Food And Drink Affiliate Programs: Tips & Tricks For Success

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Want to make more cash and have fun blogging about food and drinks? With food and drink affiliate programs, it’s possible! 

Affiliate programs are a brilliant way to make money from your blog. You can review content and products related to food and drinks too. 

Let’s learn how to get started with food and drink affiliate programs!

13 Best Food And Drink Affiliate Programs

Blue Apron Affiliate Program

Blue Apron’s awesome affiliate program is ideal for individuals passionate about meal delivery services, meal planning, and home cooking. 

They can promote the subscription service via their own website or social media platforms to receive commissions on qualifying sales.

You can make up to $15 for each first-time customer you refer! 

Plus, Blue Apron provides you with marketing materials and access to amazing recipes to make it easy to include their products in your content.

You’ll also get a dedicated affiliate management team to help you out with any queries or issues. 

And you’ll have real-time reporting to track your commission and performance closely.

Pro Tip: Test Blue Apron’s products before promoting them to give genuine feedback and boost your promotion efforts.

HelloFresh Affiliate Program

Are you looking to make money and join a trend? Look no further! 

HelloFresh offers an affiliate program for those interested in promoting their meal planning services. 

Earn commissions on new customer sign-ups and recurring subscriptions. No sign-up fees are required. 

Plus, an easy-to-use tracking system makes it simple to start earning right away.

HelloFresh provides fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced sustainably. Flexible subscription options cater to all dietary needs and preferences. 

Promote HelloFresh’s meal kit delivery service and offer your audience convenience and health benefits. 

All while supporting sustainable food practices. It’s one of the fantastic food and drink affiliate programs.

Don’t wait! Join the HelloFresh affiliate program now and start earning commissions today!

Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Become a part of the Thrive Market affiliate program for a chance to promote organic and natural products with a generous 25% commission on referred orders!

Newcomers can take advantage of a free 30-day trial, and there are annual membership options available. 

Plus, you might be eligible for bonuses depending on your performance level.

Show off your own Thrive Market experience by creating how-to videos and blog posts to draw potential customers in!

Omaha Steaks Affiliate Program

Discover the Omaha Steaks affiliate program! Earn commissions promoting delectable gourmet food. 

From gift baskets to meat delivery services, make money with referral links.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Commission rates start at 7%
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions throughout the year
  • Tracking and reporting tools to optimize performance
  • Responsive affiliate management team
  • Unique content such as recipes, images, and videos.

It’s time to consider this lucrative program! 

High-quality gourmet food and rewarding commissions make it an opportunity not to miss out on. 

Start promoting today for maximum rewards!

Godiva Affiliate Program

Godiva, a renowned, premium chocolate brand, offers an affiliate program – rewards promoters for driving sales to their platform. 

It has high commission rates as well as brand recognition. Content creators wanting to make money from their blogs/social media should join this program.

Affiliates can enjoy free shipping, special deals on corporate gifts, flexible payouts, and access to exclusive promotions. 

They also provide accurate tracking metrics for all sales. 

Their performance-based system rewards affiliates based on every sale from their referral link.

Godiva is well-known for its quality packaging and customer service – from customized gift boxes to seasonal assortments. 

Promoters wanting to earn from a world-class business should join Godiva’s Affiliate Program! Affiliate Program

Online wine shopping has become trendy. Hence, the affiliate program is a great chance for businesses to make money by affiliating with 

By joining the affiliate, they can get a commission from redirecting customers to the official website ( 

Through this program, firms can offer good wines and gift baskets to their customers.

The affiliate program gives access to thousands of different wines such as red wine, white wine, champagne, and fruit wine. 

On top of that, businesses can earn unlimited commissions from every referred customer making purchases from their website. 

Furthermore, it provides businesses with tracking links and banners to embed on their sites.

What sets it apart from other programs is that the affiliate program provides an extensive range of resources and tools for affiliates. 

The marketing materials include images, videos, text-based content plus tracking link customizations. was founded in 1998 by Mike Osborn. It was known as until 2001. 

It is an online retailer focused on wines and gifts related to wines. 

Its popularity has grown significantly due to the ease and convenience of online shopping.

Drizly Affiliate Program

The Drizly affiliate program enables publishers to promote the Drizly platform. 

They can earn a commission on every order placed with their unique referral link. 

It’s one of the food and drink affiliate programs I have come across.

Banners and text links are available to help affiliates market the brand.

What’s special about this program is that it not only covers beer, wine, and liquor delivery but also non-alcoholic items like snacks and mixers. 

This makes it possible for affiliates to reach a bigger potential customer base and come up with varied promotion techniques.

Since its launch in 2012, Drizly has changed the alcohol delivery industry. 

Their app or website allows customers to pick from a vast selection of alcohol products and have them delivered in an hour in some areas. 

It’s a practical solution for those who don’t want to leave their homes.

Drizly was initially created as an on-demand liquor delivery service for college students in Boston. 

Now, it works in over 100 cities across North America and is a favorite choice for anyone who wants alcohol delivered to their doorstep.

Total Wine Affiliate Program

Total Wine offers an affiliate program with commissions for promoting its liquor store products. 

Partners get banners, links, and product feeds to integrate into their website or blog. 

They gain up to 5% commission on all qualifying sales from referred customers.

The program also has a 30-day cookie window, which gives credit for subsequent purchases from the same customer, resulting in higher commissions for repeat business. 

Partners gain access to Total Wine’s established reputation as one of America’s largest and most respected liquor stores. 

Plus, they receive regular updates and promotions to help them maximize sales potential.

History: Total Wine was founded in 1991 in Delaware. 

It is now one of the nation’s leading independent retailers of fine wine, beer, and spirits. 

They provide competitive prices and a vast selection to meet customers’ needs.

Teabox Affiliate Program

Teabox affiliate opportunity lets affiliates earn by promoting premium tea blends online. 

They have a range of exotic teas and gift baskets, making them perfect for tea connoisseurs.

Earn up to 10% commission on every sale with your personalized affiliate link or coupon code. 

Regular promotions and discounts to help attract more customers. Latest creative assets like banners, videos, and teasers from Teabox’s digital marketing arsenal.

Uncompromised quality standards with a sustainable sourcing approach directly from farmers. 

Suggested products: exclusive teas and themed gift packages – higher conversion rate. 

Testimonials on your blog or social media could foster customer trust and increase sales.

Keurig Affiliate Program

Keurig’s affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity to promote and earn from the popular coffee brand. 

Receive up to 10% commission when advertising their coffee makers, coffee pods, mugs, and accessories. 

Joining Keurig’s program gives you access to professionally designed creatives that you can use to advertise their products on your website or social media.

You’ll also be eligible for special promotions and exclusive discounts. 

Regular updates of new products and popular items are sent through newsletters and notifications. 

This helps you keep your audience engaged with fresh content.

It’s super easy to join the Keurig affiliate program. Just sign up with one of their partner networks like Commission Junction or ShareASale. 

Once approved, you can start promoting Keurig products with your unique link and start earning commissions.

Don’t miss out! 

Sign up for Keurig’s program now to become part of one of the most profitable food and drink affiliate programs out there.

Starbucks Affiliate Program

The Starbucks affiliate marketing program is a great way to get rewards for promoting Starbucks coffees, coffee drinks, and gift cards. 

Three key facts:

  • 7% commission rate on all purchases within 7 days of clicking the affiliate link.
  • High-quality creatives to add to your website, like banners, text links, and seasonal promotions.
  • Program Managers offering marketing strategies and optimization suggestions.

No restrictions on earnings or minimum sales. 

Plus, the universal appeal of Starbucks means affiliates can get conversions with each click-through they generate.

Important to remember: certain advertising methods are not allowed. This includes coupon sites, click farms or incentivized traffic sources.

ShareASale’s Q1 2021 top merchant list shows Starbucks is one of the most successful merchants on the network.

Dunkin Donuts Affiliate Program

The Dunkin Donuts affiliate program is great for food and drink lovers. It’s one of the best food and drink affiliate programs.

It’s a chance for bloggers, influencers, and content makers to make money from Dunkin Donuts products. 

Here are the facts:

  • Earnings: Affiliates make 5% on all Dunkin Donuts sales when they share their unique referral links.
  • Cookie Time: A cookie is stored for 30 days after someone clicks the link. Affiliates get commissions for any future purchases made within those 30 days.
  • Marketing Help: Affiliates get access to special marketing stuff like banners, images, and videos.

The affiliate program is great for entrepreneurs.

We suggest using social media to get more exposure. Posts about discounts and deals will keep people interested. 

Hashtags and breakfast food-themed pages can help to bring in more money.

All in all, there are lots of affiliate programs out there for coffee and donut fans. 

The Dunkin Donuts affiliate program has lots of advantages, and it’s great for getting people who don’t know about it too.

ButcherBox Affiliate Program

Be part of a popular program in the meat delivery niche! 

Connect with ButcherBox and promote their high-quality products. Receive commission when doing so. 

Get access to promotional tools such as banners, links, and educational content.

ButcherBox is a reliable brand that provides only organic and grass-fed meats from ethical farmers. 

Earn money while also making a positive impact on the world. 

Find out more about their top-rated customer service and commitment to sustainability. 

Don’t miss out on partnering with the ButcherBox affiliate program.

Key Takeaways

Food delivery is an ever-growing biz. Here’s how to make moolah through food and drink affiliate marketing:

  • Check out the commission rates of different companies.
  • Partner with big-name brands that your target audience is familiar with.
  • Find a program that’s tailored to a niche like vegan or gluten-free.
  • Look for programs with coupons, discounts, or free trials.
  • Make sure the ordering process is smooth and simple.
  • Promote subscription-based services to generate passive income.

Plus! Stay up-to-date on food & drink trends. Research new products/services and find out what your customers like. 

This will help you grow your customer base and increase your earnings.

Final Thoughts On Food And Drink Affiliate Programs

Online marketers in the food and drinks sector are joining affiliate programs to increase revenue. 

Affiliates can benefit from directing traffic to these programs. 

Platforms offer a range of options such as lead generation and subscription-based models.

Not only the big names appear in the sector, but also small innovative businesses. 

It’s worth researching them all!

My friend suggested an unusual but successful affiliate program within the luxury goods industry. 

Despite not being a well-known brand, I trusted my friend and did thorough research – and became one of the top affiliates! 

This shows that innovation pays off.

Share your opinion on the best food and drink affiliate programs!

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