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Want to join the National Car Rental affiliate program?

Statistics are showing that the rental car industry is growing at an exponential rate.

This industry is projected to reach a market volume of US$111.70bn by 2027.

This makes the referral partner program a lucrative one.

Join this partnership program to tap into the growing rental car market.

Read this article to learn about the features of the program, its pros and cons, and more.

Program Overview 

A Synopsis Of The Program

National car rental premise

You will learn more about how the National Car Rental affiliate scheme works—qualifications, payments, and much more.

Platform: Impact Radius  

Commission: 54% of rental car profit, 23% on Full Coverage insurance revenue

Cookie duration: 180 days

Minimum payout threshold: $10

Payment Options: wire transfer or wire transfer.

Payment Options:  Electronic funds transfer, PayPal

Want to join now? Well, here is the link.

Via Imact Radius

Does National Car Rental Have an Affiliate Program?

National Car Rental home page

Yes, it has an affiliate program on Impact Radius.

Thus, you can promote the brand’s services on your blog and earn a commission on every reservation made through your link.

It has an affiliate program in the car rental or travel niche.

What is the business of the company?

Granted, National Car Rental rents cars to customers for short periods.

The company was founded in 1947.

Its founders’ goal was to provide a more reliable car rental experience to customers.

It was one of the car rental companies to offer one-way rentals, airport locations, and frequent renter programs.

National Car Rental is a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings.

Enterprise Holdings also owns Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Alamo Rent-A-Car.

What do you know about Enterprise Holdings?

Well, it is the largest car rental company.

National Car Rental is accessible in more than 1,500 locations.

These locations are in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Australia.

What is the National Car Rental affiliate program?

It is a partnership program that pays affiliates who promote the brand’s products through affiliate links in return for commissions.

Just like I said earlier, National Car Rental is a company that rents cars in more than 1,500 locations all over the world.

The company offers a lot of incentives.

For example, they also have a rewards program called Emerald Club.

This program enables members to earn free rental days for every qualified car rental.

Usually, seven credits add up to a free rental day.

This program comes with other benefits.

Members also enjoy expedited check-in and checkout, access to the Emerald Aisle, and priority roadside assistance.

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Secrets to Success!

Create high-quality content. Good content attracts readers and increases conversion rate.

Use several promotion channels. Promote the products on social media.

Observe the brand promotion terms. Follow the terms and condotions of the affiliate program.

How does the National Car Rental affiliate program work?

Yes, National Car Rental has an affiliate program. 

The program is managed through the Impact Radius.

Affiliates sign up for the program.

They promote the brand’s car rental services to their audience through affiliate links.

When a reader clicks on the links and books, the affiliate earns a 3% commission on the booking.

The cookie window for the program is 180 days.

What does this mean?

Well, it means if a customer clicks on an affiliate link and books a rental car within 180 days, the affiliate will earn a commission on the sale.

However, you must always remember that commissions are only paid once the reservation has been completed.

Is the National Car Rental affiliate program free to join?

Yes, it is free to join.

You will join the program free of charge.

You will not be charged a dime because it is absolutely free to join.

Looking to join this program?

You can give National Car Rental a try.

What Products Can You Promote?

The company offers different types of vehicles. 

Thus, as an affiliate, you will promote different types of vehicles.

You can promote:


There are different types of cars for different groups of people.

Affordable cars for personal transportation.

This is usually transport for commuters, families, and people who live in urban areas.

Promote affordable vehicles for personal transportation and luxury cars for high-income earners.


Trucks are used for different tasks.

They can be used for hauling heavy loads, towing trailers, and more.

So as an affiliate, promote trucks to construction workers, farmers, and people who own boats or RVs.

But you can also target specific types of trucks at specific audiences.

For example, pickup trucks for small business owners or heavy-duty trucks for long-haul truckers.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.


SUVs are good cars.

Not only are they spacious, but they are also fuel-efficient.

Many people planning to travel normally live on a tight budget.

So you can promote SUVs to people who live active lifestyles and those who live in areas with bad weather conditions.

But you can also promote off-road SUVs to outdoor lovers.


This company offers vans.

Affiliates promote Vans to travelers traveling in groups.

Many people travel in groups.

We have families and businesses, to mention but a few.

Honestly speaking, the company has a lot to offer.

There are different vehicles available for affiliates to promote.

It is up to the affiliate to decide what to promote.

How Much Do National Car Rental Affiliates Make?

I think it is important to state that no three or five affiliates make the same amount of money in commissions.

They will always make different amounts.

The simple answer to this one-million-dollar question is that they make different amounts of money.

The amount of money made is determined by their efforts, skills, and other factors.

Affiliates have different skills and put in different efforts.

So they make different amounts of money.

However, some affiliates make around $1,000 per month.

What are the commission rates?

Affiliates earn a 3% commission on every successful booking.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie window for the program is 180 days.

Do you know what that means in simple terms?

Well, it tells you that if a customer clicks on an affiliate link and books a rental car within 180 days, you will earn a commission on the sale.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid from National Car Rental?

Remember that this program is managed through the Impact Radius affiliate network.

So, affiliates are paid through the network.

They paid through an electronic transfer or PayPal.

Methods National rental car program get paid from Impact Radius affiliate network

Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools 

Once approved, you will have access to several tools in your dashboard.

I will only talk about the common tools that I know very well and use often: text links and banners.

Text links: When you log in to your affiliate dashboard, you will have access to your URL links.

Simply copy the URL links and paste them into your content. 

When readers click on the links, they are sent to the affiliate page.

The links alone cannot do anything.

Their effectiveness can only be seen when used with high-quality content.

So make sure that your work is of high quality and that the links are correctly used.

Banners: On the dashboard, there are also banners.

A banner is a great affiliate marketing tool.

However, it is not as effective as a text link.

I hope I have not been misunderstood.

They are also effective when used correctly.

So you should correctly use them to produce good results. 

If you ask me, I place banners in the sidebar.

Who Should Join the National Car Rental Affiliate Program?

Travel bloggers

I think travel bloggers are the best fit for this affiliate program. 

As a travel blogger, promote the brand’s services to your readers.

When they make a reservation through your link, you will receive a commission.

National Car Rental is a famous company and has a high conversion rate.

Just write blog posts that highlight the pros and cons of the brand’s services.

Include affiliate links in the content.

Then you are good to go.

Travel website owners

Do you own a travel website? 

If yes, give National Car Rental a try.

Write National Car Rental content on your website

You will attract more visitors who are interested in making reservations.

Every time a visitor clicks through an affiliate link and makes a reservation, an affiliate earns a commission.

National Car Rental is a high-authority website, so linking to it will improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages.

Social media influencers

Social media is a great platform for promoting National Car Rental.

So as a social media influencer, you are free to join the program.

Promote the company’s services on your social media channels.

Social media will help you meet potential customers from different parts of the world.

The more people you meet, the more money you are likely to make.

You will earn a commission on every car rental reserved through your affiliate links.

Share your own travel experiences and recommend National Car Rental by creating more engaging content for your followers.

Is the National Car Rental Affiliate Program Worth It?

National Car Rental is a company that rents cars in more than 1,500 locations all over the world.

The program has a long cookie window.

Its cookie window is 180 days.

Therefore,  if a customer clicks on your affiliate link and books a rental car up to 180 days later, you will still earn a commission.

This is good for affiliate marketing.

It increases your chances of earning money from a partnership scheme.

When you join, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Because there will always be someone to help you ensure that you succeed as an affiliate marketer.


Many marketing tools

I think you agree that every job you do requires the right tools for the job to be done very well.

This company is aware of this fact.

So this is the reason why National Car Rental provides text links and banners to affiliates.

They know that you can only succeed if you use text links and banners.

Dedicated support team

If you are just starting, you need help to succeed in your journey as an affiliate.

You may have questions and experience challenges along the way.

Honestly speaking, you will need someone to guide you.

So the team will answer your questions, identify affiliates, and troubleshoot your problems.

Long cookie duration

Some cookies are very short, and they don’t make sense.

Nevertheless, National Car Rental offers a long cookie life.

Do you still remember the cookie duration for this program?

Well, its cookie life lasts for 30 days.


High competition

Sincerely speaking, the National Car Rental affiliate program is very competitive.

Therefore,  it can be difficult to generate sales.

Standing out from the crowd is not easy.

You need a workable strategy to succeed.

Conclusion: Is the National Car Rental affiliate program worth it?

National Car Rental is an international car rental company.

It serves the daily rental needs of frequent airport travelers.

It is an amazing company.

Travelers like it.

The company website receives 1.6 million unique visitors per month.

This clearly shows how famous it is among travelers.

It offers coupons and other promos, weekly updates newsletters, and more.

Well, must have communicated something important to you.

You will make real money promoting this program.

Therefore, it is worth promoting.

How To Join the Program

Just like said earlier, this program is managed by the Impact Radius affiliate network.

First, become an influencer at Impact Radius.

It is pretty simple.

Visit the Impact Radius affiliate network.

There are several ways of signing up.

You can sign up with your email, Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Impact Radius Sign up form page

Requirements to join the National Car Rental affiliate program

  • Website or blog content must be related to car rental
  • Have high-quality content that is related to National Car Rental products and services
  • Agree to National Car Rental’s terms and conditions

Does National Car Rental Support Affiliates?

Yes,  National Car Rental supports affiliates in many ways. 

The brand will give you materials and promotional tools to help you promote your products and services.

In addition, there is a dedicated affiliate support team that will answer your questions and troubleshoot your problems.

Tips For Success As An Affiliate

Create good content

Make sure that the content you create is good.

Bloggers should write good blog posts while YouTubers should create good videos to promote the brand’s products.

The content must be able to solve the problems of your readers or viewers.

Be patient

Blogging takes time to bear results.

So it doesn’t require impatient people.

Depending on your knowledge and input, it can take months or years to start making money.

Focus on creating content when you are just starting.

Write an affiliate disclosure

Every game has Do’s and Don’ts.

When you are doing affiliate marketing, you are required to display an affiliate disclosure.

An affiliate disclosure requires you to inform your readers that you are promoting the products in exchange for a commission.

You are required by law to write an affiliate disclosure.

Alternatives to National Car Rental Affiliate Program affiliate program

The affiliate program pays affiliates a commission rate of 6% from each completed car rental booking.

The cookie lasts for 30 days.

Discover Cars affiliate program

The Discover Cars affiliate program offers affiliates a commission of 40% of qualifying revenue generated from each transaction.

Its cookie duration is 365 days.

Alamo affiliate program 

The Alamo affiliate program pays affiliates a commission rate of 5% per sale and its cookie duration is 180 days.

Hertz affiliate program 

The Hertz affiliate program offers affiliates a commission rate: of 3% on completed car rentals in select markets.

The cookie duration is 24 hours.

Welcome Pickups affiliate program

The Welcome Pickups affiliate program pays affiliates €5.00 per booked airport transfer and 10% of the total price on sightseeing rides.

The cookie duration is 45 days.

EconomyBookings affiliate program 

The EconomyBookings affiliate program will pay you a 60% commission per sale and its cookie duration lasts for 30 days.

QEEQ affiliate program 

The QEEQ affiliate program pays 5% – 10% commission rates per sale and its cookie lasts for 30 days.

Localrent affiliate program 

The Localrent affiliate program offers 6.5 – 9% commission rates per sale and gives a cookie duration of 30 days.

Final Thoughts

This is a great affiliate program.

But the downside is the commission rate. 

The 3% commission is not impressive.

However, the program offers a long cookie window.

It gives a 180-day cookie window, which is long.

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