide variety of tours and activities to choose from.

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Types of tours and activities offered by Viator

Viator offers a range of travel experiences with many options to choose from. The following are some of the options:

  1. Tours: Viator has a variety of tours such as walking tours, sightseeing tours, and bike tours.
  2. Activities: Viator offers activities such as hot air balloon rides, cooking classes, and water sports.
  3. Attractions: Viator allows visitors to book attraction tickets for museums, theme parks, and shows.
  4. Private Tours: Viator also offers personalized private tours with the help of expert guides.

Viator’s travel experience portfolio is diverse and covers different areas.

These include city tours, cultural events, sightseeing attractions, outdoor adventures, food experiences, and more.

Viator has an easy-to-use platform that makes it convenient for travelers to explore the local culture while leaving the planning part in safe hands. 

According to reports, the company caters to over 3 million customers annually in over 1,700 destinations worldwide. 

Viator’s commission rates may leave you feeling like a winner, even if your poker face could use some work.

Commission rates of Viator

Viator’s affiliate program offers commission rates to its affiliates. 

The following table showcases the commission rates of Viator for their travel activities and experiences:

Commission Rates
Standard Rate: 5-8% commission on all sales (excluding cancelled orders) generated within a cookie duration period of 30 days.
Performance Incentives: Additional commissions based on performance.

Viator provides custom campaigns, exclusive deals, and creatives to help their affiliates promote their products effectively.

Viator’s affiliate program has unique features like deep linking, API integration, and widgets for website integration. 

It also has mobile app tracking to maximize earnings and enhance user experience.

Don’t miss out on earning commissions with the best travel affiliate programs like Viator!

World Nomads Affiliate Program

World Nomads provides travel insurance for different adventure activities. 

Their policies are available for citizens of most countries and allow flexibility in changing travel dates. 

They also offer 24/7 emergency assistance through their app. 

In addition to travel insurance, World Nomads offers resources for travel safety, language guides, and travel blogs to inspire adventurers. 

World Nomads is a reliable choice for travelers seeking insurance coverage during their travels.

World Nomads caters specifically to adventure travelers who are engaging in high-risk activities like hiking, skiing, or bungee jumping. 

Therefore they do not cover every trip type equally.

In terms of commission rates, World Nomads offers a flat 10% commission on policies sold through affiliate links. 

This earning potential increases when more policies are sold via your link – up to 17% of total policy costs.

Types of travel insurance offered by World Nomads

World Nomads provides various travel insurance options that cater to the needs of travelers worldwide.

  • Standard Plan: Provides coverage for trip cancellation, medical emergencies, baggage loss, and more.
  • Explorer Plan: Offers extended coverage for adventurous activities such as scuba diving, trekking, skiing, and more.
  • Adventurer Plan: Catered towards extreme sports and activities such as bungee jumping, mountaineering, skydiving, and more.
  • Student Plan: Tailored towards students studying abroad or on international exchange programs.
  • Group Plan: Provides group travel insurance coverage with a minimum of ten members traveling together.

Moreover, World Nomads offers a simple online claims process for all its policies.

Commission rates of World Nomads

The commission rates vary depending on factors such as the type of product and the volume of sales.

Type of ProductCommission Rate
Travel Insurance10%
Rover Passes5-8%

In addition to commission rates, World Nomads provides marketing materials like banners, links, and widgets to promote their products.

To maximize earnings from World Nomads’ affiliate program, affiliates can utilize these marketing materials and target audiences interested in adventure travel and travel insurance.

Create educational content about the importance of travel insurance or promote specific destinations that require unique coverage.

Affiliates can provide value to their audience while driving sales for World Nomads.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

GetYourGuide provides an online platform for booking tours and activities in various destinations worldwide. 

It partners with local tour operators to offer unique experiences, including guided tours, skip-the-line tickets, museum visits, outdoor activities, food tours, and more. 

The platform allows travelers to browse and book activities conveniently from their website or mobile app, with instant confirmation and a hassle-free cancellation policy. 

With over 35 million tickets sold so far, GetYourGuide is one of the leading travel activity platforms globally.

GetYourGuide has more tours and activities than a toddler has tantrums.

Types of tours and activities offered by GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide offers various tours and activities to its users which can be explored according to one’s interests. 

Here are some of the types of tours and activities offered by GetYourGuide:

  • City sightseeing tours
  • Cultural and historical tours
  • Food, wine, and nightlife experiences
  • Sporting events and outdoor activities
  • Show, concert, and event tickets

Apart from these options, GetYourGuide also provides personalized travel recommendations based on an individual’s preferences.

Additionally, users have the option to book private guided tours or skip-the-line tickets to popular attractions.

In terms of unique features, GetYourGuide has a wide selection of international experiences that cater to different age groups and budgets.

Commission rates of GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide’s affiliate program offers a tiered commission structure wherein the more sales an affiliate generates, the higher the percentage of commission paid out. 

The following table shows the commission rates paid to affiliates:

Commission RatesPaid to Affiliates
Standard Tier (0-50 Sales Per Month)8% of Booking Value
Bronze Tier (51-200 Sales Per Month)10% of Booking Value
Silver Tier (201-500 Sales Per Month)12% of Booking Value
Gold Tier (501+ Sales Per Month)Contact for Specific Rate Details

Their platform features numerous tools that assist affiliates in easily creating personalized marketing campaigns across social media channels and other online platforms. 

GetYourGuide is a reputable travel agency globally renowned for its extensive range of guided tours and activities. 

REI Affiliate Program

REI, an outdoor retail co-op, provides quality gear and clothing for outdoor adventures. 

With a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, REI offers products for hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, and more.

In addition to its brick-and-mortar stores, REI has an impressive online platform where customers can easily shop for high-quality gear and apparel. 

The company also offers expert advice and community events to help customers embrace the outdoor lifestyle.

One unique aspect of REI is its membership program, which provides exclusive discounts, member-only products, and access to special events. 

Members also receive a share in the profits each year based on their purchases.

For those looking to partner with REI through their affiliate program, they offer commission rates for sales made through affiliate links. 

Partnering with REI can be a great way to promote quality gear while earning commissions from sales.

Get ready to gear up and explore the great outdoors with REI’s impressive range of equipment and gear.

Types of outdoor gear and equipment offered by REI

REI offers a diverse selection of high-quality gear and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. 

REI’s gear range includes camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and camp furniture. 

The equipment selection includes hiking gear such as boots, sticks, GPS devices, and other tools. 

For winter sports, REI offers skis, snowboards, helmets, and other winter apparel. 

Environment-friendly options are also available such as solar-powered devices and Eco-sensitive goods.

Apart from these offerings, REI provides excellent customer service to guide buyers in selecting the best product for their needs.

REI is a rental program that allows individuals to rent gear like tents or snowshoes for their next outdoor adventure before committing to buying it permanently. 

This service gives customers an opportunity to explore new activities without worrying about investing in expensive equipment upfront.

REI caters to its customers by hosting informative courses led by professionals in various fields like photography courses or outdoor cooking lessons.

This broadens one’s skills and knowledge when it comes to thriving in “the great outdoors”.

Commission rates of REI

REI offers commission rates to their affiliates for driving sales through their referral links. 

Below is a table showcasing the commission rates of REI based on the annual sales generated by an affiliate:

Annual SalesCommission Rate

It is important to note that these commission rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice from REI.

Additionally, it is recommended that affiliates check the program policies and terms before promoting REI products.

Take Walks Affiliate Program

Take Walks is a tour company that offers unique and personalized walking tours. 

They are known for their high-quality tours with small groups to ensure an intimate experience. 

Take Walks is a popular choice for travelers looking for an authentic, off-the-beaten-path experience with a knowledgeable and passionate guide. 

Their tours cover various cities and landmarks worldwide, including Rome, Paris, Florence, London, and New York City.

In addition to their walking tours, Take Walks also offers skip-the-line passes for popular attractions to save time and hassle. 

They take care of everything from planning the itinerary to making sure guests have the best possible experience. 

Take Walks provides a seamless user experience with easy booking and excellent customer service.

What makes Take Walks stand out is its focus on immersive storytelling and local knowledge. 

Their guides are locals who are passionate about sharing stories about the places they call home. 

Guests love the attention to detail and the willingness to go above and beyond in creating memorable experiences.

Take Walks is an excellent choice for those seeking an unforgettable walking tour experience led by passionate local guides. 

Take Walks offers a variety of tours, from historical strolls to spooky ghost walks, guaranteed to make your feet and heart race.

Types of walking tours offered by Take Walks

Take Walks offers a variety of scenic walking tours that cater to travel enthusiasts. 

These expeditions are tailored to showcase the hidden gems of every city, creating an unforgettable experience for their clients.

  • Private Tours: Take Walks offers personalized guided tours based on the interests and preferences of their clients. They ensure complete satisfaction by allowing clients the freedom to customize every aspect of their journey.
  • Cultural Tours: Take Walks provides cultural immersion for travelers who would like a firsthand experience of the local history and traditions of the destination.
  • Gourmet Tours: For foodies who love exploring the culinary offerings in various cities, Take Walks gourmet tours are perfect. Based on client preferences, these tours cover regions famous for their foods, street eats, and local beverages.
  • Local Specialist-led Tours: Be it art, photography, or architecture; if you have a passion or a subject you want to delve into deeper, local specialists conduct these fascinating walks for aficionados with similar interests.

Take Walks also offers virtual tours allowing tourists to explore any site from anywhere around the globe – no travel ticket booking required!

If you’re looking for unique ways to explore world-renowned destinations, select one or more specialty tours offered by Take Walks during your next big adventure. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create lifelong memories.

Take Walks will have you walking away with more than just a commission, with rates ranging from 7-10%.

Commission rates of Take Walks

Take Walks offers commission rates to its affiliates based on their performance. 

The better the affiliate’s performance, the higher the commission rate they receive. 

Below is a table showcasing the commission rates of Take Walks:

Commission Rates
Level 1 – $0-$24,999 in sales per month – 8%
Level 2 – $25,000-$49,999 in sales per month – 10%
Level 3 – $50,000 or more in sales per month – 12%

Take Walks also provides exclusive discounts and perks for their top-performing affiliates. 

These unique benefits include early access to new products and promotions.

Plus, dedicated support from an account manager, and marketing materials customized for individual affiliates.

InsureMyTrip Affiliate Program

InsureMyTrip is a travel insurance aggregator, offering various policies from multiple providers. 

Customers can compare plans and costs, as well as purchase coverage. 

This platform provides 24/7 assistance to its customers while traveling to ensure the best possible travel experience.

InsureMyTrip commission rates – The commission rates for InsureMyTrip vary depending on the specific policies. 

However, affiliates can earn up to 20% commission for every purchase made through their affiliate link.

Unique details of InsureMyTrip – InsureMyTrip offers personalized advice and guidance on how to choose the right policy for your travel needs. 

Additionally, they offer unique benefits such as a satisfaction guarantee and the ability to cancel your policy for any reason without penalty.

The True history of InsureMyTrip – Founded in 2000, InsureMyTrip has become one of the leading online travel insurance marketplaces in the United States. 

The company has extended its services globally by partnering with international insurers and underwriters.

They provide comprehensive coverage options for travelers worldwide.

InsureMyTrip’s travel insurance options cover everything from flight cancellations to emergency medical expenses.

They ensure you have peace of mind on your next adventure.

Types of travel insurance offered by InsureMyTrip

InsureMyTrip offers diverse travel insurance options for travelers. 

The types of travel insurance offered by InsureMyTrip are outlined below in a concise manner:

  • Medical coverage: This covers medical expenses, including emergency medical treatment, hospitalizations, and evacuation.
  • Trip cancellation coverage: This is designed to cover the cost of the trip if it needs to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Trip interruption coverage: It ensures that travelers are reimbursed for unused portions of their trips if they are forced to end their journey early.
  • Baggage loss or damage coverage: This is designed to provide compensation for lost or damaged baggage during transit.
  • Flight accident coverage: This provides compensation in the event of injury or death resulting from an accident while traveling on public transportation such as airlines, buses, and trains.
  • Rental car damage and theft coverage: This protects against damage and theft of rental cars.

InsureMyTrip also provides unique features like custom-built plans.

They can be tailored to the specific needs of travelers who require additional coverage like hazardous sports or pre-existing conditions. 

They also offer a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline that helps travelers get the necessary care at any time.

For those considering insuring their travels, it is important to review all plans available and consider the specific risks that may occur on their trip. 

One may find it valuable to research additional reviews about InsureMyTrip’s services before deciding which plan best suits one’s needs.

InsureMyTrip offers commission rates that will make you feel adequately protected, just like their travel insurance policies.

Commission rates of InsureMyTrip

Here are the commission rates for InsureMyTrip’s affiliate program.

Plan TypeCommission Rate
Travel Insurance10%
Flight Accident Insurance15%

Furthermore, there is a bonus commission available for high-performing affiliates. 

The cookie duration for InsureMyTrip’s affiliate program is not mentioned in the Reference Data.

To increase earnings through InsureMyTrip’s affiliate program, affiliates can create helpful content.

This includes travel insurance buying guides and destination-specific posts. 

They can also utilize social media and email marketing to promote InsureMyTrip.

TrustedHousesitters Affiliate Program

TrustedHousesitters provides pet-loving travelers with an opportunity to stay in various houses around the world and take care of pets while the owners are away. 

Users can sign up for house-sitting jobs or post their rental properties for house-sitting opportunities. 

This unique platform enables homeowners to seek trustworthy animal lovers to take care of their pets.

In addition to connecting homeowners with reliable house-sitters, TrustedHousesitters offers 24/7 customer support. 

They also provide an assurance program that covers unforeseen events such as property damage or pet illness during a stay. 

The website’s user-friendly interface and transparency regarding sitter profiles make it easy for both hosts and sitters to manage assignments.

TrustedHousesitters is not just for people who want to travel or need a break.

It is also perfect for those who are interested in having new animal experiences all over the world.

For those looking for additional benefits, TrustedHousesitters offers membership options that allow members access to:

  • unlimited sites worldwide
  • free insurance (including third-party liability insurance) up to USD 1 million
  • concierge service before and during their assignment
  • and more.

These benefits make it easier for trusted members with access to exclusive perks such as Visa application services, and travel advice from experts.

 For example, prompting sitters to use TrustedHousesitters’ services frequently.

TrustedHousesitters lets you travel the world without worrying about pet-sitting fees – just swap houses with fellow animal lovers!

How TrustedHousesitters works

TrustedHousesitters, a popular home and pet-sitting platform, allows registered members to find reliable sitters for their homes or pets in exchange for free accommodation. 

Sitters can browse available opportunities and apply for them depending on their preferences and qualifications. 

Homeowners review applications and choose the most suitable sitter for their needs. 

Once selected, the sitter stays at the homeowner’s property rent-free while taking care of their pet/s or home. 

In return, the homeowner gets peace of mind knowing that their property is well looked after while they are away.

TrustedHousesitters offers various membership plans such as Standard and Premium which offer varying benefits like access to unlimited sits and 24/7 customer support. 

Some unique features include a mobile app, ID verification service, and dedicated training resources for sitters.

Commission rates of TrustedHousesitters

TrustedHousesitters provides a rewarding affiliate program with good commission rates to its partners. 

The following table shows the commission rates available:

Membership TypeCommission Rate
Annual Membership20%
Monthly Membership25%

TrustedHousesitters pays out commission on monthly accrued amounts on a rolling basis, four months in per month’s end.

It can be transferred to your PayPal account or directly to your United States bank account. 

There are no processing fees for earning payouts.

Hostelworld Affiliate Program

Hostelworld provides a global platform for nearly 36,000 hostels across over 170 countries.

Hostelworld has been in operation since 1999 and is now considered one of the biggest hostel booking sites worldwide. 

They offer unique experiences at affordable prices to budget-conscious travelers. 

Their user-friendly website makes booking and choosing the perfect hostel seamless for travelers looking to explore new destinations.

One of the main features that set Hostelworld apart from its competitors is its transparent -Real-Time Availability system. 

This allows users to view real-time room availability without any delay or waiting time, making it easier for them to book their preferred accommodation quickly. 

A 24/7 customer service team ensures assistance throughout the booking process, making it stress-free for their clients.

Pro Tip: Consider creating a listing on Hostelworld if you own a hostel business as this can increase your property’s visibility, credibility, and revenue potential.

Types of accommodation available on Hostelworld

Hostelworld offers a variety of lodging options to travelers. 

Here is a breakdown of the types of accommodation available on their platform:

  • Hostels – As the name suggests, Hostelworld specializes in hostel bookings. They have an extensive network of hostels around the world that cater to different budgets and preferences.
  • Budget hotels – Along with hostels, travelers can also book budget hotels on Hostelworld. These hotels generally offer basic amenities but are cost-effective for those who do not want to compromise on comfort.
  • Apartments – For those who prefer more space and privacy, Hostelworld has a range of apartments available for booking. These apartments come equipped with kitchens and other home-like facilities.
  • Guesthouses – Travelers seeking a more local experience can choose to stay at guesthouses offered by Hostelworld. These establishments are often run by local families and provide a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture.

In addition to these traditional forms of accommodation, Hostelworld also offers some unique options such as treehouses, yurts, and boats.

Although “hostels” is in their name, they offer much more than just traditional backpacker accommodations.

There is no doubt that Hostelworld has something for every type of traveler at every budget level. 

Interestingly enough, Hostelworld began its journey in 1999 as a digital platform facilitating online bookings for European hostels only. 

Today it operates worldwide due to its success over two decades offering budget travel solutions to adventure seekers around the world.

Sleep without breaking the bank and earn a fair commission with Hostelworld’s affordable rates.

Commission rates of Hostelworld

In comparison to other travel affiliate programs, Hostelworld’s commission rates are incredibly competitive.

Commission Rates6% – 12%
Cookies Duration365 Days

Affiliates can earn commissions for every completed booking made through their referral link. 

With a cookie duration of 365 days, affiliates can earn commissions even if the user doesn’t book right away.

Hostelworld also offers a broad portfolio of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels.

Safety Wings Affiliate Program

Safety Wings provides travel insurance for digital nomads, remote workers, and adventurers. 

The company offers medical, trip interruption, and evacuation coverage in case of emergencies. 

Safety Wings is known for its flexible plans that can be extended while abroad.

Safety Wings also offers 24/7 customer support and a user-friendly online platform where customers can purchase and manage their policies. 

The company has earned high reviews from customers for its affordable prices and excellent service.

Unique to Safety Wings is its Nomad Insurance plan. 

It includes coverage for adventure sports such as skiing or scuba diving along with laptop protection.

Don’t miss out on the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance – consider Safety Wings for your next adventure.

Types of travel insurance offered by Safety Wings

Safety Wings offers several types of travel insurance to cater to the needs of travelers. 

The following points highlight the different types:

  • Standard Travel Insurance: This insurance covers all the basic needs of the traveler, including medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage loss or delay, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation.
  • Nomad Travel Insurance: This type is designed for people who travel frequently and require extended coverage. It encompasses all the benefits provided in standard travel insurance as well as extra features such as coverage for adventure sports and equipment, trip delays, housing rental damage, etc.
  • Remote Health – International Medical Insurance: This particular plan provides emergency health coverage for people living abroad or permanently traveling outside their home country. It includes coverage for hospitalization costs, outpatient care, prescription drug expenses, etc.

They provide a plethora of options that can be personalized to suit every individual’s needs.

Commission rates of Safety Wings

Safety Wings offers rates that affiliates earn when recommending travel insurance to their audience. 

Here is a table outlining the commission rates of Safety Wings.

Commission Rates

Safety Wings offers a flat commission rate of 20% on all sales made through affiliate links. 

This rate is competitive with other travel insurance affiliate programs. 

Safety Wings does not require any minimum sales or an extensive application process to become an affiliate.

It specializes in digital nomads, outdoor adventurers, and frequent travelers who need flexible and comprehensive insurance packages.

As per our sources, Safety Wings has been offering this commission rate for its affiliate program since its inception in 2016.

This concludes our overview of the commission rates of Safety Wings for their affiliate program.

Want to earn while you shop for travel essentials? Check out Amazon Associates’ commission rates for travel products.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates provides affiliates with an opportunity to earn commissions by advertising Amazon’s travel-related products on their websites. 

Affiliates earn commissions for customers who purchase products using their unique affiliate links. 

The program is free to join and offers various reporting tools to track earnings.

Amazon Associates has a massive portfolio of travel-related products, including luggage, cameras, and electronics.

This makes it easy for affiliates to find relevant products to advertise on their websites. 

This variety in the product range means that there are different commission rates available for different types of products.

Amazon Associates also offers several advertising tools, including text links and banners.

They can be customized to fit the theme of an affiliate’s website. These advertising tools offer great flexibility for affiliates.

Amazon brings enormous potential revenue generators, particularly with keywords that affiliate marketers could leverage from its portfolio linking.

Amazon has everything for your travel needs, from luggage to guidebooks to electronics – all conveniently in one place with Amazon Associates.

Amazon’s travel-related products

Amazon offers a range of products related to travel, perfect for those planning their next trip.

  • Travel accessories – Amazon has a huge selection of luggage, travel-size toiletries, and electronics to keep you organized on your next adventure.
  • Travel guides – Whether it’s Lonely Planet or Fodor’s, Amazon has a wide variety of travel guides to help plan your trip.
  • Tickets and reservations – From flights to hotel bookings, Amazon’s partnerships with various companies offer travelers convenience and discounts for their trips.

In addition to these products, Amazon also offers deals and promotions on various travel-related items throughout the year. 

For avid travelers looking to save money, Amazon’s travel-related products offer affordable options and resources for all aspects of their trip planning.

Fun Fact: In 2018, after much anticipation and speculation, Amazon dipped its toes into the online travel booking world by partnering with ClearTrip in India. 

However, the venture did not last long due to low demand at that time.

Commission rates of Amazon Associates for travel products

Amazon Associates offers varying commission rates for its travel-related products, as determined by the product category. 

Listed below are the commission rates of Amazon Associates for travel products in different categories.

CategoryCommission Rate
Luggage and Travel Accessories10%
Men’s and Women’s Clothing8%
Camping Equipment7%
Sporting Goods6%

Amazon Associates provides a diversified portfolio of travel-related products.

They include luggage and travel accessories, men’s and women’s clothing, camping equipment, and sporting goods.

The unique selling proposition of Amazon Associates is that it allows publishers to advertise almost any product.

They also offer numerous options for publishers to monetize their content.

To enhance affiliate revenue through Amazon Associates, publishers can devise innovative ways to target their audience.

This includes promoting related travel destinations or creating niche content tailored to specific interests.

Five Facts About Best Travel Affiliate Programs

The travel industry surpassed $4.6 trillion in leisure tourism spending in 2019, with 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals recorded. 

  • Expedia has one of the biggest travel brands and offers access to over 140,000 properties worldwide, with a commission ranging from 2% to 6%. 
  • is one of the most popular travel comparison sites on the planet, with more than 12,500 travel affiliates signed up and a commission of 4%. 
  • Agoda is one of the world’s largest online travel accommodation platforms, offering more than two million vacation rentals and hotel bookings with up to 7% commission. 
  • The Tripadvisor affiliate program pays a 50% split of the money it earns from hotels, and you earn money even if no booking is required. 

FAQs About Best Travel Affiliate Programs

What are travel affiliate programs and how can they help me make money online?

Travel affiliate programs are partnerships between travel companies and affiliate marketers who promote their services on their websites or blog. 

By recommending travel services to their audience, affiliates can earn a commission on any resulting bookings. 

This is a great way to make money online by writing about a topic you love, especially if you’re passionate about travel. 

What are some of the best travel services that offer affiliate programs?

There are many travel services that offer affiliate programs like Expedia,, Agoda, Tripadvisor,, Kayak, and more. 

These services offer a range of travel services like airline tickets, hotel bookings, vacation packages, and more, making them a great choice for travel bloggers and affiliate marketers.

What is passive income and how can travel affiliate programs help me earn it?

Passive income is income that is earned without you having to actively work for it. 

Travel affiliate programs are a great way to earn passive income.

Write about a travel service and included your affiliate link. 

You can continue to earn money from any resulting bookings without having to do any additional work.

What are some of the highest-paying travel affiliate programs?

According to the reference data, some of the highest-paying travel affiliate programs include and Tripadvisor. offers a commission rate of 4% on all bookings, while Tripadvisor offers a 50% commission on hotel bookings.

This can rise as high as 80% during incentive campaigns. 

The amount you can earn will depend on the volume and quality of traffic you can drive to these services.

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