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Are you a blogger looking for a lucrative program in the meat subscription services industry?

Try the ButcherBox affiliate program!

Thousands of people are looking for high-quality, grass-fed meat options delivered to their doorsteps.

Look at the grass-fed beef market value:

Grass-fed beef market value

 Source: Technavio.com

ButcherBox offers one of the best premium meat delivery services.

At the same time, this company offers a lucrative affiliate scheme.

This post will show you how to get started, the commission rates, pros and cons, success tips, potential earnings, and more.

So, you will do well to read this entire article to learn everything you need to know about this program.


Well, let’s get started now!

Does ButcherBox Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, ButcherBox has an affiliate scheme in the meat delivery niche.

ButcherBox  affiliate program home page

The Shareasale affiliate network manages this partnership program.

Company profile

ButcherBox website home page

Mike Salguero founded ButcherBox in 2015. The company was founded in Massachusetts, United States.

It delivers high-quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, free-range organic chicken, pork-raised crate-free, and wild-caught seafood.

It supports sustainable and ethical farming practices.

In addition, It ensures that all products are safe for consumption.

The meat products are not only taste but also an assurance of quality and care for their customers’ health and the environment.

The company delivers almost all organic meat products directly to homes across the United States.

They also offer recipe ideas and cooking tips.

These tips help customers to make the most of their meat subscription and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Customer reviews show that customers value its products:

ButcherBox customer reviews on Sitejabber

Source: Sitejabber

What is the ButcherBox Affiliate Program?

This is a partnership program that pays affiliates who promote the brand’s organic meat delivery services.

Affiliates promote meat boxes, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken through affiliate links or banners in exchange for commissions.

They are paid a competitive percentage for each sale made through their referral affiliate link or banner.

Secrets to Success!

Recommend their high-quality,  meat products to the right audience.

Make your organic meat and Seafood content engaging by including images and recipes.

Remember to place affiliate links in your culinary solutions and healthy eating content.

How To Join Step By Step

As previously stated, Shareasale manages this partnership. 

So, affiliates first sign up on the Shareasale affiliate network:

Visit their website, click the Affiliate Sign Up link, and initiate the signup process.

shareasale:  shows the  homepage and where you can sign up

You will be sent to the signup page. 

Create a username and password and enter the name of your country of residence, then click Move on to Step 2.

Shareasale affiliate sign up page:  details about affiliate account creation

Submit info about your website, its URL, and language. Once done, click Move On To Step 3.

shareasale sign up page: step for account creation and where you share information about your website.

Next, confirm your email address. Click Move on to Step 4.

shareasale sign up page: next step account

Write the contact information where your payments will be sent. When you complete the form, click Move on to Step 5.

Account creation page shareasale

Choose a payment option to complete the application process.

shareasale affiliate sign up page: finish setting up your account

Click Complete Sign Up.

The team will review your application and reply in 2-3 days.

Then apply for the program.

How does the ButcherBox Affiliate Program work?

Once you’ve signed up for the ButcherBox program via the Sharasale network and receive your approval, sign in to your affiliate dashboard to access your referral tools.

Embed the referral links in your relevant articles about grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, and seafood.

When your visitors click these links, they’ll be directed to ButcherBox’s website, where they can explore and purchase. 

You’ll earn a commission for each purchase made through your affiliate link.

Alternatives To the ButcherBox Affiliate Program


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Home Chef

Commission: $20

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Universal Yums 

Commission: $10

Cookie duration: 30 days

Discover top-performing products in Universal Yums’ affiliate program.

Is the affiliate program free to join?

Yes, the ButcherBox referral program is free to join. Affiliates usually join and promote organic meat deliveries free of charge.

Are you looking to promote the brand’s organically sourced meat and convenient delivery services?

You can give the ButcherBox affiliate scheme a try.

Learn about valuable insight and tips for creating engaging content for food affiliate programs.

What Products Can You Promote?

Grass-fed beef: These are quality cuts of beef – steaks and ground beef. They come from cattle that are pasture-raised and grass-fed throughout their life.

Organic chicken: These chicken options are sourced from organic, free-range farms. They include breasts and wings that are non-GMO and free from antibiotics.

Heritage breed pork: This pork comes from heritage breeds known for their flavor and tenderness. They include bacon and pork chops.

Seafood: These options include salmon and scallops sourced from wild and sustainable fisheries.

Specialty boxes: They provide a mix of different meats and seafood based on customer preference.

How Much Do ButcherBox Affiliates Make?

Well, this is a challenging question.

From personal experience, there is no uniform answer to this question.

Affiliates in the organic meat subscription niche make varying amounts of commission.

Commissions are usually determined by audience size, engagement, and marketing skills.

However, I will give you an insight.

Some researches indicate that affiliates may earn a lot of money or even thousands a month, while others might take longer to see substantial earnings.

What are the commission rates?

This affiliate scheme offers a competitive commission rate. 

Affiliates earn $50 per sale.

How long does the cookie last?

When a potential customer clicks on your affiliate link, the company site tracks their activity for 30 days.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid From ButcherBox?

Shareasale pays affiliate partners commissions via check or bank transfer. 

However, the affiliate should reach a minimum of $50 in commission.

Marketing And Promotional Tools

The marketing tools for promoting the tastier meat provided are text links and banners.

Text links yield positive results when they are used in the organic meat content.

Banners are also beneficial.

Place them in the sidebar.

Who Should Join the ButcherBox Affiliate Program?

Health and nutrition bloggers: Perfect candidates to critique and promote organic food.

Recipe sites: Incorporate the brand’s meats into your recipes and earn from referrals.

Food lovers: Show your audience the benefits of the company’s ethical practices.

Foodie influencers: Use your taste expertise to support ButcherBox’s mission and earn money through your recommendations.

Nutrient-oriented reviews: Earn commissions by comparing the company against other products in the market.

Is the ButcherBox Affiliate Program Worth It?

If you are in the nutritional, or culinary space, this is a good choice. 

With the company’s products that are in high demand, high commission, and a supportive affiliate team, affiliates usually thrive.

So, you will flourish too.


  • High commission: The program pays $50 per successful subscription on the Shareasale affiliate network.
  • High conversion rate: Many people search for grass-fed beef and organic chicken products. 

So, you will promote products that are in high demand.


  • Small audience: It is only available in the United States of America.

Conclusion: Is the ButcherBox affiliate program worth it?

If your audience values quality meat, healthy eating, or sustainable farming, then yes.

The program pays a high commission, and you will promote a product that is in high demand among consumers who think health is an asset.

In short, it is worth it for bloggers or influencers who have the right audience.

Requirements to join this partnership.

  • Agree to ButcherBox’s terms and conditions.
  • Content should focus on organic, and premium meat subscriptions.
  • Generate consistent traffic ideally centered around food, cooking, health, and lifestyle.

Does ButcherBox Support Affiliates?

Yes, the company does support its affiliate partners:

Dedicated affiliate team: This team is on hand to answer from affiliates and troubleshoot their problems.

Training resources: They give resources to enhance promotional skills and ethical referral approaches of partners.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

Create good content: High-quality content on organic food.

Build trust: Reviews and transparency build trust. Thus, share your genuine experiences or thorough knowledge about ButcherBox’s offerings.

Diversify your traffic: Relying on a single traffic source is risky. 

Use a mix that includes social media, email campaigns, and other viable channels.

Optimize your content for conversion: Place clear call-to-actions strategically to encourage subscription sign-ups.

Final Thoughts

This meat delivery partnership program is a lucrative opportunity for affiliates in the healthy and organic food industry.

It has a high potential for conversion due to the growing interest in natural food.

Thus, health-conscious consumers buy the meat program. Hence, it has a huge customer base.

The program rewards affiliates with a commission, often with a cookie window to aid performance tracking.

I recommend this program for food bloggers, culinary influencers, and anyone interested in promoting healthier, natural food choices.

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